... Prologue:

... Say Goodbye



-Tony Stark/Iron Man,

-Emma DeFlour,

-Steve Rodgers/Capt. America,

-Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow,

-Clint Barton/Hawkeye,

-Bruce Banner/Hulk

-Nick Fury

Minor Characters:

-Pepper Potts

-Grace DeFlour Pier (Emma's aunt)

-Ryan Pier (Emma's uncle)

-Melody and Kyle Pier (Emma's twin cousins)

-Jillian DeFlour (Emma's deceased mom)


Emma clutches her mothers' frail hand as She watches her mother lie in the hospital bed. She's

dying of cancer.

"Emma..I..I have something to tell you. Something important...", says weakly.

"Okay mom. Tell me what is it?" Emma urges, looking at her dying mother curiously.

"It's about your father.. Your father...is Tony Stark." she says not looking at her daughter.

Wide eyed, Emma just stares at her mother with disbelief,

"W-what? THE Tony Stark, like the billionaire? Please tell me your not serious."

Emma couldn't believe her mother didn't tell her. All this time - her own father, who she

longed to meet was just a state away from her and she didn't know!

Emma's mother turns back to her daughter and calms her daughter down and says,

"Yes honey, I'm serious. Back then..I was young, ignorant, and just plain stupid. Everyone

warned me that your father played around with a lot of girls, and was just no good. There was

even a rumor that he forces the girls that he accidentally gets pregnant, to have abortions! But I

didn't believe them. I..don't know why, but I truly believed he was a different person, that he

really wasn't as bad as they said he was..I was wrong. After the first time we did 'it'... I later

found I was pregnant with you. That's when it all finally clicked for me. I got scared and thought

maybe the rumors were true, that he'd make me have an abortion if he knew. So I didn't tell him

that I was pregnant and just disappeared from his life. We are all God's children and we don't kill

each other.. I was only doing it to protect you, Emma. I love you darling." she coughs and smiles

at her daughter.

"Oh mom, I love you too," Emma says with tears in her eyes and she gently hugs her mother.

"The real copy of your birth certificate is under my mattress. Find him.." she said, tucking a lock of

Emma's black hair behind her ear, smiled, closed her eyes and she took her last breath.

Emma hears the droned out beep coming from the heart monitor. Her mom's gone now, in a

better place, away from suffering from the cancer. Tears stream down Emma's face. She sinks

into a chair next to her mothers body and starts sobbing silently.

A while later Emma feels a hand on her shoulder. "You gonna be alright sweetie?" a female

asks with sympathy in her voice as she hands Emma a tissue.

Emma looks up and sees the nurse standing there beside her. "Yeah..I'm just gonna miss her so

much," she says trying hard not to cry again.

"Okay Hun. Your aunts coming to pick you up soon. Say goodbye now." the nurse says and

leaves the room.

Emma kisses her moms forehead and leaves with her aunt to her 'new' home. They will soon

plan her mothers funeral.


This story was inspired by a dream I had a few nights back. This is my 1st fanfic so go easy on me! ^.^'

Hope you all liked it! :D Please tell me if you did! :)