Slow Waltz



Gilbert groaned, his skin feeling feverishly awesome and tingly. Who would have thought the Austrian could ever make him feel this way? The way Roderich's lips brushed against his own was just… heavenly. The kisses started out soft, hesitant, almost unsure, but Gilbert soon found himself lost in the way he could so easily hold Roderich close. And the Austrian showed no restraint. He just as equally loved the way Gilbert held him, his strong arms wrapping around, hands on the back of his neck and just above his waist. Roderich himself felt like he could no longer stand. What was this? How could he have possibly fallen for such an irresponsible, careless, negligible aberrant? But then again, what did it matter?

"Gil…" breathed Roderich, breaking away for a slight second, only to have his lips captured again by a more confident man. Their tongues played capture the flag between both mouths. Gilbert noticed how sweet Roderich tasted. God. It was so good. That, along with the Austrian's naturally sweet smell. He loved the way Roderich's delicately beautiful fingers lost themselves in his short hair, trying to grasp onto something to hold as he began to feel dizzy with want.

"OH. MY. GOD."

Both men looked stopped. Shocked. What just happened?

They both looked to their left to see Elizabeta, flushed, wide-eyed, and smiling like an idiot.

"You forgot to lock the door, didn't you?" sighed Gilbert.

"I might have," nodded Roderich sheepishly. He cleared his throat, trying to sound as calm as possible, though the fact that Gilbert was still holding him wasn't really making the situation any less awkward. "What are you doing here, Eliza?"

"Oh. I'm sorry." She sounded like she would burst out into laughter at any moment. "Should I go?" she asked. "I mean, after you drunk dialed me complaining about how Gilbert was leaving, I figured I'd come over and see how you were doing. You're clearly doing fine though. I'll just go."

"No, wait," interrupted Roderich. His face was flushed. Gilbert still hadn't let him go, the idiot. It was just making him feel uncomfortable now. "That'd be rude. Please… uh… stay for dinner."

"You drunk dialed her?" smirked Gilbert. "Over me?"

"Shut up," retorted the Austrian. "I wasn't drunk."

"That makes it even better."


Roderich mentally face-palmed himself. Inviting Elizabeta to stay for dinner was a bad idea. The entire dining room was dead silent. And it wasn't the comfortable silence that Roderich so much enjoyed. It was that stomach churning, heart flipping, hurry-the-hell-up-and-say-something sort of silence. Even Gilbert looked uncomfortable, and that was an odd thing to see in person.

"So…" Elizabeta said with a raised eyebrow. She was more than amused. "When did… How did… this happen?"

"Well…" ventured Gilbert. Roderich placed his hand on Gilbert's knee, a signal to shut up.

"It's nothing, Eliza. Really," said Roderich quickly.

"Oh?" frowned Gilbert.

"I'll talk with you later," whispered the Austrian. Elizabeta was grinning.

"This dinner is fantastic," she decided to comment. "I never thought this particular spice could ever get along with these vegetables. They really do work together quite nicely. It's odd, but it's nice."

Roderich could feel his ears burning, but he did his best not to think of it.


"Well, thank you very much for… dinner," smiled Elizabeta at the front door.

"Not at all," nodded Roderich.

"I'll call you later." Elizabeta kissed both Roderich and Gilbert on the cheek before departing. She would be squealing herself to sleep tonight, Gilbert was sure.

Roderich finally closed the door and made sure that he locked it. As soon as he turned, he found himself pinned to the door by Gilbert's strong hands. "What's the matter?" frowned the Austrian. "Let go."

"'It's nothing?'" repeated Gilbert. His voice was dangerously low and gruff. It was sexy, but also scary.


"What did you mean by that, princess?"

"Nothing, really. I just didn't feel that there was suitable response for the situation."

"Bullshit. You're probably just ashamed."

"No," said Roderich with a shake of his head. "Of course not."

"Then why not tell her the truth?" asked Gilbert, his brow in a frown.

"Like I said, there was no suitable–"

Gilbert pressed his lips harshly to Roderich's, cutting him off mid-sentence. Gilbert's large hands wrapped around him again, this time hungrier for warmth and filled with need. Their chests were pressed to one another's, so close that Roderich could feel both of their heartbeats. He couldn't breathe. The sudden kiss had taken him by surprise, and Gilbert refused to give him any time to recover.

"G-Gil–" stammered Roderich. It was no use. He was pinned to the door, passionate and fiery kisses stealing away his chances for air. In the frenzy, Roderich began to unbutton Gilbert's shirt, his piano fingers working quickly and effectively. He was eventually standing there with a half-naked man, who was diligently leaving a heated trail of marks along Roderich's neck.

"Roderich," whispered Gilbert in his ear. Roderich was surprised. There was a gentle, but threatening tone in his voice. The way he said his name made his stomach flip. He wanted to hear it again and again and again until his ears had finally had enough. No. It would never be enough.

"Gilbert, please, wait–"

But he would not wait.

Gilbert fumbled with Roderich's belt, slipping it off his waist and tossing it to the floor between kisses. Their tongues were aching to taste, aching to explore each other's mouths. Next was Roderich's pants button, and then his fly, and then off with the entire thing, leaving the Austrian to be concealed only by his boxers.

