A Stroke of Luck

Gwen and Elena left school laughing at what one of Elena's students had done in class. Gwen went to reply but before she could Elena looked across the road and smiled. 'Is that Arthur and Merlin?'

'That's them. They must've followed me here why do they keep following me?'

Gwen studied the two men but her eyes kept flicking back to Arthur. She was drawn to him for some reason but she didn't know him.

'Well one thing is for sure we're not going to find out anything by just standing here. Let's go speak to them,' Elena explained.

Gwen felt nervous and put a staying hand on Elena's arm. 'Elena, I can't. They scare me. Why do they keep insisting I know them and why am I so drawn to Arthur?'

Elena's eyebrows arched at Gwen's admission to being drawn to Arthur. 'Come on Gwen, I'll protect you,' Elena said with a smile as it appeared both men didn't want to cause them harm.

'Okay but any sign of danger and I'm out of here,' Gwen said following Elena.

'Hello, I'm Elena DuLac and my friend Gwen says you're following her. Why?'

'We know Gwen very well and we need her to remember who she really is,' Merlin explained.


Elena had decided to take them all into a coffee shop so they could discuss what Arthur and Merlin wanted with Gwen. Elena saw the look of wonder on their faces as they looked around and Elena couldn't help but think these men were truly from the past.

'I don't know you, either of you,' Gwen said breaking the silence of the group around the table.

'Well we'll introduce ourselves to you. I'm Arthur Pendragon and this is Merlin Emrys,' Arthur said speaking for both of them. Gwen's eyes had widened hearing that Arthur had the same last name but she still didn't know them.

'Seriously, King Arthur and Merlin?' Elena replied to which Arthur nodded keeping a watchful eye on Gwen as Merlin had told him not to force Gwen's memory.

'Let's cut straight to the chase you're from Camelot and she's Queen Guinevere,' Elena whispered picking up on the fact not to say the words too loud in fear of Gwen hearing them.

Gwen wasn't listening to the conversation going on around her she was too busy studying Arthur. He was very handsome with his blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and kissable lips. She felt herself wanting to brush his hair from his eyes. Her fingers were itching with the need to touch him. He turned and their eyes locked on each other and it suddenly struck her she did know this man but from where and how?

Merlin and Elena had been watching Arthur and Gwen's silent communication with amusement but the couple was completely lost in each other. 'It seems that no matter how Morgana tries to separate them they always find a way back to each other. I think Gwen recognizes him on some level but she doesn't completely remember him.'

'Arthur…' Gwen stuttered, 'how do I know you and from where?'

'I can't tell you that,' Arthur replied stroking the side of her face.

At Arthur's touch Gwen gasped and felt her heart beating so fast it felt like it was going to burst through her chest. She closed her eyes as images rushed through her mind. Scrubbing floors, mending dresses, taking care of Arthur, loving him, marrying him and being crowned Queen.

'Stop. Make it stop!' Gwen cried out as pain burst in her head.

'Arthur! I told you not to tell her anything. Look at what you've done to her.' Merlin said as Gwen held her head in her hands.

'I didn't say anything I just touched her. I stroked her face and she remembered'

Elena got up and held Gwen close, 'Gwen are you okay? Here drink this,' Elena said as she gave Gwen her cup of Chamomile tea.

'I remember. I remember all of it. I was a servant and you were the Prince of Camelot we fell in love and when you became King we were married.' Arthur nodded and smiled.

'Really that is what happened?' Elena questioned as from the stories Gwen had been a princess who had betrayed the King.

'How did I come to be here?' Gwen questioned.

'Morgana wants the throne of Camelot so she sent you to the future and wiped your memory clean. She knew Arthur and I would follow and is probably trying to take over Camelot as we speak!' Merlin explained.

'You left Camelot just to come and get me?'

'Guinevere, I will always follow you no matter where you are I'll come and find you,' Arthur said lowering his head to capture Gwen's lips in a possessive kiss causing Gwen's head to fill with images of Camelot and Arthur once more.

'I hate to break this up but we need to get back to Camelot now!' Merlin exclaimed. 'We need to get back before Morgana conquers Camelot once more.