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Bolt: The Super Human

Chapter 6: This is NOT Ohio!

The train ride would be a long one to Mittens dismay. Rhino as she had found out was his name by Bolt would not stop talking about his comic books and him sitting in front of them annoyed her more since she had to stare at him after her neck started to hurt from staring out the window, the only person that she could talk to seem to be in a faraway land leaving her alone.

"And so Steve beat the villain with his trusty shield!" a loud growl interrupted him and in the process snapped Bolt out of his thoughts and surprised Mittens as far as making her jump. Both with wide eyes stared at Rhino who was blushing embarrassed as he rubbed his growling stomach "He he…I guess I'm hungry." He said sheepishly before reaching for his backpack that was sitting next to him as well as the rest of their stuff, pulling a chocolate bar from it. As he was about to chomp down on it he thought better bringing the candy bar away from his mouth he offered some to Bolt and reluctantly to Mittens as well.

Seeing this Mittens glared at him then turned her head in irritation as she crossed her arms "No thanks!" she snapped at him while Bolt on the other hand reached to grab a piece of it then smiled at Rhino gratefully. "Thanks." Bolt said then biting into it before widening his eyes in delight turning to Mittens with joy "Try it!" he told her baiting her to eat it. Mittens stared at the piece of chocolate in his hand as if it would jump up and eat her instead "Come on, try it! You won't regret it! I promise." He tried to persuade her this caused her to snap out of it, quickly she shook her head trying to lean away from him "No thanks!" she shouted as a flash back of her hazy childhood resurfaced. The last time she ate chocolate she couldn't breathe and her throat ached terribly, when she saw Bolt's concern gaze she realized that she had overreacted.

Mittens relaxed her stiff shoulders smiling weakly at him still not completely recovered, opening her mouth to say something but nothing seemed to come out. Rhino intrigued put his bar down not taking his gaze from her, Mittens noticing the way that Rhino was staring at her caused her to look away from Bolt to him "What?" glaring she asked not loving the way he looked at her.

"Are you by any chance allergic to chocolate?" he asked her curiously

Mittens blinked owlishly at that "Maybe." Believing that she didn't want to talk to him, Rhino nodded and resumed eating his chocolate bar while looking down onto the metal floor, seeing this Bolt frown at her making Mittens feel more guilty than she was "What I mean is that I don't know." She cleared the misunderstanding. Rhino stared up at her sharing a look of confusion with Bolt "What do you mean? A doctor would tell you if allergic or not?" Bolt asked alarmed Rhino nodded his head along with Bolt's questions. Mittens shook her head "Yes he would but you don't exactly have enough money to go the doctor living in the streets." She said in uncaring manner not wanting to appear weak in front of them.

Bolt stared at her in shock while Rhino nodded slowly "Well what do you feel when you eat chocolate?" he asked in a gentle tone which was new to Mittens since meeting him "Um…well my throat aches and I can't breathe." She said in an awkward way not wanting to share something personal but couldn't fight the nagging curiosity of wanting to know what was wrong with her. Rhino nodded "Yep it seems to me that that is what you suffer from." He concluded before chomping down onto his chocolate bar leaving Bolt and Mittens to stare at him.

The sun was setting Mittens noticed as she rested her head against the window before sighing peacefully, Rhino had stopped talking opting to take a nap while Bolt was looking through his things in search for something or to check his inventory. Mittens watched trees and landscape pass them by as well as the reflections of the passengers were casted against the glass, a suspicious looking man caught her eye. The man himself wasn't trying to look suspicious but something in her gut told her that he was, frowning when he moved closer to them then sitting down three rows down from them. Mittens casually lifted her head and turned to Bolt before leaning against his shoulder.

"Don't look behind you but I know that man three rows behind us is up to something." She whispered into his ear this made Bolt turn to look at her a slight frown displayed on his face. Pulling slightly closer to him as he bend down to whisper to her "What makes you certain?" he asked

Mittens shrugged "I don't know but something tells me that that man will bring us bad news." She said confidently to him.

Bolt searched her eyes for a moment then nodded believing her this caused her to smile softly at him, Bolt let her go to nudge Rhino from his nap.

"Hey! Rhino! Wake up!" Bolt gently nudged him but after a while of not waking up Bolt started to shake him. One thing was to be said about Rhino and it was that he was a very deep sleeper, Just Great!

Mittens seeing that Bolt wasn't making any progress stood up to stand beside Rhino decided that kicking him would help which earned her a scowling glare from Bolt but it did the trick which in turn caused her to grin smuggling at him.

Rhino jumped from his slumber as a jolt of pain speared across his leg like somebody had kicked him, thinking that he was being attacked again in his bleary mind he swung his fist around hoping that would let him be. To say the least Mittens was not expecting a fist coming her way, freezing her in her spot in surprise. Bolt still shock snapped into action and pulled her to him causing her to land onto his lap sitting on it.

