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"Eyes closed," Draco said in Hermione's ear "keep your eyes closed."

"Draco you have your huge man hands over my eyes I can't see anything even if I wanted to."

"Ok that's good." He replied. He was steering Hermione down the long corridor from the Ministry of Magic into the large atrium the ministry building. It was gone midnight and Draco had paid to have the building to himself, He smiled as he entered the atrium it was one of the most perfect spaces he had ever seen. "Ok Hermione you can open your eyes." Draco took his hands way from her eyes. In front of Hermione was the glass domed atrium, the spring stars shone through the clear glass and the light hit the rose petals scattered on the floor of the atrium.

"Can you see-" Hermione pointed upwards.

"Orion's belt." Draco replied. Hermione turned back to him.

"You?" She asked.

"Me what?" Draco replied puzzled.

"It was you last year at the Ministry ball walking to me in that mask you were wearing muggle clothing and..." she let the sentence die. "I'm sorry Draco I was so rude."

"You have no need to apologise Hermione. That night your passion and fire Merlin it made me love you."

"Made you love me but that was the same night that I heard Ginny and April say you were in love with me."

"I didn't tell them," he shook his head "I'm not even sure I knew myself. Wait you heard April and Ginny saying I was in love with you?' He questioned.

"Yes." Hermione replied. "Why?"

"Because a few days later I overheard Harry and Ron talk about you being in love with me."

"What!" She cried "that's ridiculous I-"

"Hermione," Draco smiled at her "let it go ok? I love you, you love me that is all we need." Hermione smiled up at her boyfriend. He always knew what to say that was exactly what she needed to hear. "In fact I love you so much that I need to ask you something." Draco suddenly dropped to one knee pulling a small purple box from his pocket. He opened it and nestled in it was a beautiful silver ring. "Hermione Granger will you marry me?" He asked. Hermione was shocked since they'd started dating officially she had always imagined that marriage would happen but they'd only been dating nine months.

"Yes," she said firmly. "I would love to marry you." Draco smiled taking the ring from its box and placed it on her finger kissing the point that the ring touched her finger.

"Good," he smiled "cos I'm not letting you go know I have you." He kissed her neck and she smiled.

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