Korra was at her favorite Sothern Water Tribe restaurant enjoying a nice bowl of noodles…that is until Korra heard a gasp.

She looked up from her food to see something that made her choke. It was a teenage girl wearing southern Water Tribe clothes that looked just like Korra's… Except for the fact that she had glasses; she could have passed off as Korra.

The girl's face went red and she looked like she was about to faint. "You're… You're Korra!"

"Umm, yeah, last I checked," said Korra, uncomfortably rubbing the back of her neck

The girl's eyes went wide and she clapped her hands over her mouth. "I-I don't believe this!"

Korra opened and closed her mouth for a few seconds at a lost to say, before she finally shrugged "Want to sit down?" she gestured to the seat in front of her.

The girl took a huge intake of breath, then slowly, stumbling along the way, sat down. There was a long awkward silence as the girl beamed. Korra tried her best to avoid the girl's gaze, but after a moment Korra broke the silence.

"Nice clothes."

"You think so! Took me forever to make it."

Korra smiled. "Yeah, you look just like me… so what's your name?"

"Malina," said the girl in a rush.

Malina beamed more then ever now, to the point that it was almost alarming. "If only my friends we're here! They've wanted to meet you for so long now."

"Oh well… I come here quite often… maybe I'll run into them."

There was another silence then Malina shyly spoke up. "I-I thought you we're amazing at the Probending finales! How you took Amon on like that! You're my hero."

Korra felt her cheeks go red. "I'm flatted… but I'm no hero."

Malina looked at her, astonished. "Of course you are! Mako and Bolin to! You guys we're so brave against the Wolfbats and Amon."

Korra waved her hand. "That was nothing. I'm really not that different from you."

Malina shook her head. "You're so modest… Can I have you autograph?"

"Umm… sure."

Malina quickly opened her handbag, searching through it feverishly. Then she pulled out a scroll and pen.

Korra took it awkwardly, "Umm, who's it to?"

"To your biggest fan!"

Korra quickly scribbled some words down then handed the scroll back. Malina seemed to hug it for a moment then put it back into her bag.

"Thank you so much, Avatar! For even talking to me!" She gave a little bow and got up to leave.

Korra smiled fondly. "Where you going? Why don't you hang around for a while?"

Malina looked back at her amazed. "I-I'd love to! If you're not to busy saving the world and being a hero!"

"Let me tell you something. You're more of a hero then me." Korra pointed at her. "I envy you."

Malina nearly fainted, but Korra kindly got up and helped her back to her seat. She then ordered more noodles.

Korra would spend the rest of the day talking to her biggest fan.

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