Today's the day! Are you ready?" Said the dark Loki cheerful. He had waited for this day to come almost a week now and couldn't hide his good mood any longer. Everything went according to plan. "You almost blew it yesterday, when you talked to Thor."

"Yes, stop mentioning it. You screamed at me for an hour when I was back in my room. Don't you think that's enough?"

Loki was tired and devastated. It would happen today and he hadn't been able to come up with a plan so far. He had to prevent the whole thing, but it was impossible to think. The dark voice was either screaming at him for being stupid, or going on and on about how great it's going to be when all went down as planned. Loki yawned.

"Don't you dare fall asleep."

"It's entirely your fault. You kept me up all night."

"Oh, boohoo…pull yourself together."

"You know…I have my doubts that you're going to do it. You said that you would toss the Avengers back into hel the minute they're out. But nothing happened. You even let them go back to Midgard. Does that mean you're the kind of guy that talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk?"

He had to admit that provocation wasn't the best way to fight him but he was tired and couldn't think of anything else to do. Strangely there was no fit or rage as he'd expected.

Instead the dark one explained that it undoubtedly had been his goal all along, but when he'd heard what Hela wanted from him, he'd no longer felt the desire to kill the Avengers again. It seemed pointless and no fun at all. However watching Loki avoiding sleep, trying to keep control at all times, so that Thor's friends wouldn't be killed again had been entertaining.

"And your exhaustion will come in handy today. You are even weaker than the day you had to kill the Avengers but couldn't. You hadn't a shred of strength left to fight me, so I took your body over with ease. And that's how it's gonna be today, too. You'll be tied to the front row seat, while I draw the curtain and start the play. You won't be able to lift a finger, condemned to watch your loved ones die."

"You are a monster!"

"Careful what you say. I am you. And besides we already know that we are a monster. Don't we?" The dark one grinned but seconds later he got serious again, when he heard loud cheering from outside.

"So it begins. He's back. Pick up the twig! Let's go."

"NO, I am not gonna do it!"

The dark Loki rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Alright, if you want to be a bystander even though the play hasn't even started yet…. You asked for it."

The throbbing pain inside Lokis head increased. He cried out and seconds later he fell unconscious to the ground.

The sun had only just shown its golden light on the horizon, the promise of a wonderful day. All of Asgard stood in front of the palace, welcoming the most beautiful god in the entire realm. Everyone was smiling, cheering and throwing flower petals into the air. Odin welcomed the young god with a hug and so did Thor and his mother. Loki walked up to the group he'd once called his family.

"Hey, Loki, see who is back!" Thor said with a broad smile on his face.

The dark Loki smiled back and nodded.

He turned to face the newcomer, hugged him too and whispered into his ear: "I welcome you, Balder. But I'm afraid, you have to leave again. Farewell." And with those words, he drew out the twig he'd been hiding under his clothes and pushed it deep into Balders heart.

First there was a sudden silence. Everyone was staring in shock at Loki and the dead Balder on the ground.

Then the women started to wail and the men demanded the immediate death of the trickster.

A guard shackled the murderer and gave the key to Odin.

The Allfather tried to calm the Asgardians in vain. They all knew that with Balders' death, Ragnarök had begun. There was nothing they could do now. The downfall of the gods was near. Panic, fear and anger could be seen in the eyes of the people. A group of young men tried to make their way through the crowd to avenge Balder.

Thor saw them approach and pushed Loki ungentle towards the entrance of the palace. Once inside, he closed the door as fast as he could and took his brother to his room.

"Why Loki!? Tell me, why!?" Thor was still in shock. Balder was dead, killed by Loki. It couldn't be true!?

"Oh, my dear brother, you don't know why?" the dark voice laughed: "That is what I promised Hela. She gave me the souls of your precious friends back and in return I had to start Ragnarök the moment I would see Balder. May he rest in peace."

The second Loki had started to talk Thor knew that this wasn't his brother anymore. This was the dark voice. "Where is Loki? What have you done to him?"

"Oh, Thor, face it…Loki and I, we are the same person. He's inside of my head, condemned to watch what I do. He's sobbing like a little girl, because he failed to protect you."

"Me? Why me? I'm not the one who's dead."

The dark one laughed again. "But you will be, sooner than the gods had planned it. Ragnarök has started much too early and now your death is near. And to top it all, I made a second promise to Hela. You're soul will never see the light of Valhalla, it'll go straight to hel. Oh, how he's crying, your little Loki, it's almost moving. All the love he has for you…he will never be able to show you, because from now on, I am in charge of this body and I'll never give it back to him."

"But Ragnarök means your death too. Do you want to die so desperately?"

"No, I won't be gone for long. I made sure that Hela revives me, when I'm dead. I will come back and when that time has come, I will be king of the new Asgard."

"You're delusional! Let me talk to the real Loki!" Thor growled.

"I AM the real Loki now! That whining excuse for a god will never see the light of day again. He's too weak to fight me. I'll burry him deep down in my mind, so that his whimpering won't bother me anymore."

All of a sudden, the door to Lokis room flew open and Odin stood there, flanked by two guards. With a voice as loud as thunder, the Allfather said: "I hand out the just punishment to Loki, the god of mischief. From this day on, he will be bound on the top of a rock and on this rock, there will be a snake. The snakes venom will periodically drop onto the tricksters face. The pain he'll experience will cause never ending convulsions. Loki has never to be released again."

Thor watched how the guards took his brother away from him and later, he heard the crowd outside cheer, when the chains that held Loki down got attached to the solid rock and the only thing Thor did, was sitting down on the bed.

The days went by and Thor still hadn't left his brothers bed. Loki was in agony. He was screaming day and night, he barely stopped to catch his breath.

But the god of thunder was paralyzed. It seemed like the recent events, the knowledge that his brother loved him dearly, but that this one side of him was gone now…that he was never to be released again from that rock…that the end of all the gods was near…all that was just too much to take.

Thor buried his face into Lokis pillow. It was still sweet with his brothers' familiar scent.

And for the first time in years, Thor cried.


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