Summary: He's simply happy and content because he's doing what he had always wanted to do. Happy Martin characterisation bit. :) Unbetad.

A/N: This is for Tinaofficial! Mazel Tov for getting into Uni! 3 I know it's a bit blech, but hey, it's happy Martin and I'm posting it anyway even if it's not the best thing ever. Whipped up in thirty minutes for the hopes of getting rid of Writer's blech (it helped a bit xD)

It didn't matter if it took him seven tries. When he finally had the licence in his hands, everything he'd worked for was there in his hands, and it was worth it.

He would have thrown a party if he had a lot of friends. Instead he ended up sitting at home with a beer in his hand, watching Flight of the Phoenix, and sharing the moment with his dog.

And he was perfectly content.

His siblings had phoned him to congratulate him, and his mother told him that his dad would have been proud, even if he knew that was a lie.

The van still sat in the driveway, which was a very stark reminder that his dad thought he was a disappointment, but that was okay.

He was perfectly happy.

A month of searching for a plane to fly, he found MJN Air. In retrospect, that was a bad deal, not getting paid to fly beyond the hours that he needed, but he liked his job - he was flying a plane. It was the closest that the child in him could get to being a plane, and that was great!He knew that Carolyn couldn't afford to lose him - he was way more than cheap, and he always showed up when he needed to. He might not be the best pilot, but he was agreeable and, frankly, perfect for MJN. And he had Arthur, Douglas, and yes, even Carolyn – and they were his friends, they cared about him, even if they could be a bit hard to be around with (but that was how families are, right?)

Yes, he wanted to get another job, maybe at a bigger (at an "actual") airline, but this was all fine and well anyway. At least he did what he had always wanted to do.

And that was, actually, everything that Martin could ask for.