The first thing he saw was a dim blue light and a grey wall only a few feet away from him.

Where was he? What had happened?

His head ached and he felt like all his power had been taken from him.

Drained, empty and weak, even breathing was exhausting.

Slowly he sat up and let his eyes wander around the room he had regained consciousness in.

The walls were made out of concrete and so were the floor and the ceiling. But one wall seemed to be missing. He got up but had to wait a few minutes until his shaky legs allowed him to walk. Carefully, he made his way to the non-existent wall and reached out one hand. Glass! It was a glass wall and that meant this was some sort of cage, for he had not seen any kind of door. There was a passage way leading by his cell. By pressing his forehead against the glass, he was able to identify other cells like his own, only much smaller. But none of them contained living things. A suspicion arose in him.

The weapons vault in Asgard!

But…who put him in here instead of an ordinary prison cell and why?

Suddenly, everything came back to him and he remembered the huge battle on Midgard and finally the Avengers capturing him. Thor had taken him home so that he could face his just punishment. However, he could not recall arriving on Asgard let alone being brought down here.

All of a sudden, he heard heavy footsteps and seconds later the guards of the weapons vault were patrolling through the passage way.

„Hey!", he wanted to shout but his condition was so weakened, there was barely a sound coming out of his mouth. He banged his fist against the wall, but there was no force to that blow so it proved ineffective as well. The guards payed no attention to him at all, they simply marched on, eager to finish their patrol.

Hours went by and nothing happened, except for Loki feeling even more miserable. He had tried to use magic to escape these walls but it seemed like his power was gone, or, if it was still somewhere inside of him, he wasn't able to tap it. Feeling dizzy, he decided to sit down in one of the corners of the cell. This way he could keep an eye on the glass wall in case someone would show up.

Time went by, no one came and so Loki fell asleep.