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"You cheered me up," he said softly. "I'll miss you."

He left her side slowly, breaking the sweet embrace. After lifting his luggage, he stepped into the train and took his seat. Immediately after, he stared out the window to meet her eyes. She was crying, but her tears were those of joy. She knew he would come back soon. Then the train began moving. His eyes widened; he was scared of losing her. For a second he felt the urge to get the hell off this train, but somehow, her image grew more and more blurry and she disappeared. There was no turning back.

So he decided to look at some photos she packed for him: one of the two and his brother more than ten years ago, one of him and her when they were twelve, and a very recent one, taken just a week before his brother's departure.

Suddenly, a loud tune got the passenger's attention.

"We are sorry for the inconvenience, but due to an urgent call from the military, we'll extend the time of our stationing in Central City to thirty minutes. Thank you for your understanding."

"Extending the…? What's this all about?"

He couldn't put his finger on this issue, having no clue what the conductor was talking about. Being quite taken aback by this, he sighed and hoped there was another train to Creta soon.

Central was only a couple hours away, so he restrained himself from dozing off; he knew waking up would be close to impossible for him.

"Rats. At this rate, I won't be able to reach the borderline for two days. Damn those guys, I thought I got rid of them two years ago," he thought.

"Ex-Excuse me?"

A small boy, maybe around 11 was looking at him, with his big eyes filled with admiration for the one in front of him.

"What's up, kid?"

"Excuse me, Sir, but aren't you one of the heroes of Promised Day?"

"Heroes of Promised Day?"

"Y-Yes. You know, the Heroes of Promised Day! There's a huge festival in Central right now and all. Shouldn't you be in Central, Sir?"

He looked at the kid and smirked, "That explains the call,"

An angry mother approached the two and grabbed the boy, "Oliver, dear, don't bother this young man! How many times have I told you that it's not polite to-"

"But Mom, he's one of the Heroes of Promised Day! Mom…He's Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist!"

As soon as the train reached Central, the conductor kindly asked all the passengers to leave the train and why not, stop and look around since it was, of course, The Heroes of Promised Day's Festival.

"How didn't I see this coming?" Ed asked himself.

He took his wallet and got off the train to see for himself what was happening in Central. Barely had he left the station that he was surrounded by people asking for his autograph, tormenting him with questions about his life after Promised Day, and some fan girls with rather bold requests.

"What's up, Fullmetal? Can't handle the crowd?"

Suddenly, a part of the people suffocating Ed moved about a meter further and started suffocating the newcomer.

"General Mustang, Sir!"

"Look, Audrey, it's the Flame Alchemist!"

Ed pushed his way through the crowd and shook hands with the man, his old comrade and friend, "Hn, long time no see, Mustang,"

"So are you going to tell me why the fuck did you stop my train, or will I have to get it out of you using force?"

The two men were in Roy's car, heading leisurely to his manor, "You haven't changed one bit, Fullmetal, I'll give you that."

"Shut the crap. Why did you stop my fucking train?"

"Easy on the language, kiddo. You know the answer already, it's the festival. It's your festival. You shouldn't be missing it."

"Al is missing it. I don't see him having a problem with that," Ed pouted, "He's in Xing, doing who-knows-what who-knows-where with who-knows-who,"

"You know who," grinned Roy.


Roy burst into laughter and punched Ed jokily, "You're a killer, Fullmetal. I've called Alphonse yesterday and he's on the Xing-Amestris Express that I and the Emperor of Xing built,"

"When did you and Idiot Prince build a train? I haven't seen him a while (not that I miss him or anything…),"

"He's on the Express, as well, so you will be seeing him soon. Accompanied by Lan Fan, and of course a certain Chang princess…"

"Mei is coming too? But that could only mean that… "Ed gasped.

"Yes, Alphonse confessed his feelings for her,"

"What?" Ed looked surprised, "I was just about to say that she missed me."

"You're clueless, kid," Roy sighed.

"You mean that Al and Mei- I mean… I know my brother has swag, but that was … quick."

"Unlike you, Fullmetal. By this rate, you'll probably get together with Winry in 19-never."

"Colonel Bastard…" he muttered angrily.

"It's General now! And quit distracting me, I was trying to talk to you!" he shouted.

"Who's distracting who…?" Ed whispered.

