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Bolt: The Super Human

Chapter 1: A Hero is Born

*In an underground laboratory somewhere near San Diego CA*

A male in his late 20s with auburn hair stood facing the glass tube that contained a nine month old fetus. "At last! He'll be born soon. My little creation, My perfect human!" he whispered, excitement evident in his voice while bending slightly to look closer to the fetus. Another male older then him walked through the door his lab coat swaying slightly "Dr. Williams it seems that BHDG01 is ready to be "born". '' Dr. Williams nodded as he stepped away from the glass tube to prepare for the birthing, still unsure as to how the experiment's first breathing moments would be like outside the container. Dr. Williams rushed around the big spacious white laboratory gathering the things he was in need of to help bring life as his assistants and fellow scientists started to come into the room. After an hour of hard work and great care the baby's first wail filled the room. The first of his kind to be created and survive, the Bionic and Canine genetically infused super human. BHDG01.

Six years later

*In an underground laboratory somewhere near San Diego CA*

A six year old boy with brilliantly white hair and with equally brilliant amber eyes ran through the door into what was dubbed the "Playroom" as the scientists insisted it was called. As he passed the different high tech computers and devices that he was bored of playing with, in fact he didn't come to play but to visit his "Father".

"Dad" Dr. Williams had his back facing the young boy but turned when he heard the boy "Bolt, I have some thing to show you my boy." Bolt formally known as BHDG01 looked puzzled at the pink bundle that was nestled in the doctor's arms "What's that?" he asked as he got closer to him. Dr. Williams smiled as he kneeled down so Bolt would be able to see the baby closer "This is Penny, your baby sister." Bolt's eyes widen as he gazed onto the sleeping baby girl in wonder then he frown "But she doesn't have my hair color!" he stated confused "That's because she's different from you. Penny is weaker then you, so you have to be her hero, do you understand?" Bolt nodded eagerly smiling happily as he stared at his baby sister "I'll protect her, dad." Dr. Williams smiled affectionately as baby Penny opened her eyes to stare straight into Bolt's amber ones.

14 years Later

A young teen with short auburn hair ran across the long lonely hall ways in search for a specific person, namely her older brother. As Penny crossed yet another long white hallway leading her to white electric door, as it slid open to reveal a specialized gym. "Boltie! Where are you?" she shouted annoyed at not seeing him in the gym that was practically his room! She huffed in frustration, her hand resting on her hip. "Hey Penny! I'm up here!" came a shout from up above her.

Penny raised her eyes up to the ceiling and quickly stiffled a

giggle by slaping both of her hand over her mouth. Bolt had his body pressed up against the ceiling while his arms and legs were stretched and extended to hold him up in that position, in all he looked like and giant spider.

He smiled down to her and waved with one hand but sadly three appendages weren't enough to hold him there after having been in that position for so long, he started to slip.

Penny gasped when she saw him slip but thanks to his super reflexes with his right hand grabbed ahold of the large white pipe next to him, and then when he had a sure grip brought his left hand onto it causing him to hang there until he let go, doing a summersault then landing next to her. Penny frown at him when he just grinned sheepishly at her " You scared me!" she exclaimed after slapping his elbow in a manner to scold him for his stunt. "what if you had gotten hurt?" she asked then pouted at him. Bolt felt guilty rather quickly "I'm sorry but it's part of my training. Plus it's not like I would really get badly hurt if I had fallen, just a bruise or a tad bit of pain." he told her gently while giving her a small smile.

Penny sighed and pulled him into a warm hug before adding " I just don't want to lose you Bolt." she whispered. Returning her hug with one of his own, he whispered back "You won't lose me! I have to protect you, my precious baby sister. I'll always come and find you." and in truth it wasn't that hard to believe him, he had that threathing and menacing aura about him that appered when one (or more) of his loved ones were in danger. That and his slender, muscular and sturdy body helped a lot. Penny pulled way from him to look into his amber eyes "You promise?" she asked him half teasing him and other half serious, Bolt nodded "Promise." he stated.

"Oh! Before I forget" Penny said fully stepping away from his safe arms " the reason why I came this late to see you was because dad wants to take me to one of his business trips to New York tomorrow. So I won't be able to see you for a whole week!" she complained to him sadly, Bolt sighed knowing what was going to happen next. 3,2,1 he counted mentally " I asked dad if I could stay here with you or if you could come with us this time but he said no." he smiled and gently put his hands on her shoulders to stop her pacing "Penny. Don't fight with dad over this matter, just enjoy spending time with him. It's rare for you since he spends most his time here in the lab." he ordered in a soft voice as she blinked back a few tears

" But wha.." she tried to say

"No buts I'll be fine." he stated as he pushed her toward the door "Start packing." she opened her mouth to protest but he stopped her again "And yes I know you haven't started yet, now go." the fourteen year old sighed in defeat as the door slid open, she turn around to give him a goodbye hug causing him to chuckle "I'll miss you." she told him in her small voice that she used when she was truly sad, this caused him to soften his eyes and stance as he hug her again, giving her a small squeez for good measurement "I'll miss you too." he told her then kissed her forehead before she left.

*Three days later*

A siren blared loudly jolting Bolt awake. He jumped out of his warm bed as if it were made out of burning hot coal. Not caring that he was only in his pj pants and T-shirt, he rushed to the control center using his super speed to get there faster after he realized that that was Dr. Williams emergency live-phone to him.

Upon arriving there Bolt quickly hit the big green accept button on the giant screen.

The image was fuzzy as if it had been throw across the room and if what he could tell with a few clear images that could be seen the phone wasn't the only think throw. The hotel room looked to be a huge mess. A beaten Dr. Williams showed up on screen sporting a splite bottom lip and a black eye ""Can you hear me! Dad what happened?" Bolt asked alarmed at his state of being "Bolt! Penny has been kidnapped by…" the imaged blurred before coming back "New York… Mafia…" was the last thing before it again blurred Bolt waited anxiously for the image to come back but the communication was cut off. Bolt growled angrily and punched the wall next to the screen. " I'm coming Penny!"