Title: Truth Underneath the Cherry Blossom Field
Author: Suriko
Summary: Sakura, Ino, TenTen, and Hinata find a scroll under their private cherry blossom tree. They answer the questions, not knowing that they're being watched by Choji, Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Neji, Kiba, and Temari.
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Everyone was at the third training ground and was doing what they were normally doing. Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and TenTen were in a circle talking. Shikamaru and Choji were looking at the clouds and eating chips. Naruto and Sasuke were sparring. Kiba was feeding Akamaru. And Neji was meditating. They were now all adults and everything was back to normal. Sasuke had killed his brother, Orochimaru, Madara Uchiha, and had come back willingly. His punishments were small - not going anywhere without two ANBUs with him and only have D rank missions for two months. Fangirls started to come after him and everyone had forgiven him. Currently, Ino was talking about some new hibiscus flowers that the shop just had received.

"They're so pretty! My favorite is the Hibiscus coccineus, it grows in marsh-like habitats is goes up from 7-10'. It's has a scarlet flowering, but a white flowering is known as the lone Star Hibiscus. (1)" Ino said.

The blonde loved everything about flowers and knew every single meaning to them. She had lost her pig fat and now stood healthy and strong. Although, she still wore her revealing purple outfit. Her long blonde hair, tied in a high ponytail, grew down to her wrist and her bang, that hid her right blue eye, was cut underneath her upper lip.

"Oi! Shikamaru!"

Everyone turned to the gate to see...Temari! Ino frowned, "What's she doing here?"

"Ino, calm down," Sakura told her.

Only the girls knew that she had a crush on Shikamaru and had given up on Sasuke. But it was a common fact that Shikamaru was always with Temari whenever she came to visit.


"I got your scroll ready!"

This somehow made him more awake and he walked towards her rapidly. Ino growled quietly, "Why is he listening to her? It's not fair! And for what? A stupid scroll?"

"Ino-san, please calm down. You don't want the others to cause suspicion, right?" Hinata said quietly.

She had lost her shyness and stuttering. She was now a beautiful butterfly that causes everyone to see her as the wings where they all stand in peace. Her long dark blue hair was down to her waist, her white eyes, with a tinged of lavender, shined bright. Her smile was full of caring and her fair skin was still the same as she had a slender, yet curvaceous body.

They tried to calm down Ino as they couldn't hear what Shikamaru and Temari were saying.

"Give it," he said.

Temari frowned, but handed it over.

"Thanks," he thanked.

"Why do you need? But mostly, why did you want me to do it?" she asked.

"None of your business," Shikamaru said lazily, looking boredly at her.

Temari growled, "Oi, if you wanted me to do it, then it is my business!"

He sighed, "Troublesome...Naruto's plan. He knows the girls' private sanctuary and plans to put it there. Then, if they do what's on the small scrolls inside here, we'll find out some info about them."

Temari blinked three times, "Naruto came up with that? Naruto Uzumaki?"


"Can I join?" she said, grinning, "I want to know some stuff about the girls as well. They are my friends you know."

"Sure. -sigh- What a drag."

Temari squealed and jumped up and down before hugging him.

Ino, who was cunningly watching them, saw them hug, and she looked down. A tear was threatening to come out.

"Girls, I got to go. K?" she said, quickly. But before she could stand up, TenTen grabbed her wrist.

"We'll come with you," the bun-headed girl said. The rest nodded. Ino smiled.

TenTen has changed as well, even though Ino and she are complete polar opposites, they still were great friends. Her brown hair was in a high ponytail and her bangs were at the tip of her eyelashes. Her brown eyes were a shade lighter than usual and her white blouse made it look brighter. She was still a tomboy at heart, but had some times when she acted girly.

The girls stood up and left, not even saying anything to the boys. They left to their private sanctuary. Naruto noticed them leave.

"Hey guys! The girls left!" he called out.

Sasuke hit him on the head, "Dope, we already know that."

Naruto glared at him, "Don't call me dope, teme."







"Shut up!" Kiba yelled at them.

Naruto frowned; mumbling about it was all Sasuke's fault.

"So you got the scrolls?" Sasuke asked.

"Yup," Shikamaru swayed the scroll back and forth.

"And I'm joining in," Temari said.

"No," Neji and Sasuke said.

Temari glared at the two icecubes, "And why the hell not?"

"There are already too many people. We already have to deal with Naruto for him to stay quiet, now we have you," Neji told her.

"Why you!" Temari was able to lunge towards him, but Chouji and Kiba pulled her back.

"What and when are you planning on using the scrolls anyway?"

"Probably tomorrow, they're probably already there anyway. Right Dickless?" Sai said.

Naruto growled, "Sai stop calling me that! I am a man and I do have one!"

Sai smirked, "And where's your proof?"

The blonde idiot was about to pull down his pants, but was stopped by a hit from... everyone.

"Dope, don't ever do that in public," Sasuke warned.

"Sheesh, he asked for it," he said.

"What are the scrolls for again?"

"Well, we had Temari write in questions that we hope the girls will answer. That way we will know how they feel, who they like, what they want, stuff like that. I really want to know what Hina-chan wants," Naruto said.

"Oh My Gosh, you're right. Naruto has a brain!" Temari said, shocked that he really did come up with that.

"I'm hungry," Chouji called out, having already finished his bag of chips. At this, Naruto perked up. "Let's get some ramen!"

"Never mind, it's gone," the dirty blonde haired girl said.

They all walked towards Ichirakus, talking about how tomorrow is going to be.


The girls reached their private sanctuary - a large field where cherry blossom trees were everywhere. They sat next to the biggest cherry blossom tree, on top of the hill in the middle.

"Ino, are you calm now?" Sakura asked.

She was the leader of the group with her long pink hair in two low curly ponytails and bright spring green eyes; she was automatically in charge with her natural chakra control, intelligence, and strength. She still has a crush towards Sasuke, much to her displeasure, but locks them away. She wasn't loud or hitting anyone anymore and was more compassionate. With her duties as a medical-nin and a Jounin ninja, she became more tomboyish, much to TenTen's pleasure.

"Yeah, I'm good," the blonde said.

"We need to stop crushing on them," TenTen groaned.

"Well I really need to. I mean, Sasuke? He tried to kill me! I mean, that should've stopped me from my crush on him, but nope! It didn't, I love that chicken butt haired Uchiha even more!" Sakura said.

"Yeah, well sometimes I think that Neji is like Sasuke's twin. Emotionless! I mean can you show some feelings? Sorry Hinata," TenTen said.

"Shikamaru will never see me as more than a teammate," Ino said.

"With Naruto it's always about ramen," Hinata said.

"So what do we do now?"

There all tried to think of something, but after a while Ino stood up, "I know!" The girls looked at her.

"Tomorrow, we'll skip training and go here. Then we'll relax by dressing up! Ooh! I can bring a big dressing wall and we could take a break! How's that sound?" Ino said excitingly.

"All day?" Hinata said warily.

"Yes! We need to forget about the boys and have some fun. Since I know that TenTen doesn't have any girl clothes, just bring all your good tomboy clothes," Ino told her.

"Hey!" TenTen was about to protest, when she realized that what the blonde said was true, "ok."

"And Hinata, don't worry you don't have to bring anything. I know that your father doesn't want you to waste any of your clothes. Just get some snacks and drinks," Ino said. Hinata nodded.

"Sakura, bring in your clothes, everything ok!"

The girls nodded. Once it was dark, they all left, not knowing that something unplanned was going to happen tomorrow.

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-Third chapter: finding out

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(1) Hibiscus coccineus: Info has been found on Wikipedia.

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