In Her Eyes

Lynda Weather's eyes grew in shock as the love of her life catapulted across the track. Her shocks and thoughts as her husband fell into place...

AN: There is like NOTHING on Lynda/Strip in the whole of the cars archive! _ No more this will continue! This has been bugging me since my English exam on Tuesday (it was easayy! ;)). Lol. Tell me whatcha think of this. It will be rather short since this is a one or two short so should I continue this or leave as it is? IDK.


My eyes darted across the track as 3 cars sped around the track of Los Angeles Speedway. Even though I was in one of the boxes at the top, I could hear the cheering of the crowd. Most of the crowd was a majority of Lightning McQueen fans. If he toned down his ignorance I would consider him tolerable to talk to but I've never really spoken to him to be perfectly honest.

"C'mon you can do it!" I yelled at my husband; the blue Dineco car. Strip Weathers. Oh how I loved him. I would still be there for him even if he did lose. He gave me a future to look forward to; retirement with my dream man.

I noticed Chick getting extremely close to Strip's car. Don' I thought holding my breath. He dared.

Strip went flying across the grass spinning in air, before crashing back down to earth. My eyes grew and my vision went blurry. Everything went silent. You could hear a pin drop then Strip's car crash-landing on his wheels. The whole world stopped suddenly and didn't move.

"Oh no..." I gasped near tears. I wanted to move but my wheels wouldn't let me move. My eyes were totally transfixed on the blue smoky mess on the grass. I bit my lip to hold back tears. I saw Chick laugh and drive off. My anger and oil built up inside of me and I felt a tear slide down my hood. Strip's image appeared on the big screen for all to see. Seeing it close up was even worse. I felt the tears really coming by then.

Suddenly, someone screeched to a halt on the finishing line. I saw a red car. Lightning. Then Chick crossed the line. But no one cheered. Because no one cheers for a cheater. Ever. Lightning back up back onto the grass and parked next to Strip. I gasped. Hope flickered inside of me.

"What are ya doin' kid?" Strip asked uneasily.

"To make sure The King finished his last race," the rookie replied helping Strip by pushing him from the back. A small smile formed.

"You just gave up the Piston Cup, ya know that?" Strip asked Lightning over the intercom.

"This grumpy old race car once told me, "It's just an empty cup,"" Lightning disagreed wisely. I couldn't quite believe my eyes. Lightning McQueen was helping my husband. The arrogant stuck up Lightning was gone.

The crowds went wild as Lightning and Strip finished the race. I rushed straight down to the pits.

I don't think I had ever driven so fast ever in my life. Strip was being checked over. Lightning drove over. I smiled and kissed his fender.

"Thanks Lightning," I smiled. The kid wasn't half bad. Something had changed him but I couldn't quite tell. I turned to Strip before kissing his lips. "Don't scare me like that again. I thought I was going to lose you."

"Don't you worry yet Lynda. I'm not going anywhere yet honey." Strip smiled before kissing my fender. "I love you."