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Inuyasha struggled to contain his inner yokai as Kagome's kiss intensified. The taste of her tongue was so sweet, it made his mind reel. He could feel the heat radiating off of Kagome's body, and smell the scent of desire wafting off in waves, growing stronger. Inuyasha could feel his groin stiffening, the tingling sensation snapping him out of his lustful trance. 'Now is not the time, nor place!' His ningen side was wailing, while his yokai side argued with 'ITS NOW OR NEVER! WE HAVE TO MARK HER AS OURS! MINE!'. The opposing sides bickered back and forth, and Inuyasha had to agree with his ningen side. He tore himself away from Kagome's soft body, and was immedietely able to think straight. Kagome flushed and stuttered. "I-I'm sorry..." Inuyasha could feel his groin growing harder by the second, making it hard to concentrate. "N-No, don't be... Excuse me..." Inuyasha covered his hardening erection and dashed off towards his room.

After retreating to the safe haven of his space, Inuyasha took a shower to try and 'wash' the smell of Kagome's arosal from his mind. It was driving him absolutely insane. "Just focus on something else.. Focus on something else..." Inuyasha chanted over and over to himself... The shower was obviously not helping. Sighing, he reluctant turned the water off, and stepped out of the steamy bathroom. The cold air left goosebumps all along his skin, making him shiver. He grabbed a towel and dried his hair while stepping into a pair of black KR3W jeans. 'Kagome...' His yokai and ningen side both whispered gently. He pulled on white V-Cut T-shirt that flowed and breathed like egyptian cotton. The V-Cut rested low on his chest, revealing his flawless muscles. Inuyasha plopped himself down on his bed and stared at the ceiling. He'd never had these kinds of feelings for anyone before... Not even Kikyo had stirred up such a powerful concoction of love and lust all at the same time. It suddenly occured to him that he had left Kagome there wondering what she had done wrong, when in fact, she hadn't. Inuyasha sat up, and half walked, half jogged to his door. "Hey-..." Inuyasha walked into the kitchen to find no one there. 'Maybe she's getting dressed.' He padded up the stairs to Kagomes room and knocked softly. "Hey? Kagome, you in there?" When he got no response, he let himself in. "Helloo? Huh. Where could she have run off to?"
"She went for a jog." Sango said from behind, making Inuyasha jump. "Good morning to you too Sango... A jog? Since when does Kagome jog, let alone walk on a flat surface without tripping?" Inuyasha joked. Sango shrugged and stalked back down the stairs. "Beats me. She gave me the cold shoulder before leaving, so my guess is she's upset, or on her period..."
Inuyasha frowned. "I hope she didn't think I rejected her..." Well you kind of did... His ningen voice answered. YEAH! WE WANTED HER AND YOU REFUSED! His yokai side agreed. "Well... What was I supposed to do?! We aren't even officially dating! And we were in the kitchen! What was I supposed to do?! Bang her on the countertop?!"
Silence followed.
'I bet she would've loved that...' His yokai half said pervertedly. "Oh shut up.. both of me..." Inuyasha groaned. He jogged downstairs and grabbed his Nikes. Sango looked up from the sofa with a raised eyebrow. "Where ya going?"
"Gonna go find Kagome. God only knows what kind of trouble she'll get herself into being on her own..."

Kagome wiped the sweat from her brow and sipped from her water bottle. "That was at least three miles..." She thought proudly. Her entire body was sticky with persperation and dirt, making her gisten as the sun rose higher in the sky. The lake looked calm, and smooth, like the surface of a mirror. Kagome crouched down in the sand and tested the water. "Not exactly as warm as I'd prefer... But I could use a swim."
"Mind if I join you?" Inuyasha's voice was unusually quiet as he spoke. Kagome turned slowly to face him, making sure to avoid eye contact. "Oh hey... Didn't hear you walking up..." Inuyasha laughed almost inaudibly. "I can be stealthy when I want to be." Kagome offered a weak smile. "Yeah." They stood there awkwardly, not looking at eachother, not speaking. Just standing there. "Race you to the other shore?" Inuyasha asked, breaking the silence. Kagome met his eyes and nodded. She dug through her backpack she brought with her and frowned. "I forgot to bring my swim suit." Inuyasha smirked. "Want me to run back and get it-" His question was answered when Kagome started slipping down to her underwear. "Bikinis and panties are basicallt the same... No big deal." Inuyasha bit down on his cheek and forced himself to speak. "Yeah... Right..." He slipped off his shirt, followed by his jeans into just his boxers. "You don't mind do you?" Kagome asked quietly. "No, not at all." Inuyasha's face was beat red. He couldn't help but take in the sight of Kagome's lucious body.

