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Chapter One: Cakes and Words

"Seriously Gin those cakes were, well... I'm lost for words," Hermione smiled at her friend.

"Told you," Ginny replied smiling. Ginny was the owner of a magical bakery in Diagon Alley and the two girls had just had lunch there. The young girl who was working seemed to think the boss needed an inexhaustible amount of cakes and thus the two women left the shop very full.

"That cream and chocolate thing. I have never tasted anything so amazing."

"Mia did go a little overboard with the cakes though."

"I tried everything and each was fantastic but yes I'm about to burst."

"Do you mind if we go to Madam Malkins?" Ginny asked her friend.

"Of course not." The pair made their way to the clothing shop. Ginny did not have a more serious reason to go to the shop except she and Harry had a family engagement at the weekend and she wanted a new dress.

Hermione spent the twenty minutes or so trying to look impressed as Ginny tried on a parade of robes, dresses and outfits. Hermione honestly could not see that much difference between the clothes but tried to nod enthusiastically at each one. After five or six tries Ginny came out in a ruby red dress. She saw her friend smiled but seeing it not reach her eyes she giggled. "What's up?" Hermione said seriously.

"You really do hate clothes shopping don't you?" Ginny smiled.

"Sorry," Hermione replied apologetically "I did try."

"I know you did I obviously took the wrong girl shopping. I will get this one."

"It is nice," Hermione acknowledged.

Ginny paid for the dress, she thought about buying a gold pendant that was on sale near the till but decided against it. She was talking to Hermione as they walked out of the shop not paying attention to the street ahead and thus walked straight into,


"Ginny. Sorry Ginny," he smiled, he had knocked straight into her and the bag with the dress had tumbled to the ground. He knelt down and picked it up giving her the bag.

"It's a lovely dress."

"Thanks," Ginny beamed at him.

"Miss. Granger." He said much firmer than he had talked to Ginny.

"Mr. Malfoy," she replied in much the same tone. Ginny looked between them the animosity was clear but Ginny could not place a particular reason for it.

Draco had converted to the side of light in the last few months of the war. He had been protected from Voldemort by the Order as best they could but had been involved in the action. He nearly died a hundred times and like Hermione, Ginny, Ron, Harry and countless others knew he was incredibly lucky to be alive.

When the final battle had ended this realisation that he had survived had let to an ill conceived and rushed relationship with Hermione. It had been mostly physical, few words were passed between the pair, words of love had never been whispered and tender nothings had never been spoken. They hadn't spent a night pouring our their hearts to each other. It had instead been a fierce, passionate relationship fuelled by the knowledge of survival and the wish to dull a hundred feelings that coursed through their minds and bodies. Subsequently the relationship died as Hermione disappeared to Australia to find her parents whilst Draco tried to carve out a new life as a disinherited young man.

"Why does he have to turn up here?" Hermione thought "I have not seen him in years."

"Congratulations Weasley on the engagement someone mentioned it to me."

"Thank you," Ginny smiled.

"So Granger," he smirked at her "do you have a man yet?" Hermione had no idea how he did it but Draco seemed to be able to raise her blood pressure with a few words.

"I would rather loose my magic than have a man promise love," she smiled sweetly.

"Oh really?" He replied the same smirk returning his eyebrow rising half an inch or so on his face. "Careful Granger you'll cut someone with a tongue that sharp."

"Not you Malfoy you always manage to escape unharmed."

"And yet I find myself running into you. What does that tell you about fate?"

"Well as I don't believe in fate then not a lot." Ginny looked from one to the other seeing the banter go from one and the other return it. She marvelled at their brains, Hermione and Draco were two of the most intelligent people she knew. She could almost see the thought process as each tried to outdo the other. She was a little confused though as to where the enmity between the pair came from. True the the pair were not the best of friends and had disliked each other throughout school but Harry, Ron and Draco worked together and were friends.

The conversation led to a natural pause, Draco and Hermione simply looked at each other, it was not a death stare but neither was there any love lost between the pair.

"Goodbye Draco," Ginny smiled at him as she tried to rush onwards grabbing Hermione as she went. Words of goodbye were ignored as the two groups separated. Draco entering the shop and Ginny and Hermione rushing off down Diagon Alley.

"What was that?" Ginny asked Hermione.

"What?" Hermione replied innocently.

"The whole I'm going to stare at Draco Malfoy like I want him to die. That's before I even mention the sparing."

"It's nothing you know I don't like him."

"I know he was a prat at school but he works in the auror department he fought on the side of light he was almost killed loads."

"I know," Hermione replied dismissively "I just think he's still a ferret." Ginny smiled at her friend.

"I always thought you were the most forgiving of people."

"Not Malfoy don't you remember me punching him in my third year."

"No but I do remember my brother telling me, a least once a week since."

Ginny continued the conversation with Hermione whilst trying to remember what Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger had against each other.

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