"So as I was saying… It's really important for the people of Amestris to see their heroes today. It's a tradition, Fullmetal, and I'm not going to cancel this celebration just because your traveler's ass won't move itself to Central. I knew you wouldn't be as understanding as Alphonse, so I talked a bit with your train's conductor. He was kind enough to extend the stationing. And that's how you got here."

"Hn. I get it. But I'm not staying forever; I'm getting to Creta next week." Ed stated seriously.

"That's another thing I wanted to talk to you about. I have a proposition for you. It's a rather interesting one."

Ed gawked at Roy curiously, "This sounds very suspicious."

"You'll have to wait until the festival, of course, like all the people of Amestris. Look, we're here."

Roy stopped in front of something that Ed believed to be the biggest house he'd ever seen. It had two stories, a hectare of gardens, fountains and other beautiful landscape features, a huge front door made out of rich mahogany wood, with intercut details and the perfect windows to match the whole ensemble of the manor. The roof was thatched, gently flowing in with the rest of the architecture.

As Ed followed Roy stunned, the door was opened and a beautiful, blonde haired beauty opened the door with a smile, "Welcome, Edward."

Ed stepped on the front porch and put on his big goofy smile, "Nice to see ya, Major Mustang,"

The woman got angry and punched Ed in the arm, "Ow, what was that for?" Ed whined.

Roy whispered into his ear, "She decided to keep her name."

"Come in, we have tea and some cookies,"

The minute Ed entered the house, he was caught into a dream. The house gave off that whole 1800's atmosphere, and he felt like walking inside stories he once read. The furniture was luxurious, as well as the interior door, floor and walls, painted cream. Riza lead him to the dining room, which was an enormous room, containing a long table, twenty-or-something chairs and expensive paintings all across the walls.

"Man, do you guys have a nice crib. My house is just a little country home," Ed laughed.

"That's what you get for being Fuh-"

"Ri-Ri-Ri-Riza!" Roy put his hand around Riza's mouth.

"Oh, I see, you haven't told him yet," she whispered.

"Nice paintings, is that a Van Go-Eh eh, did you say something, Major?" Ed asked.

"Nothing! Come on, Edward, let's have some cookies."

Edward sat down and took a warm cup of mint tea and some nice cookies. They tasted very good, almost…too good. "The Major's cooking used to be awful," Ed thought.

"Major, did you make these?" asked Ed curios.

"You caught me. Glacia and Elicia came by this morning and with some cookies. Elicia just started school, you know…Glacia told her about how her father died recently, and she's quite disturbed right now," she sighed.

"I really miss Hughes," said Ed.

A moment of silence awkwardly appeared between the three. Roy raised his voice to break the quietness, "So I guess you'll be sleeping here tonight, Fullmetal. I've prepared my best guest room just for you. "

"Thanks a lot, General. Can Al stay here too?"

"Of course, of course. Everyone is staying here, since it's big enough for all of us. You, Alphonse, Izumi-san, Sig-san and a certain someone very close to you, Fullmetal. And regarding that matter, should I change your bed to a double one, or not?" smirked the General.

"What?" Ed asked innocently. "I'm not getting that big, am I?"

"No, I was asking you if you would want another person to be in your room. Someone who we'll be arriving tomorrow," grinned the General.

"Hm, I think Al would like his own room, if that's possible," replied Ed with the same innocence he had before.

"My, Edward, you're so clueless," sighed Riza.

Riza got up and took all the dirty dishes to the sink, "I called Winry right after Roy left to get you. She was really surprised, but she sounded so happy… There was another train available and she should be arriving tonight, maybe in an hour or two,"

"Winry is-is coming too?" blushed Ed.

"I said that earlier, Fullmetal…"


He was thinking about just earlier this morning, when he confessed his feelings, in a way or another, to his childhood friend. Ed wasn't prepared to see her so soon. He bit his lower lip, forcing himself not to release a desperate scream.

"Why so flustered, Ed? Did something happen between you two?" asked Riza.

"N-N-N-No! It's just that…Wi-Winry is very busy, and s-she shouldn't be bothered by something s-so trivial, and-"

"It's not trivial, Edward. When she received that phone call, she was… I don't know exactly how to put this. I've never heard her voice sweeter, happy, elated before. She wants to spend as much as she can with you and Alphonse. The poor girl didn't even believe me when I said you'll be coming too. She kept saying, "Ed isn't coming, is he? He left, didn't he? He's… he's not coming back too soon."

