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From Sprog101

Airhead- She took his breath away

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Felix walked back and forth, his body unable to stay calm and still. His cousin Christopher sat on a chair near the 10 computer screens, watching him with a amused look on his face. Felix glanced at him and groaned. "What?" Felix complained, falling to sit on his computer chair next to his older cousin. For once all 10 computer screens were switched off and his desks seemed tidier than normal. Felix was actually wearing something tidy for once other than his normal jeans and t-shirt. He was actually wearing a tuxedo and it was tidy tuxedo. He was even wearing suitable shoes to go with it. The reason he couldn't stay still was because he was feeling nervous. He was waiting for the time to come so he could go pick up Frida so he could take her to his school prom.

He had been so nervous since she had said yes to him a month ago. But then he realised that he should be really happy because a babe like Frida had said yes to his offer. But then tonight he suddenly felt a little nervous again. What if she realised how much of a dork he was? Hopefully she wouldn't. She was getting ready at Em, her sister's –also known as Nikki- apartment. So Felix had to go there to pick her up. Which meant of course Christopher was coming with him so he himself could see his girlfriend. Christopher stood up and grinned at his cousin. "Let's go," he said, smiling as he walked up the basement stairs and out of the house, heading towards his car since he had to drive to Em's where the limo was going to pick up Frida and Felix. Felix stood up, checked himself in the mirror before he jogged up the stairs and out the door.

Standing by the door, Felix was getting more and more nervous now. He couldn't help it. It was time to see the gorgeous Frida and that meant she would see him in his suit. He was probably going to look so plain compared to her. He always would. But Frida didn't seem to mind that. Em opened the door but she hardly looked at him. All she did was give him a quick smile before walking straight into Christopher's waiting arms. Though Christopher didn't seem to mind one bit since he smiled. Felix pulled a face at him as he walked past them, which Christopher ignored, and moved out of the way before his cousin could hit him for pulling the face. He walked into the lounge and stopped dead when he saw Frida standing there. She looked beautiful. She was wearing some beautiful dress that made her look skinner than ever. She had a small smile on her face, watching for his reaction, secretly hoping she didn't disappoint him. She didn't. She had taken his breath away.

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