A/N: so this is basically what would happen if it had been Cricket, instead of Amanda who moved back to Dallas in the beginning. Eventual Blicket. I hope y'all enjoy! I'm still devastated over the fact that this amazing show has been cancelled. Please sign the petition to bring it back! Happy reading.

It was about a week later and Cricket had decided that she actually liked Blake more than she had originally thought. All the ladies wouldn't stop asking her about him and kept trying to set them up. Cricket finally gave in and let Sharon set them up for a dinner date at a very fancy restaurant that next weekend.

She was surprised to find a large Neiman Marcus gift card on her desk Monday morning and it surprised her even more when it was from her daddy, 'I heard my little girl has herself a date with a good man, go buy yourself somethin pretty. -daddy'

She just smiled and put the card in her purse. Her day went by like any other work day but just before she was leaving her dad came in her office and smiled, "hey darlin"

She smiled at the man, "I got the card, thanks daddy"

He smiled, "you deserve it crick, Blake's a good man, he treats you right already"

She just sighed, "it's only a date daddy, nothing more..."

He laughed, "sure it is. But what I really want to know is when you're gonna change your name.."

"I don't know, I've... Been busy" she quietly replied.

"Here's the deal, I'll take ya to lunch tomorrow, then we'll go by the lawyers and change it" he told her.

She smiled, "okay... can we do Alexandra's too?"

"Sure darlin, but I want you to talk to her, okay" he told his daughter.

She just nodded, hugged her dad and left the office shortly after him. She got home and Alexandra was eating while texting someone. "Hey hon"

The teen smiled, "hi momma"

"Can we talk for a couple minutes?" Cricket asked, watching her teen put down her phone.

Alexandra nodded, "okay, why?"

"I'm gonna change my name back to Caruth tomorrow, and granddaddy wants to know if you want your name to be Caruth too..." She explained.

The teen sighed, "kinda... I dunno"

Cricket knew this would be a big change for the young girl but she wouldn't complain if she wanted to wait. "What are ya thinkin about?"

"Scholarships... All the California coaches know me as Alexandra Massey, if I change... They might not be able to find me" the teen explained.

Cricket felt bad for the young girl, she just wanted things to be better and hoped that if things went well with Blake he could adopt the teen and she could become Alexandra Reilly. "Coach McIntyre can help you with that sweetie, she can explain things to the coaches for you"

"She doesn't really know about... Dad... Or that teacher" the teen sighed.

"Hon, I felt a lot better when I really talked to Blake about your daddy, I think it's okay if you just try to talk to coach" the woman explained.

The teen sighed, "I'll.. Try"

Cricket smiled and hugged her daughter, the teen was struggling to adjust and right now she just wanted her mom. Alexandra hugged Cricket tight and the woman tried to hide the pain from her rib but she knew her daughter needed to be held. She continued hugging the teen until she heard a sniffle, "darlin, what's wrong?"

"People are tellin me that Bozeman Peacham likes me..." The teen snuffled.

Cricket giggled, "now, who's sayin that?"

She shrugged, "Laura and McKinney.."

Cricket sighed, "I'll talk to Sharon, don't you worry. He may actually like you sweetie, but what you do about it is up to you"

"Mmk... I don't want him to like me.." She whimpered.

Cricket sighed, "darlin it's okay, Blake likes me, and I didn't do anything to make it happen, and it may be the same way with Bozeman"

The teen just sighed, "can I just ignore him?"

Cricket laughed, "you can try, but when we're at church I want you to be nice"

Alexandra just nodded and walked off. She was so confused about some of the things that were happening and she wanted to talk to someone, but she didn't know who.

Cricket wished she could help Alexandra but she had never really been able to, but when she left it up to mason he just hurt her instead. She hated herself for it and was struggling not to get a glass of wine. She held it together and called Sharon. "Hey Cricket!" The woman greeted.

"Hey Sharon, I've got a question.." The woman replied.

"Alright, what?"

Cricket sighed, "has Bozeman talked to you about girls lately?"

Sharon kicked herself and realized what this was about, "no, did he do somethin to Alexandra?"

"He hasn't, but she told me that McKinney and Laura said he liked her" cricket explained.

Sharon understood now why Cricket was calling her, her daughter hadn't had a nice man in her life and was scared, "he hasn't mentioned it yet, but I'll talk to him. How'd Alexandra react to hearin it?"

"She got all teary eyed on me, but we were talkin about other stuff too so I'm not sure if it was Bozeman that made her get all emotional" Cricket explained.

The blond sighed, "I'll get it sorted out, tell Alexandra that I'll talk to Bozeman and McKinney"

Cricket smiled, "thanks, maybe Blake.. Or Zach could talk to her... She doesn't have.. a good guy in her life"

"Crick don't worry, Zach's always here if Alexandra wants to talk, but you need a good man too, did you find something to wear?"

"Not yet, daddy Bo left me a Neiman's gift card today, so I'll find something" cricket said, smiling.

Sharon smiled to herself, "alright, let me know, Blake's a really good guy for ya"

Cricket just agreed and ended the conversation. She tried to convince her teen to go shopping but the seventeen year old didn't want to. She said shed run to Neiman's and bring dinner home for them in a few hours.