Ed froze at the sound of Riza's words, astounded by Winry's reaction. She loved him so much, didn't she?

"You-You're right, Major. I'm sorry. It's a good thing you invited her."

Yet another moment of awkward silence appeared. Ed got up and lifted his suitcase, "General, can you show me to my room? I'd like to take a shower and change my clothes, if that's ok,"

"Oh sure, Ed boy," Roy smiled. "We need to be up early tomorrow to get ready for the festival, but we could have a little night out, just the two of us," he grinned.

"The sound of that is disgusting, General Bastard,"

"Why you-"

"But I will accept, if you insist," Ed smirked.

Roy showed Ed to his room, a large bedroom with a single bed, a wardrobe, two nightstands and a few other decorative items and paintings. It was simple, yet very organized and clean. Just like Ed's room back home, actually.

"I'll give you an hour, Fullmetal. Is that ok with you?"

"Hm? Yeah, sure, that's plenty of time. B-But…what about Winry? Who's gonna pick her up?" Ed asked nervously.

"Don't worry, Riza's on that. You should cut loose every now and then. You're too uptight, damn it."

"Quit your yapping and let me shower, man,"

Roy mumbled something and left the room, leaving Ed alone in his room. He took his shirt off, rubbing his scar where the automail used to connect with his nerves, "It still hurts a bit," he chuckled. He started removing all of his clothes, found the bathroom door and entered the shower. While hot drops of water dripped on his sculpted body, thoughts of Winry ran through his mind with the speed of light. He finally confessed to her. After years and years of loving her, he said it. And knowing she loved him too was the best feeling in the world. But still, the thought of seeing her so soon made him edgy. What if he didn't know what to say? What if he told her something weird and she'd get scared? What if…?

He stepped out of the shower and took a towel, slowly wiping all the water off his body. He tied his towel around his waist and left the bathroom. Ed opened his suitcase and took a plain cream shirt and some brown pants. After he dressed up and brushed his hair, tying it up in a ponytail, he went down to see the General, Riza and… Winry?

"Winry…" he whispered out of breath.

"Ed!" she rushed and gave him a hug, "Hi."

He caressed her head and pushed it closer to his chest, "Hello,"

The two stared at each other, sharing a very intimate moment in a not-so-intimate setting, and both of them turned red. Ed broke the silence, "S-so, how was your journey?"

"Oh, just fine. You can't imagine how many people from Reesembool are coming here for this festival. I barely got my hands on a ticket," She smiled.

"Is that so? I'm glad," he smiled.

Roy coughed, "Fullmetal."

"Oh, that's right. Winry, I'm going out with General Hot-Shot. See you later, okay?"

Winry took his hand and squeezed it gently, "Ok. Be careful."

Roy and Ed headed to the door and put on their coats, "I'll be," Ed said.

After the six-or so drinks, both Ed and Roy were as drunk as possible. The two were sitting in a shady bar, drenched in the stench of booze, with dim lights and a large pool table in the middle of the room. They were sitting by the bar, ordering yet another glass of scotch.

"You have a fine taste in liquor, my man," Roy barely articulated.

"Are ya making fun of me, you mother effing wannabe Fuhrer?" growled Ed.

"I am not a wannabe, Sir, I am a dreamer. And my dream came true, I would most accurately say,"

"Whatcha saying? Ya a bit drunk, General Pyromaniac. I dunno how le Major even married ya fat ass. Beats me," Ed hiccupped and almost spilled his whisky on the floor.

"Why, she fell for my manners and great looks, poor bastard. I don't know how Winry fell for you, though. The lady must be delusional, poor unfortunate soul."

"Whadaya mean, how? I'm the smexiest, bastard. And she luuves the sexy," Ed yakked.

"And on that topic, my fellow, have you two had any type of romantic intercourse?" Roy smirked.

"Why-Ya drunken son-of-a-whatcha –call-it, that iz not ya fucking bees-wax!" Ed shouted, making the bartender almost throwing him out.

"My opinion is, and I am just addressing my way of thinking, you ought to advance in your relationship, if you, fellow, know what I am verbalizing," Roy addressed him in his drunken Sir-like manner.

"Hmph, not ya damn problem," Ed said while gulping down another glass of the fine whisky.

"Thank you a lot for letting us stay here, Miss Riza," Winry smiled.

