I've wanted to try my hand at the 100 Themes Challenge forever, and somehow Reid x Hotch became my scapegoat for it.

Theme One: Introduction

Spencer Reid couldn't believe how packed the train was today. He assumed the most logical explanation was that there was some kind of concert going on near Times Square. He remembered hearing someone in the café he went to yesterday mention that a band was set to play this weekend. He figured that day was today.

Great. Now he was completely cramped against a bunch of screaming fangirls. Whoever this band was must have been full of attractive men. Reid didn't care much for getting the attention of women. It wasn't that they were too complex to figure out or anything; that was easy enough for Reid to figure out. It was simply that his appearance and broad knowledge of, well, everything seemed to give off the impression that he was a nerd and one to steer clear of. Reid didn't think anything was wrong with him, but it was human nature to single out people into different groups, categories, or cliques. Women who squeal obnoxiously for the nicely dressed males of GQ Magazine definitely wouldn't bother to bat an eye at someone like Reid.

Sigh. Reid wished he did not choose today of all days to choose the subway as a reliable source of transportation.

He would be moving soon. He was offered a spot at the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia. He couldn't wait to get out of this city. He had grown up in Las Vegas so he didn't think New York City would be a problem for him, but I guess the increase of population by nearly five million people was seriously showing a little too much.

A young woman behind him stumbled, running right into his back. This caused Reid to fall forward, slamming his face right into someone's chest. Both Reid and the person let out a huff.

"S-sorry," Reid fixed his glasses on his face, glancing up to face the person he had ran into. He was a slightly taller and older man, with silky black hair and dark brown eyes, wearing a typical business suit. He looked at Reid with curiosity before smiling.

"It's all right," the man said in a deep voice, holding onto Reid's arms to help him keep his balance. "It's pretty crowded in here. Stand here, I'll help keep you in place."

Reid blinked. "Um, o-okay." He said nervously.

The rest of the short train ride seemed oddly silent to Reid as he stood relatively close to this unfamiliar man, the man grasping his shoulders so that he wouldn't fall back into the crowd. Sure, many people were conversing with one another and some were even yelling obnoxiously for no reason, but Reid couldn't hear any of it over the sound of…his heart beating? And something else…the man's breathing? It was all nerve-wracking to the young genius. No one had ever bothered to help Reid out before, so this was rather new to him.

Plus, giving this man another quick look, this man was pretty attractive…

Reid mentally smacked himself. And then physically smacked himself. What was he thinking? His quickening pulse and shortness of breath were suggesting something, but he tried to blame it on the heavy crowd. Y'know, so many bodies in such close proximity of one another. It was pretty hot. His sweater vest wasn't helping much, either.

Finally, the train reached it's next destination, which seemed to be near Times Square considering how most of the crowd flooded out of the train quick, fast, and in a hurry. They all must have been late or something.

Reid wasn't really paying much attention to any of those details. He was just glad he now had some breathing room. He wouldn't need to get off of the train until the next stop.

"This is my stop."

Reid glanced up at the man who was still conveniently holding onto his arms. He was smiling at Reid, letting go of his arms to pat his shoulders. "You'll be okay, right?"

Reid took a moment before answering. "Y-yes! I'll be fine!"

"Okay then," the man said, grabbing a suitcase off the floor next to him that Reid didn't even realize was there. "See you later."

Reid nearly frowned as he watched the man exit the train. He had been the only person who even seemed concerned for Reid, and he hated to see him go.

But…was it more than that? Was there something else about the man that compelled Reid to want to converse with him? Learn everything about him?

Reid sighed, sitting down on the now available seat behind him. He should have asked for the man's name, or maybe a card. He looked to be your average businessman. He could have worked anywhere in the city. It would take forever to deduce what his line of work involved and where.

He tried desperately to remember any important details about him. Then his eyes widened at the realization of the man's last words.

"See you later."

Reid sat in the BAU office, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the man in charge. He couldn't wait to introduce himself to this person, ready to start his job as a profiler for the FBI. He was ready to show that his expansive knowledge and eidetic memory could be put to seriously good use.

He patiently waited, wondering what could be taking him so long. After awhile he grew tired of standing, so he asked someone nearby if he could rest somewhere instead of standing in the way of everyone walking by. The bald black man he spoke to smiled at Reid and told him he could wait in Aaron Hotchner's office, pointing out where to go. Reid thanked him and went up the stairs to Hotchner's office.

He wasn't sure who Aaron Hotchner was, but he figured if he had his own office that he was pretty important. Maybe he was his boss? No one had given him a name, he was just told that he would be recognized by him or her. Reid wasn't even informed which gender he or she was.

Just as he was about to sit in one of the two chairs placed across the desk someone entered the room. He glanced over at the other person who now occupied the room gasping in complete surprise. It was the same man from the train.

"See you later." Reid was told he'd be recognized.

"I knew I would meet you again," he smiled brightly at Reid. "Now I guess I should introduce myself to you, Spencer Reid." He held out a hand to Reid.

"Welcome to the BAU. My name is Aaron Hotchner."

So, each of these is going to be a one-shot, unless I specifically mention a continuation of a different chapter.