Kagome was very aware of Inuyasha's wandering eyes, and to be honest, she liked it. She was wearing her Victoria Secret Lace Chikini panties and matching Dream Angels Demi Bra.(Both of which were a neon pink color that would definitely get Inuyasha's attention). "Ready?" She breathed, preparing to lunge into the water. "Set." Inuyasha said, snapping his head up immedietly. "...GO!" Kagome cried and leaped into the water. She wasn't sure what direction she was going in, or how fast she was going, but she pushed on anyways.
Inuyasha had won, of course, considering he was a half demon, but he commended her for her effort just the same. Kagome collapsed onto the soft warm sand panting. Her entire body was shaky, and sore from both the jog and the swim.

Inuyasha stood silently next to Kagome, watching her body move with every breath. Her perfectly flat stomach moved with each intake of breath, and her chest heaved up and down. One arm was drapped over her face while the other lay above her head, making her breasts perk upwards more when she took deep breaths. Inuyasha bit his lip while his eyes greedily took in the sight of how her wet panties clung to her hip bones, and dipped dangerously low. Kagome's breathing slowed down, and she moved the arm over her face to her side, and gazed at him with her eyes; her sparkling chocolate brown eyes. Inuyasha felt a blush spreading acrossed his face but he just couldn't look away. Kagome smiled sheepishly under his gaze and patted the ground next to her. Inuyasha gulped and sat down next to her cross legged. He even scooted away from her a bit, trying to elude her sweet scent that drove him to the point of madness.

Kagome frowned and propped herself up on one elbow. "I'm sorry... What happened this morning... I didn't mean to upset you-" Her sentence was interrupted by Inuyashas laughter. "Upset me? What on earth makes you think what happened this morning upset me?" He smirked. Inuyasha layed down on his side, and propped himself up on his elbow as well. He was a mere foot away from Kagome. 'Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.' Kagome chanted to herself over and over. She suddenly felt dizy, being so close to him, taking in his natural musky odor. It was intoxicating. Kagome tried to play it cool, and carefully layed herself down on her back again. "...I don't know I guess... It just seems like now you are avoiding getting close to me... I fear that I've made you uncomfortable... That's not what I want... I'm sorr-" Inuyasha's finger was suddenly at her lips. "Don't say you're sorry for something you need not be sorry for... About this morning... It wasn't you... You were fine.. It... It was me." Inuyasha exhaled sharply and layed down as well, glaring up at the sky. "...Is it that you don't like me that way?" Kagome's voice was suddenly very quiet, fragile. Inuyasha squeezed his eyes shut and spoke through his teeth. "It's not you Kagome! Cripes! It's not you, Its me, okay? You did nothing wrong. You did everything right... It's just-...just." Inuyasha sighed, frustrated with himself.
The two of them sat there in silence when the question that had been bugging her for the longest time resurfaced in her mind. "..Inuyasha?" Kagome tweedled her fingers nervously. "Yeah?" He asked, feeling slighly nervous about what she was going to ask. "Last night, and this morning... When you kissed me... Did you ever think about... Well... Kikyo?... Is that why you hesitate?" To this, Inuyasha sat up, his eyes furious. "Why the HELL would you ever think that Kagome?!" Kagome was at a loss of words. She rolled onto her side, facing away from Inuyasha and shrugged. His words were cold, sharp, when he spoke. Kagome felt tears prick her eyes. 'Oh what the hell!? Why am I crying?!' She thought angerly to herself, and immedietly forced back the water in her eyes, but not before one tear rolled down her cheek. "Kagome..." Inuyasha was suddenly right at her ear. She jumped in surprise when she his hand rest on her hip, and his lips press against her ear. "I hesitate, because I can barley control myself around you dammit. You drive me crazy. Everything about you does; your taste," Inuyasha kissed her neck, sending small waves of pleasure through Kagome. "Your body," Inuyasha's hand traced up and down Kagome's side as he spoke. "Hell, even your scent... I've never wanted a women this way; Especially not Kikyo... It's new to me, and I'm scared. Scared to lose my control. Scared about what may or may not happen. Scared that I might hurt you..." Kagome couldn't help the small gasps and moans from pleasure she made while Inuyasha ran his clawed hand all up and down her side, from her knee, up her thigh, grazing just underneath her panties, up her hips and stomach, and just barley under her bra, then back down again. "I'm nervous... But... I know you Inuyasha... I know you would never hurt me..." Inuyasha sighed and pulled away from her, and sat up. "Kagome I'm half demon... you're only human... There's a chance that I could hurt you doing these kinds of... of..." He rubbed the back of his neck. "..activities... There's a number of things that could go wrong... I don't even realize how strong I can be sometimes... I feel so normal around you, that my being extremely strong just slips my mind... And then there's my yokai side I need to worry about..." Kagome sat up and pulled her knees to her chest while she listened. "What about it?" Inuyasha glanced at Kagome through the corner of his eye. "My yokai blood goes berserk around you... I don't know what would happen if somehow, my yokai blood got the best of me." Kagome scooted closer to him as he spoke and leaned her head against him. "I-I understand... I'm also relieved... I was worried it was something I might have done... Or some other reason like that..." Inuyasha chuckled and wrapped his arm around her. "Far from it.."