"Call me Riza, Winry. Of course, you'll welcome any time soon here. It's just me and silly Roy here most of the time, but not for long," Riza smiled and rubbed her belly.

Winry's eyes widened, "Are you-Are you pregnant?"

"Yes. Just found out this morning. Don't tell Roy yet. He'll be quite shocked," she giggled.

"That-That's amazing! You're having a baby! That's … amazing," Winry looked up excited.

"Do you want kids, Winry?" Riza asked, and Winry blushed.

"Y-Yes. But not right now, I'm just eighteen, you know?" she giggled. "Plus, me and Ed… we haven't even kissed."

"Haha! That's just like him. He's not rushing things, afraid of what you'll think. He's protecting your innocence, merely,"

"But I don't want him to do that!" Winry said and blushed even harder. "I mean… I don't… I…"

"I get it," Riza laughed. "He's just shy, honey. But sooner or later he'll grow some courage. Edward's new to all of this."

Winry sighed, "You're right, Mi-Riza."

"So, how many kids do you want?"

"Well, I'd like to have a boy and a girl. The boy will look just like Ed, with those gorgeous golden eyes and hair, and that big silly grin that I love. The girl will look like me, only cuter."

"That's beautiful. I hope I have a boy as-"

Riza got interrupted by the slamming door and the shouting.

"Ya effing General, made me pay for the cab and all…"

"Excuse my lack of money, rich man, but I paid for all the liquor you gluttonously consumed,"

"Ya did whaaa?"

Riza sighed and growled, "Not again."

"What happened?" Winry asked confused.

Riza and Winry got to the hallway to see the two men drunk and smelling like they had a liquor bath. Roy looked as tidy as ever, even though he could barely walk, he kept his whole sir-act.

"Let's get you to bed, General," said Riza and put a hand over his shoulder.

"Why Lady, thank you for the kindness. I shall repay you with unlimited hours of love-making," he smirked.

"You wish," Riza chuckled. "Winry, I'm leaving Ed to you."

"Whaaat?" Winry asked scared, but before she could say more, Riza was already getting upstairs with drunken Roy.

Winry turned her look at Ed. She didn't know how to deal with drunken people. Ed didn't drink; or at least not in front of her.

"How you doin'?" Ed asked cocky.

Winry twitched, pretty angry at him, even though he looked so unbelievably desirable like that. His shirt was unbuttoned to the point where you could see half of his chest, packed with muscles and that tough but oh-so-sexy scar he had on his right shoulder. His hair fell from his ponytail, softly brushing his shoulders, falling down to the half of his back.

"Come Ed, let's go to sleep," she said and grabbed him.

"Tryin' to get into ma bed, aren't ya? Well, if that's what ya want…"

"Stop joking, drunken Ed,"

She sustained his weight on her shoulder, barely walking because of his heaviness, "You should know better, Ed. You don't drink, course you're getting drunk over a few beers,"

"I had more than beer," he hiccupped.

Winry sighed as she opened his door and placed him on his bed, "Get some sleep, Ed. See you in the morning," she said as she was leaving, but he grabbed her hand and pulled her in. She fell helplessly on his chest as he stared into his eyes, the goofy grin disappeared from his face and turned into a serious look.

His eyes shined, reflecting the moonlight, and when the blue of the moon and his gold mixed it created some kind of dark green that made Winry's heart skip a beat. "His face is so damn perfect, no freaking flaw. And that hair… even a girl would be jealous," she sighed.

He kept gazing into her eyes and he lifted his right hand and brushed it on her cheek, making her blush from his soft touch.

"I love you, Winry,"

He slowly pressed his lips onto hers, and she couldn't resist the temptation to kiss back even harder. The taste of expensive liquor entered Winry's mouth as she greedily tasted Ed. She pulled away from the kiss and got off him, heading to the door.

"Sober up, Ed,"

She closed the door flushed, gently brushing her fingers over her lips. She shouldn't have taken advantage of him like that, knowing he was drunk. But it felt so good…

Thew... that wasn't hard at all to write! I don't know if I should've made the two kiss, but the situation called for it! Anyways, the next chapter will reveal a lot of things, so make sure you read it if you like the story or you're at least curious of what will happen to our little Alchemist (ED: Who are you calling so-small-he-needs-a-stairway-to-kiss-Winry?").