James Sirius Potter drabbles

Author's note: I don't own Harry Potter or anything.

Summary: Here are some drabbles of Harry and James interacting as father and son. I hope you enjoy them and please review!


With each chapter I will give you information of the characters age and the setting.

James – 2

Albus – newborn

Setting – the Burrow

Ginny held her brand new baby Albus closely as she made her way to the door of the Burrow where all the Weasleys were waiting to see the new addition of the family. Just behind her James was held in Harry's arms, wailing and crying his little heart out and he had not stopped crying since the moment he had seen Albus.

Ginny knocked gently on the door and it was thrown open by a smiling Mrs Weasley who ushered them in. They walked into the living room and were welcomed by cheers and presents from their family. But slowly everyone fell silent at the state of distress that James was in.

"Hey, Jamie, what's wrong?" Arthur asked gently as everyone frowned.

But James didn't answer; he was completely beside himself, tears still streaking down his little face.

Harry gently stroked his son's black hair and carried on bouncing him gently in his arms.

"He hasn't stopped since he met Albus." Harry explained.

Then James stopped struggling and Harry looked down at his son's brown eyes.

"I... f-f-feel... poooorllyyy!" James said and started crying again.

"Well, you would sweetheart; you've got yourself all worked up." Mrs Weasley said concern in her voice.

Harry rubbed James' back "Come on now, Ssshh, stop this crying and we'll sort it all out darling." Harry said.

James sobbing slowly subsided until it was just hiccups.

"Tell us what's wrong." Harry prompted.

"You no like me no more... you got that baby." James shakily pointed at the baby in Ginny's arms.

"No, no, Jamie, we will always love you, Albus isn't replacing you. We don't love you any less! We love you and Albus equally!" Harry said seriously "Do you understand?"

James nodded and reached over for Ginny, but Harry didn't interpret his son's moves quickly enough and Ginny didn't have a hand free to catch him and the two year old fell to the wooden ground with a THUD.

And the sobbing restarted.

Harry picked his son up and held him close, rocking the distressed toddler.

Mrs Weasley summoned an ice pack and gestured for Harry to sit between Ron and George. Harry sat James on his lap, facing him.

"Where does it hurt?" Harry asked.

James patted his elbow as his breathing was unsteady but the tears were stopping. Harry held the ice pack to James' elbow and James calmed down.

Ginny lent down and kissed James' head "I've got to feed Albus now, darling, but I'll be back down soon." She said and left.

"I wan' mumma!" James said worriedly.

Harry removed the ice pack and passed it to Ron who looked at James with concern. Harry pulled James into a hug against his chest and James buried his face in Harry's neck.

"James, go to sleep, you're tired, it's alright, daddy's here." Harry consoled and instructed his toddler.

"Dummy... blanky..." James requested.

George passed James his blanket which he held tightly and then Harry put the dummy in his son's mouth.

James snuggled back into Harry and fell asleep.

"Always so dramatic, the Potters." George said quietly, breaking the silence in the room.

Harry smiled at George's joke and said "I have one blinding head ache. Poor baby, he was beside himself." Harry commented.

"He's only two, he didn't understand." Hermione said gently.

Harry looked down at his sleeping son who was sub-consciously sucking on his dummy "I know." He said gently.