Kagome finally finished packing all her belongings and started trucking them downstairs. Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku were all waiting by the door with smiles and smirks. "About time! I bet the buses are waiting on us!" Sango joked. Kagome smiled apalogeticly. "Sorry. I lost a few things, and was trying to find them... Never did." Inuyasha scrunched his eyebrows together. "What all did you lose?" Kagome shrugged nothing much... Just some things from... A few nights ago... The night of the dance." Everyone nodded in understanding, wanting to get off the subject. "Well, whatever it was, I'm sure it can be replaced." Inuyasha laughed breaking the awkward silence.

All the students filed onto the bus one by one, getting checked off by the teachers as they entered. When everyone was seated comfortably, the buses roared to life, and slowly pulled out from the dirt parking lot, back towards home.

Kagome found herself feeling rather drowsy on the bus ride home. She could feel herself losing the battle to stay awake, and finally decided to give in. She leaned back against her seat and closed her eyes. The only problem was finding a comfortable position to sleep in. "Here." Inuyasha wrapped his arm around her and pulled Kagome close. "I don't mind you using me as a pillow again." Kagome blushed and managed a small smile. "Thanks." Inuyasha blushed too and cracked a smile back. "Not a problem."

Kagome's scent always brought him comfort. As she curled up against him, Inuyasha realized just how well Kagome's body fit against his. Like two matching pieces of a puzzle.
In a matter of minutes, Kagome was out. Inuyasha found himself running his fingers through Kagome's silk like hair. "So are you two together now or what?!" Sango asked from acrossed the aisle. Inuyasha shrugged. "I'm not sure... Kind of?" She rolled her eyes. "You're either together, or you're not. Which is it?" Inuyasha sighed, slightly frustrated. "It's not that simple..." Sango made a gesture of bordom. "How is it complicated? You like her, OBVIOUSLY, she likes you. Whats to lose?" Inuyasha frowned. "You make it sound so easy..." Sango pulled on her hair. "BECAUSE IT IS! Jesus, you're killing me smalls! Just grow the balls and ask her out already!" Inuyasha growled. "Hey! You shut your mouth! It took you and Miroku ten times longer to get together and finally admit you like eachother. You're being a hypocrite." Sango blushed red in both embaressment and anger. She opened her mouth to say something but Miroku cut her off. "Girls, girls! You're both pretty. Quit fighting over something that isn't that big of a deal." Miroku took Sango's hands in his and said softly, so only she would hear it. "Remember how sensative Inuyasha really is. The only other woman he had feelings for ultimately destroyed him... Now Kagome is in his life, and is closer to him than Kikyo ever was. He's more than likely scared to death of losing her like he did Kikyo. These things take time. Give them space, and everything will work out smoothly. I promise."
Sango sighed. "You're right... I just want them to get together already! It's like watching a cheesy romance TV show! The suspense is killing me." Miroku smiled amused. "Yeah... Kinda reminds me of a cheesy romance story... Wait..." **MIROKU AND SANGO BOTH LOOK UP SUSPICIOUSLY**
"You don't think...?" Miroku trailed off. Sango shook her head. "Miroku... Don't think too much... You'll just hurt yourself..."

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