"Gil," whined Roderich. "I said to wait."

Gilbert pulled back, only enough to look the Austrian square in the eye.

"I like you, princess," he said in a low voice. "I really like you. So next time, don't just say that it's nothing."


There was no time to respond.

Gilbert lowered himself, kissing the slight bulge of Roderich's boxers before slipping the garment off of him completely. Roderich squirmed, uncomfortable with the exposure.

"Wait," he whined.

"You have such beautiful legs, princess," commented Gilbert.

"Don't say such things," complained Roderich, who was now a bright red.

Gilbert gently grasped Roderich's half-hard member, marvelling and cherishing it like it was one of the most important things in the world. Roderich could feel Gilbert's warmth breath, which left a tingling sensation all over his skin.

"Gilbert, I'm begging you, please don't–"

"I'll be gentle, baby. Don't worry."

He placed his lips to the tip of Roderich's cock. He was awarded with a moan that sounded more than satisfied when it was covered in warmth. Gilbert grabbed onto Roderich's slender hips, doing his best to keep him stable and still standing. He began to lick the tip, noticing how hot seed was already being released. Roderich's member was swollen and hot, begging for attention.

"Stop teasing me, damnit," frowned Roderich as he shifted uncomfortably.

"You're no fun," smirked Gilbert. But he obliged. He didn't want his lover to wait. No. He wanted him to scream out his name and beg for more.

Slowly, Gilbert began to suck. He hollowed his cheeks as his mouth allowed for Roderich's member to enter. He bobbed his head back and forth, utilizing his tongue to ensure for the most pleasure.

"Oh," groaned Roderich. His heart was racing, his vision was blurred… God. This sensation… It wasn't describable. "God, yes! Gilbert!" Roderich's hand found its way to the back of Gilbert's head, where it managed to stay and guide him as a pit of delicious heat began to build up in his stomach. "Oh, Gilbert…"

Gilbert closed his eyes, concentrating at the task at hand. He wanted Roderich to feel this. He wanted him to know how much he loved him. He couldn't always show it, so he had to make sure that this was gentle, and hot, and fucking amazing. He wanted Roderich to know that it was Gilbert, and only Gilbert, who would make him feel this way.

"Gil… I'm going to…" panted Roderich. His voice was breathy and fucking arousing to Gilbert's ears. "I'm going to cum, Gil. Wait, I–"

But he wouldn't stop. He wouldn't wait. He just wouldn't.

"Oh," groaned Roderich. "God. Oh. Ffffuuuccckkk…"

Gilbert pulled back just in time as Roderich's hot seed spilled out with his orgasm. Gilbert stood up, equally as breathless. He nuzzled his nose to Roderich's, scoping and feeling the warmth of Roderich's reddened face, before kissing him tenderly again.

"Gil," panted Roderich between each tender kiss. Gilbert's lips were surprisingly soft.

"Let me do this properly, okay?" said Gilbert.


Gilbert lifted Roderich up princess style. It was almost fitting considering his pet name for him. "Wha–? Hey! Wait a second," snapped Roderich.

Gilbert just chuckled. "Which way to your room again?"


Gilbert laid Roderich out gently on the bed. He was done being rough. He stripped off Roderich's shirt and discarded it on the floor. Roderich had said numerous times that it was no way to treat clothing, but Gilbert was sure he would make an exception this time. So, there he lay, completely naked. His skin was smooth and soft.

"You're perfect," said Gilbert. Roderich blushed.

"Don't say such weird things."

"But it's the truth."

Gilbert placed a kiss on Roderich's bare shoulder, then his collar bone, and then his chest. They were all sweet and lingering, almost as if they were trying to say 'I love you. I love you so much. I love you more than I can begin to describe.'


"Yes, princess?"

"Could you… um…" his voice trailed off shyly. He was kind of cute when he was this meek. Roderich didn't need to say another word, however. Gilbert understood completely. He raised himself slightly, just enough to slip off his own pants and then his own boxers. They were even now, both completely exposed. Completely exposed to each other.

"I love you, Roderich. I really do love you."

With a flush, Roderich said, "I love you, too, Gilbert."

Gilbert reached his right hand up towards Roderich's face. His fingers traced the lining of his jaw and eventually found its way to his mouth. The Austrian parted his lips slightly, allowing the digits to slip into his mouth. He promptly began to start sucking, covering Gilbert's fingers with his saliva.

"You have to tell me if it hurts, alright?" whispered Gilbert. Roderich managed to nod as Gilbert slowly reached down.

He inserted a single finger to start, watching Roderich's reaction. Gilbert kissed the innards of his lover's thigh as he slowly inserted a second.

"Ah," gasped the Austrian, surprised by the pain and the pleasurable sensation. It was ironic how something could hurt, and yet be so wonderful at the same time. Roderich shuddered in delight as Gilbert began a scissoring motion with his fingers, stretching him from the inside. It felt a little weird. And the overall scenario had been completely unpredictable. Who would have thought Roderich would have come to love this idiot? His idiot.

