H-hey guys! Long time no update! lol soryyy...

Alrighty so here's the deal with MISTAKES COME WITH PRICES.

Since I haven't updated in like two years... I'm ending MCWP and making a sequel for it! Which will be a collab that I'm going to write with my very best friend who goes by the username, Bluebox345. (If you're into Doctor Who, you should read her stories, they're reallyyyyy good) Okay, so the reason I'm ending MCWP where I last updated is because I like to keep you all surprised and hanging off your seats... Hahaha yeah I'm nice like that... lol no. The REAL reason is, because I recently saw the new Captain America movie, AND IT WAS AWESOME! Ever since I watched it, it gave me a GREAT idea for what's gonna happen to Emma.

SO I WILL BE MOST LIKELY UPDATING chapter one SOMETIME AT THE END OF THIS WEEK. EITHER THURSDAY OR FRIDAY. And with the help and guidance of Bluebox345, I will be updating ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK.

oh and btw its called Raging Storm, so keep an eye out for it. :D

see ya next time!

-June :)