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He frantically climbed off of her. Her eyes were open staring at some fixed point on the ceiling. She wasn't blinking. Was she breathing? He wasn't sure. He tried to watch her chest but he was shaking so he wasn't sure if it was him or her moving. She could not be dead. That was an unacceptable outcome. He must have gotten there in time. He had to have. Someone was screaming her name. He realized it was him. He was two seconds away from shaking her awake, alive, whatever. Her eyes rolled around searching for something. It might have been the most precious thing he'd ever seen.

"Abby?" no more screaming. "Hmmm?" "Are you hurt?" Her eyes were still drifting aimlessly. "It was hot." She didn't try to get up but her hands rose to bat at her pigtails against the floor. "There was a bomb." "Oh." She was still batting at her hair. "You're not on fire." "Okay." The batting stopped. "Do you think you can move?" "Sure." "Okay, let's try." He grabbed her arms and pulled her into a sitting position. He checked her head and neck. There didn't seem to be anything seriously injured. She still wasn't focusing on him. "We need to get out of here." She nodded mutely looking around. He evaluated the situation. The main door was blocked. He knew she wouldn't be able to maneuver or climb around what had once been the outside wall. He was too afraid he'd drop her if he tried to carry her. The stairs. They would take the stairs. You had to go up to go down. Hopefully they could get out through the bullpen.

"Come on, Abs." She did manage to half pull herself up alongside him. Her nails were digging into her palms. He didn't know if she was drawing blood or if it had already been there. Dazed didn't begin to cover it. "Be careful, there's glass everywhere." He got them both standing. He discovered if he led her, she could follow on her own. They were almost to the ballistics room when he saw the grey plush sitting in what used to be one of her refrigerators. Bert must have been thrown. "Here, Abby, let's not forget Bert." He grabbed the hippo and shook off the glass fragments. "It's okay Gibbs; Bert will be fine in the lab. The lab is always safe." "Let's bring him anyway." He pushed the stuffed animal into her chest and wrapped one of her arms around it. She didn't drop it. He took her other arm and led her to the stairs.

Devastation. They came out into the bullpen to devastation. He dragged her along the far wall. Trying to not look at what used to be their desks. They were approaching the gaping hole that had once been the windows. He needed to get them to the other staircase that would lead outside. He would find somewhere safe to leave her and he could find the others. Surely they had all gotten out. It was eerily quiet. Then he came to an abrupt stop. He thought he heard something. Abby walked into the back of him and almost fell. He steadied her and left her standing on her own to follow the sound. He came to the elevator. He had heard something. His senior field agent was screaming for help.

Gibbs tried to pull the door open. "Tony!" "Boss?" It almost sounded like he was crying. "Are you hurt Tony." "Don't know. Gibbs. Help. Ziva." "Is Ziva with you?" "She's hurt boss." Gibbs heart froze again. Had he gotten to one daughter just to lose the other? "How? Tony, what happened?" He was still clawing at the doors to no avail. "She fell on top of me. I don't know. Everything fell on her. Her body took all the hit." "Is she breathing?" It was quiet for a few seconds. "Yeah." "That's good Tony." He needed to keep him calm. Having him lose it was going to help neither of them. "Is she awake?" "God Gibbs. I don't know. She wasn't for a long time. Sort of." "Can she tell you where she's hurt?" He could hear Tony trying to talk to Ziva. "She mumbles stuff. None of it's in English."

He could hear other people coming. Coming to help. He looked around to make sure Abby hadn't wandered. He could see her bobbing off towards the desks. "Abby come back." "Abby's there? She's okay, right?" Apparently Tony had heard him. "She's fine. Okay Tony, try to keep Ziva talking to you, I'm going to get you out." "But Boss, I don't know Hebrew." He was starting to panic. "That's okay Tony. She can still understand you." Hopefully that was the case. Abby wasn't in his vision anymore. Firefighters had arrived. "Tony, people are here to help." DiNozzo was distracted. "Maybe I'll try Spanish." "That's a good idea; I'm going to back up so they can open the doors. If you see sparks, cover your faces." Gibbs was sure Spanish wasn't going to help anything but hopefully it would keep Tony busy. He could see the Jaws of Life being brought up. Not reassuring.

As the metal saws started up, he left those who could actually help to do so. He looked around for Abby. She was nowhere to be seen. He started to panic before catching a glimpse of her pigtails. Why was she on the floor? In an instant, his blood ran cold. He had found probably the only reason she would be on the ground. She was sitting, surrounded by glass and debris, on the floor next to his last missing agent. The one who looked very, very dead. Hopefully unconscious was still an option.

From the new additions of blood, it looked like she'd been trying to brush the glass off of him. And stop the bleeding. He yelled for the medics as he ran to them. Mcgee was unconscious. Gibbs had grabbed his arm; the one Abby didn't have a vice grip on, and had found a weak pulse. He looked at Abby who was patting Mcgee's face with the hand not weaved through his. She spoke, her voice was still dazed. "I've told him already Gibbs. But I think you should too." "Tell him what Abby?" "That he doesn't have permission to die." The paramedics had gotten to them. He put his arms around Abby and tried to pull her away so they could take him. She pulled away from him and leaned back towards Mcgee. She kissed his face and reseted her head against his for a minute. "Love you. No puppies." She let go as they lifted him off the ground.

Gibbs left her sitting for a second. He went to his desk, which had been pushed back against the back wall. He righted the partition and pulled off the drawing Kelly had done. He folded it and shoved it into his pocket. He went back and pulled Abby up again. The doors of the elevator had just been pried open. Tony looked a mess. He was handing Ziva up to the rescue workers. It looked like they were having trouble getting him to let go.

Gibbs parked Abby again and went to help. "Come on Tony, give her to them. You've done good. But, she needs help." His eyes met those of his bewildered senior field agent. He wilted and finally released her into their care. She didn't look very good. Gibbs helped him climb out. He needed the hospital just as much as she did. Tony could walk though. Half. Only half his team was even ambulatory. It looked like Abby was coming out of shock. She was starting to hyperventilate. Gibbs grabbed each one by an arm and followed the men working on Ziva out of the building. He did not care about a single thing happening on that navy yard. Only his team. He guided Tony and Abby towards the ambulances. They would ride with the others. He would pull a gun if necessary. None of them had permission to die. Fear was all that was left.