The suspicious man seem to notice that they were onto him deciding that that was the moment to act he moved closer but Bolt not wanting to wait for Rhino to fully wake up grabbed him, carrying him as Mittens followed close behind carrying their backpacks.

Moving quickly following Bolt closely behind as they passed through rows and rows of seats, not wanting to show that she was nervous or anxious as the man walked closer to them. Mittens patted Bolt on his back telling him to hurry, soon they started to run hopping onto another compartment turning she closed the door locking it. Somehow she got courage as she stick out her tongue at him before running back to catch up to Bolt but the courage quickly went away after hearing a gunshot hitting the door.

Bolt looked around worried in search for a way to get out. A groan stopped his searching to look down onto his right arm to see Rhino becoming more aware to the situation at hand, putting him down so he could stand on his own but Bolt didn't let go until he was sure Rhino wouldn't fall. A gunshot was what fully awoke Rhino, Bolt let him go when he noticed that Mittens wasn't around with concern and panic at thinking that she might of gotten shot he set to go back but stopped when he saw her running towards him…them.

"Have you found a way out?" she asked panic filled her voice knowing that the man was heading closer to them and just to prove her point another gunshot was heard followed by people screaming in fear. Bolt quickly looked around not answering her, finding a hatched that would lead them out of the train and onto the roof. Smiling he pointed up. Mittens stared at him then slowly following his direction before shaking her head vehemently "No!" was all she told him searching for another way, Bolt sighed looking over to the silent Rhino wanting to know if he was willing to do this. Bolt got his answer by Rhino jumping up and down in excitement nodding his head eagerly making Bolt chuckle despite the situation they found themselves again.

"Pull the lever to open it, As soon as you get up there make sure to find a firm place to hold onto and wait for Mittens and me before doing anything okay?" He instructed him feeling worried but knowing that that was the only way out. Hearing this Mittens stomped her foot in protest "You can't be serious! You can't let him go up there! He might get hurt or worse." She shouted at him "Let's find another way!" she demanded fearing that Rhino would get hurt by following Bolt.

Bolt lifted Rhino up near to the hatched ignoring Mittens demands knowing that it was a matter of seconds before the man got closer to them. Once he climb up Rhino peered down to them smiling as Bolt swung up his backpack, catching it he waved before quickly moving out of sight.

Bolt turned to look at Mittens who was stubborn about going up then releasing a long suffered sigh, yup the headache was coming back.

"Come on Mittens, We need to get out of here now!" he exclaimed knowing that they were wasting valuable time. Mittens still didn't budge from her spot, he did the only thing he could think of.

"I can't really leave you here so please trust me." He told her sincerely this caused Mittens to turn to stare at him frowning, she didn't know what to do now. As if to answer her doubt another gunshot was heard then something metallic was heard slamming open, this made Bolt more panicked thinking that time was almost up "Trust me." He said again keeping his voice steady offering his hand to her. Mittens stared at him again before nodding quickly grabbing his offered hand, he smiled at her gently as he pulled her close to him before putting his hands on her waist lifting her up to the open hatch. Before pulling herself up she looked down to him "We better not die is all I'm saying." She told him causing him to laugh as he pushed her up. Once up he bend down to pick up her backpack then swinging it up towards her. She peered down to him after she secured "Need help getting up?" she asked him only to pull back when he shakes his head signaling for her to find a sturdy place to grab on.

Mittens tried to move not wanting the wind to push her off of the train. "Shorty! Hey Shorty, where are you?" she yelled over the strong wind after not finding Rhino. Not wanting any of her worst case scenarios to play across her mind she started to yell more calling him as she crawled.

Panic started to settle in, Bolt hadn't come up yet and Rhino was missing, she was all alone! Still that didn't stop her from crawling across the ceiling wanting to find something to cling to.

"Hey! Mittens! Over here!" came a voice, not just any voice it was Rhino's voice! "Where are you?" she shouted and in her happiness she stood on her knees this caused her to tumble over to the side almost slipping off of the train but quickly grabbing onto a railing that was on the side, wrapping her legs around it clinging her whole body onto it and shutting her eyes tightly. "Good to see that you found me!" Said a cheerful voice next to her at this Mittens opened her eyes to stare at Rhino who was also clinging onto the railing next to her grinning happily at her. If she wasn't so terrified Mittens would've hugged him in her relief at seeing him okay.

Bolt secured his backpack onto his shoulders before leaping up grabbing the ledge of the hatch but missed, he got it right on the second try. While pushing himself up a hand grabbed his calf pulling him down, Bolt swung his foot kicking the man across the face and in effect releasing him. Not wanting to take a chance Bolt quickly pushed himself up and onto the roof, searching for Mittens and Rhino. Not finding them dread filled him as he continued to crawl farther away from the open hatch he called out for them not noticing that the man was behind him.

