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Big Mistake

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Chapter Thirteen

Never Take Flute Lessons

Oh, headache…

Big, big, big, oh so big headache and so hungry too.




Her mouth hurt too…

And what the bloody heck is that noise?

Cat moaned as she tried to open her eyes, but the brightness of the light above her blinded her. "Owie…" She whimpered. "Who's snoring?" Her raspy voice asked, unable to open her eyes.

"I can't believe that after being separated from us for over 3 weeks, the first thing that comes out of your mouth is "who's snoring?"…unbelievable." Jade's voice chuckled. "Andre's pain medication is taking its toll on him."

"Oh." She coughed a little and then whimpered again. "Oh, god, everything hurts."

A gentle, yet rough hand laid carefully on her head while the other went to her cheek. "It's going to be okay, babygirl." Her boyfriend's worried, yet relieved voice told her. "You're safe."

"I am?" Cat still couldn't open her eyes for her eye lids felt like led. "How? Where am I?"

"You're in the hospital." Beck answered, a bit concerned.

"Really?" She sighed out her pain, but it was still there. "How? Did someone find me? Why is Andre asleep? Why is Andre here? Why does everything hurt?" Her breathing was getting heavy. "Where's master?"

"Master?" Jade asked sharply. "Who the hell is "Master", Cat?"

"He made me call him "Master"." Cat told her weakly. "He's going to come back and get me."

"No, he's not." Beck comforted her. "He's dead, Cat."

"How?" Cat had tears. "I don't understand what's happening."

"The doctor did tell us you would be experiencing some memory loss." Beck sighed. "What else are you feeling?"

"I'm so hungry and thirsty. I have a huge headache." She suddenly coughed. "My throat hurts. I can't open my eyes. I'm sleepy…and…I'm scared."

"There's no reason to be scared." Beck kissed her forehead. "You are safe. Jade and I are right here and we're not leaving your side."

"That's right." Jade held Cat's hand. "Maybe I should go get the doctor?"

Cat gripped Jade's hand. "But you just said you wouldn't leave me."

"Here, press that alert button." Beck clicked something and a beep sounded. "There. They'll come to us."

"I don't want someone to come." Cat's voice cracked as the tears released. "They'll take me away."

Beck put both hands on the sides of her face. "Listen to me: no one is ever taking you away from me again, alright?"

Cat tried to open her eyes again, seeing Beck's blood shot, exhausted eyes, but then she had to close them again. "I love you."

Beck sighed in relief. "I love you too."

She heard footsteps come in and panicked. "Beck! Someone's here!"

"Cat, calm down!" Beck took her wrists. "It's just the doctor."

"Yes, I'm Dr. Sky." A male voice said, a bit emotionlessly. "I'm going to ask you both to leave the room-"

"NO!" Cat screamed, her eyes opening again, but then they shut. She sat up, but regretted that as a shot of pain went through her body. Her body gave out as she fell back onto the pillows, going limp. Her breathing evened out as she vaguely heard Beck begging the doctor to let him stay. She gave up. If she gets taken away again, she just prayed this time, they'd kill her. She couldn't take anymore. The doctor kept talking to her, but she didn't answer. She heard him say he'd come back later and let Beck and Jade back in. When Beck and Jade tried to talk to her, she shook her head. "Can you guys wake Andre up?"

"Why?" Jade asked, a bit confused.

"His snoring is irritating me." Cat mumbled as Beck and Jade chuckled. "I'm not kidding."

"I know you're not, but he took a gunshot to the shoulder. So we should probably let the poor guy sleep." Beck told her, running his hands through her hair and it was a bit tangled. "Do you want me to brush your hair, girl?"

Cat thought about it and nodded. "Please?"

"Sure." He dug through a bag and then came back, brushing her hair out carefully.

Cat groaned as she sat up a little with Jade's help. She leaned against Jade. "Why can't I open my eyes?"

"The doctor said it'll wear off in a few hours." Jade rubbed Cat's back as Beck continued to brush Cat's hair. "You're body is going to feel a bit heavy and like led when you woke up."

"Why does my mouth hurt?"

"You had a brace in your mouth, but they took it out when they figured you'd be able to talk okay."

"Wait- Andre was shot?" Cat tried to freak out, but she was too drained. "How?"

"He was protecting you from…"

"From what?"

"Cat, let's talk about that later." Jade told her.

"Kay-kay." Cat laid back down when Beck was done. "I'm so hungry."

"We already told them to bring you up some chicken soup. Here's some water. Do you want some?" Beck asked her gently.

"Yes, please." Jade helped Cat sit up again, only this time Cat was stiff. "Ow…"

"I know, I'm sorry." Jade said softly. After drinking some water, Jade once again helped Cat back down. Cat suddenly squeaked. "What's wrong?"

Cat was breathing heavily again and her cheeks turned red. "Oh my god, I just peed the bed! I'm so sorry! I didn't even know- oh, I'm so sorry!"

"Cat, you didn't." Beck whispered to her to comfort her. "There's a bladder pouch down here."

Cat sighed in relief. "Oh, good. Sorry. I haven't been able to use a bathroom in so long…I don't think I know how to anymore."

"We'll teach you." Jade told her, patting her hand. "And you're right…Andre's snoring is getting annoying."

Cat smiled softly, but then turned serious. "Hey, Jade?"


Cat turned to the Goth's direction and opened her eyes a little. "I'm glad it was me and not you." Both Beck and Jade looked at her in confusion, but in shock at the same time." I know you think it's your fault that Damian kidnapped me because you told him about me, but its okay. I would've been a wreck if it was you who was taken and hurt. So I'm happy it was me. And…we all make mistakes. We just have to learn from them."

"And what lesson did we learn here?" Beck asked, trying to be a smart-butt.

Cat sighed. "Never take flute lessons."

Beck slapped his hand to his forehead. "Cat, that's…" He gave in. "Yes, that's exactly the point."

Jade was still in an emotional state of what she said. She broke into sobs and tears, laying her head on Cat's stomach, gripping the tiny hand in her own. "Cat…" Her voice cracked.

Cat took her hand back and began running her fingers through Jade's hair, closing her eyes again. "I love you, big sis." She whispered, slowly relaxing her muscles again.

Jade sighed, still laying her head on Cat's stomach, gently. "I love you too, little sis."

As Cat was drifting off to sleep, Beck was getting used to the peace, and Jade was falling asleep on Cat's tummy…count on Andre to ruin everything.

"I AM THE KING OF THE FOREEEESSSSTTT!" And then he went back to snoring.

Jade growled. "Sentimental moment lost forever." Cat giggled as Beck rolled his eyes.

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