"I'm going to put it in, alright?" asked Gilbert. It sounded more like a statement, though.

Gilbert aligned himself and thrust his hips forward slowly. The warmth that surrounded him was unbelievable! It was slick and smooth and wet and fucking amazing.

"Ah," groaned Roderich, finally feeling satisfied from being filled.

Gilbert began to thrust slowly. He didn't want to hurt him. He had had lovers before, but they never really meant anything. He could have the others wet and wild, but not Roderich. No. This meant something to him. To both of them. He wanted to do this right. Slowly, painfully wonderful, and sweet enough to treasure. Each thrust was awarded with a soft groan from Roderich's lips. The Austrian reached up to touch Gilbert's face. Gilbert kissed him gently, sweetly, wonderfully. This wild beast finally seemed to be tamed.

"Gilbert," gasped Roderich. "This feels so…"

"I know, baby, I know."

And there they were for what felt like forever. It was a comfortable sort of forever. They were joined; touching and kissing and loving. Roderich's fingers were lost in Gilbert's hair, and Gilbert's tongue seemed to blend with Roderich's own. Gilbert began to move faster, but just barely, much to Roderich's frustration. He was almost there, he could feel it. He arched his back, bucking his hips. God. It felt so good. Too good.

"Gilbert," whined Roderich. "Please."

"What is it, princess?"

"Please, I need you." It was essentially a more polite way of saying 'Please, fuck me through the mattress.'

"All in good time, baby."

But, despite wanting control, the heated frenzy that they shared drove Gilbert to pick up the pace. His erection was driving him mad, and the only thing that could sooth him was the warmth of Roderich's body. He hit the same spot over and over and over again, making Roderich twitch and shudder from lust.

"Gil –ah! Right… there."

And so he rammed the same spot, driving Roderich absolutely insane. A pit of wonderfully painful heat began swelling in his stomach. It began to build in intensity each time Gilbert thrust.

"I'm going to… ah…"

"Me, too," said Gilbert. Using a free hand, Gilbert reached down to Roderich's forgotten member. Roderich gasped as his lover began to pump for him, matching the speed of his thrusts.

"God, yes!" exclaimed Roderich, his whole body overheating in excitement.

"Roderich," gasped Gilbert. He was close, too. And just before they came undone with each other, their lips locked once more, delicious and hot and wet. Seed covered Roderich's stomach as Gilbert rode and pumped out the orgasm.

Roderich stroked the back of Gilbert's neck. Exhausted, they lay still for a moment together, listening to each other's wild breathing.


Ludwig sighed. "Are you sure?" he asked, a frown on his face.

"You bet. They were all over each other!" exclaimed Eliza. She stuck out her hand. "I told you not to make a wager with me. I'm practically a matchmaker."

"Hmph," was the German's response as he reached for his wallet. "Well, at least this means I don't have to constantly look out after him."

"That sounded a bit lonely," noted Elizabeta.

"You're hearing things," muttered Ludwig, handing the woman a bill.

"You know…" thought Elizabeta. "I think I know somebody who you might look cute with."

"I'm not interested, Eliza."

"Are you sure?"

"Definitely. Now please get back to work."

"What a shame…" Eliza sighed as she turned to go back towards her desk. "Feliciano's super cute. He's downstairs in accounting, if you wanted to know."

"Unlikely," huffed the German employer.

Ludwig walked off, numerous documents in his arms. Today was going to be a very slow day. Despite the news that his brother was finally turning his life around, there was little to look forward to, and the staff meeting being held tonight was surely going to drag on late into the night. As he turned the corner, Ludwig stopped short when somebody bumped into him. A few of the papers in his hands scattered.

"Ve~" gasped a young man. "I'm so sorry. I should have watched where I was going."

"Er… No… It's alright. It was my fault," said Ludwig. He knelt down to pick up the papers, but the young man beat him to it.

"No, really," he chuckled nervously. "My brother always told me I was a klutz. That's why they stuck me in accounting."

Ludwig could barely see the young man's eyes. He was smiling so widely that his eyes were sealed shut. It was spectacular, the way he seemed to light up the dim hallway. His hair was a warm brown colour, and there was an untamed curl that stuck out rebelliously on his head.

"Accounting?" repeated Ludwig, forgetting why he was having a bad day.

"Yes. I'm Feliciano Vargas. It's nice to meet you, sir!"

"Er…" blinked Ludwig. Feliciano. It had such a nice ring to it. The name practically rolled off of the young man's tongue. "I'm Ludwig Beilshmidt."

"Hello!" giggled Feliciano. "I'm sorry for just leaving like this, but I have a lot of paper work and my department manager is going to yell at me again if I don't meet the deadline."

"Right," nodded Ludwig. Why was his heart beating so fast? Maybe he was getting sick…

"I'll see you around, okay?"


Feliciano seemed to skip his way down the halls, waving at all the pretty ladies, who giggled as he passed by. Ludwig was still standing there when Feliciano rounded the corner. He noticed that his face was slightly warm. It was definitely a fever… Surely it was.

Elizabeta was watching from the corner of her eye the entire time, a huge grin on her face. She was pretty good at this. Maybe she should quit her day job…