Theme Seven: Heaven

Reid held onto Hotch's hand as tightly as he could possibly manage. The water was so cold and threatening to tear them apart, but he wouldn't let go.

He couldn't figure out which way was up. Were they swimming upward? Maybe downward? At this point, he was just flailing their legs and hoping to reach the surface.

But it was useless. Oxygen wasn't coming to them, and it seemed like it never would.

Reid wasn't too sure what lead to this mess. Had Hotch been trying to…kill himself? Reid had plunged in after him, falling much farther down into the water than he thought, and took a hold of his hand. For Hotch to have driven all the way out to here to find a deadly cliff to jump off of…

He really had been trying to disappear from this world.

Reid didn't know how he could have missed the signs, and if he weren't completely surrounded by water, he would have burst into tears.

He was now doing his best to pull Hotch toward the surface, but he didn't know where that was and he was running out of oxygen. His lungs felt like they were about to burst and he was losing strength.

He wasn't going to make it.

No matter what, he wasn't letting Hotch go. He was going to follow him regardless of where he ended up. The chances of returning to the world of the living were slim now. Reid spent the rest of his time with his held breath to make sure of two things:

Keeping his grip on Hotch's hand and praying that they would be accepted into Heaven.