Catherine was on leave and like every time she was on leave she had to split her time between Steve and he two children. Each time she came back she found it difficult to leave Steve without him knowing to be with her kids. She loved her children but she had been absent for a lot of their life. Until now.

Her two children Chelsea and Jay were twins. They both lived with their Grandmother until her death a few months ago. This left both of her children richer than anyone could imagine. Now Cath had to leave the Navy to finally look after her 14 year old children.

As she waited outside the docks for Steve to pick her up she wondered what she was going to tell him. How would he take? Would he still like her? Over and over in her head she tried to plan on what to say to tell him the secret she had been hiding from him for 10 years.


Steve was on his way to pick Cath up from the docks thinking of the same problem. His 10 year old daughter Evie was coming to town for a while. Although he made no secret to Catherine about his daughter he never saw her and thought that was how it was going to stay. He drove to the docks thinking of what he was going to do and tell her about his new commitment.

20 minutes later

"Hello Commander" Steve said getting out the car to help her put her bags in the back, before opening the door for Catherine to get in.

"Hello Sailor" Catherine said getting into the car. She got in waiting for Steve to get in the other side to start telling him about her lies. He got into the car and she tried to start. "We need to talk." Almost simultaneously Steve said "I need to tell you something." They both looked at each. A smile broke across each of their faces.

"Go on Cath you go first." Steve said trying to prolong the idea of him losing the women he loved forever.

Cath was lost in a trail of thought until the words from Steve brought her back to reality. "Well...we have been together or whatever you would like to call it for 10 years now. I have kept a big part of my life away from you out of fear. I have to tell you know as I have to leave The Enterprise and work from base permanently." She paused and looked at Steve, who was looking scared about what she was about tell him. "I have two children." As soon as those words came out she felt a great relief throughout her body.

A few minutes passed. Catherine was sitting staring straight ahead at the road wanting Steve to say something. Steve sat there thinking of what could he say. After 10 years he thought he would have known. He should have known. This just proves our relationship isn't proper he thought. Without looking at Cath he began to speak. "How could you not tell me? Cath 10 years. Me and you have been going out for 10 years and that is a pretty big part of your life." He stopped there, not knowing what to say or do. He had to stop before he said something he would regret. Cath sat there not knowing what to say. Wanting to try and explain but she didn't have any reason for not telling him.

"Well that matches my news. I told you I had a daughter, but I was going to tell you she was coming to stay with me for a while. But I think your news has to be more important and hurtful." Steve stopped himself. All he wanted was some sort of explanation from Cath who was just sitting there.

After a few minutes she turned to him. "I am sorry. My kids are 14. For the last 14 years I have been the world's worst mother, speaking to them once a week if that. Only seeing them half the time when I was leave. If I am honest with myself I think it was I didn't want to be a mother when I was so young, I just didn't want other people to know. I have tried to tell you but our relationship isn't normal is. We don't just sit and talk. We sleep together. That is all we do." Saying this she wasn't sure who she was trying to convince, herself or Steve.

The conversation stopped between for a good 15 minutes. Then Steve spoke. "I suppose you want to go and see your kids and not come home with me."

As much as she wanted to spend time with Steve she new after the death of her mother in law she had to go and see her kids, as she hadn't seen them since the death of their grandmother. "I am sorry. I need to go and see my kids." She said not wanting to look at Steve, knowing how much hurt she had caused him. She gave him the address and they start heading towards the house.

As they got there Cath didn't know what to say. She was about to open the door when she knew she couldn't leave it like this. "Steve, I am sorry. I couldn't tell you because I couldn't tell myself it was true. Thanks for the lift. I will call you later?" She asked, she wanted him to tell her things between them would be okay but she knew somewhere in her heart that things were far okay between them now.

"It's been fun Cat." He used her nickname he had given her trying to make in personal, not the traditional break up speech. "You lied to me for 10 years. I can't deal with this. I am sorry. It has been fun but I think this has to be it."

Cath didn't know what to say to this. She couldn't believe it was over. "Goodbye then." She grabbed her bag, and started making her way up the long drive way towards the house. Don't cry she told herself not wanting her kids to see her life this.

On the way home all Steve would think about was, was this the end? He didn't want it be but he couldn't see a way they could move on from this.