"Bolt! Over here!" Mittens yelled still clutching onto the railing for dear life. Bolt perked up hearing her voice "Where?" he shouted back

"We're on the right side!" she responded, picking up her voice Bolt noticed that it was a little behind him. Turning around he faced the man. The man smirked at him before punching him on the face knocking Bolt off balance. The strong wind pushed Bolt off to the side not being able to catch himself, he unwittingly crashed onto Mittens and Rhino. Throwing them all off of the train and onto the ground, tumbling down the grassy hill before coming to a stop. Bolt came to a stop on his back and in the bottom of the pile with Mittens landing on top of him her face up close to his and Rhino on top of her back causing her to lose the air in her lungs. Bolt groaned feeling the weight and oddly a pain on his side.

Mittens grasped out trying to wiggle out but that seemed to only make Bolt groan out. Rhino getting the gist of thing and having his mind clear from his dizziness quickly moved falling onto the ground on his belly. Taking a deep breath Mittens sighed happy to once again be able to breathe and apparently not noticing the position she was in until Bolt grabbed her hips.

Mittens surprised at the contact jumped landing her hands on his chest and stared at him, they gazed into each other's eyes frozen for a moment until in processed through her mind at the position they were in. Blushing she put her hands on either side of him to push herself off of him only to feel something warm and wet, her eyes widen when she brought it up to her face to find that it was blood.

"You're bleeding!" she exclaimed shock scrambling off of him quickly as Rhino crawled closer to them. Sitting up Bolt clutched his side wincing as he felt the pain "I must of scratch myself in the metal of the railing while we fell." He explained Mittens glared at him "That's not a scratch! That looks to be deeper than a scratch! Look at all that blood." She shouted at him while searching for his backpack before opening it and pulling out the first aid kit that they had used the previous night.

Bolt lifted his dark blue t-shirt up to his chest revealing his firm abs along with a black lightning bolt on his right side near the beginning of his jeans. Mittens turned to him only to freeze in shock as a blush started to form on her cheeks Rhino seeing this sighed before grabbing the kit and started to move closer to Bolt. The gash seemed very deep that would need stitches at first sight but much to Rhino's relief after cleaning the blood and dirt off it didn't.

Bolt still holding up the hem of his shirt up so it wouldn't get in the Rhino's way looked at Mittens confused as she stared anywhere but him, frowning at this he opened his mouth to ask her what was wrong but Rhino distracted his thoughts in the end. "Hey is this a birthmark?" he asked excited as he poked it gently not wanting to hurt his hero more.

"Yes it is." He answered not really caring his gaze still on Mittens who turned slightly to see this birthmark in curiosity then slightly tilting her head to the side in puzzlement or in disbelieve Bolt wasn't sure. "No birthmark looks like that!" she said skeptically so it was in disbelieve Bolt mused

Before answering her "Well it seems that there are some that look like that." He stated in a matter of fact way that pissed off Mittens and at this Rhino decided that staying silent would be the best action.

"Yes unless you're Harry Potter that is possible and since you're not, just admit that that's a tattoo." She demand not knowing why she wanted to argue with him but it made it less embarrassing to see him in his current state. Bolt looked offended by her accusing voice but in a matter of a minute he broke into a small grin not minding the cut on his lower lip to reopen. Mittens frowned when she saw blood on his lip, moving to where Rhino had put down the kit picking up a gauze and butterfly stitch Band-Aid.

She stood up and moved to his other side seeing as Rhino was busy fixing his side, lowering herself onto her knees next to him. She ripped opened the gauze then to steady herself she put her hand on his shoulder as she patted the gauze gently against his lip. Bolt stared at her face much like the first time they were in a similar situation as she concentrated on his injured lip, for some strange reason Bolt didn't mind having her this close to him. Close enough to smell her scent of cinnamon, not daring to close his eyes to inhale the scent deeper he looked at her big green eyes instead.

The three of them stood up after finishing healing Bolt ready to start moving again but that was the problem they didn't know where to go from there.

"We should go straight! That's where the train was taking us!" Mittens shouted irritated at Bolt's stupidly as he insisted that they would travel to the right. Rhino started to fidget when the two started to fight in which way was the best way to go not bothering to ask him but that changed when they both turned to look at him in such a way that made him fear a little "Rhino which way do you think is best?" Bolt asked him as Mittens nodded agreeing with him for once "Yeah shorty." She added.

"Well I think we should follow Bolt." He said not looking at her straight in the eyes at this she scoffed crossing her arms in irritation glaring at them both switching back and forth "Of course! My mistake!" she replied snarky "asking his freaking fan!" this she whispered angrily to herself.

Bolt smiled victoriously after hearing Rhino's verdict only to break into a grin at seeing a fuming Mittens. It was weird to him but he seemed to love getting her mad. Ignoring her murmured cursing he started to head to the direction he wanted and untimely won with Rhino in tow as well as a reluctant Mittens, the sun had already set leaving the cold night behind for them to a long night of walking they finally reached a huge sign indicating that they were welcomed in Pittsburg! Mittens stopped part from shock and the other from tiredness "Pittsburg!" she shouted in disbelieve, Bolt stood next to her staring at the sign as well with Rhino on her other side who suffered the same effect before starting to walk ahead of them.

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