Chapter 7

Catherine held her phone for about 15 minutes before deciding she had to call Steve. She loved him. Her daughter had given her the blessing, the only thing standing in her way was herself. It took her 3 attempts for her to actually press call, when she did she had butterflies. No man had ever given her this feeling.

Steve quickly grabbed his phone, trying not to wake his daughter who was still asleep in his arms. He turned it to silent and looked at the name as it carried on vibrating. He remembered what Mary had said, earlier that day and hung the phone up.

Catherine waited until it went to answer phone. She knew that it had ended to early, and that he must have hung up. She realised that she lost her chance with him. She went to the fridge grabbing a beer out and settling down on the sofa turning the TV on.

About an hour later, she had finished her beer and the TV was rubbished she decided it was time to go to bed. She got up and made her way upstairs. She went to say goodnight to Chelsea, who was already asleep. She walked over to her daughter placed a kiss on her head, as she stepped back she looked at her daughter who still looked like her little girl. She looked so young and innocent. She stood there for a few minutes and walked out.

After Cath left Chelsea's room she headed across the hall towards Jay's room. She lightly knocked on the door in case he was asleep like Chelsea. She stood there for a few seconds until Jay opened the door. When Jay let Cath in she followed him into his room and sat on the end of his bed.

After a few minutes of silence Cath decided to break the silence. "I spoke to Chelsea before. We talked about Steve. He has been my boyfriend of sorts for about 9 years. He didn't know about you or Chelsea. He has a daughter himself. I tried to call him he didn't answer, he hung up on me" Cath said. She didn't know why she was telling her 14 year old son this but she had to tell someone.

"He could have just been busy." Jay knew what he was saying was probably a lie but he had to make her feel better. "Just give him time he will call you back."

"Thank you Jay." Cath said getting up off his bed and walking towards him, kissing him of his forehead. "Goodnight love you."

"Love you too mum." Jay replied watching as mum left.


After Steve hung up the phone he put it back on the coffee table. He looked at his watch and knew it was time to go to bed .He carefully moved his daughter so he could stand up. He went to lock the door and came back and picked up his daughter to take her to bed.

When he picked her up she started to move slightly. He slowly soothed her back to sleep. When he got upstairs he to his daughters room lightly kicking the door open. He put his daughter to bed, kissed her goodnight. He made his way to his own room getting into bed he thought about Cath.

She had kids. They had been together for almost 10 years. He had talked about Evie. She had even met Evie when Evie was 1. Didn't she ever feel the need to tell him?

Steve spent the rest of the night thinking about Cath. He tried to sleep, but he couldn't. He wanted her to be in bed with him. To feel her warm body against his. He tried to stop thinking about her, do what Mary told him. He couldn't, all he wanted to do was pick up his phone and return her call. He wanted to know what she had to say. She had ended things with him at her house, why would she call him if she didn't want to work things out.

The next day Steve was up early. He went out for his morning swim and was back before Evie was awake. Steve was about to start making breakfast when he heard his phone ring. He almost ran to answer it hoping it was Cath. When he saw Danny's name appear he a felt a sense of disappointment.

"Hi Danny" Steve answered

"Hi are you and Evie still coming to the beach today?" Danny asked

"Yes. 11 o'clock?" Steve asked.

"Yeah see you later."

And with that he hung up the phone. Steve carried on making breakfast before leaving it on the side to go and have a shower and get dressed for the day.

When Steve came back downstairs he saw Evie was awake and sitting at the table.

"Morning sweetheart, do you want some breakfast?" Steve asked walking past the table over to where he had left the breakfast.

"Yeah please." Evie said looking over to see what Steve had made for breakfast. When she saw pancakes a little smile broke on her face.

"Pancakes and syrup?" Steve asked. He wasn't really sure why he had in the little time he had spent with his daughter he knew that was her favourite.

"Yes please." Steve could see she had a smile on her face as he placed the pancakes in front of his daughter and made his way to the cupboard to get the syrup out.

"Once you have finished your breakfast, you need to go and get changed. We are going to meet the people I work with at the beach." Steve said placing the syrup down in front of his daughter.

"Okay" Evie replied a little per occupied covering her pancakes in syrup.

Through the rest of breakfast Steve and Evie talked, more than they had since Evie had got there. For once, it felt like they were normal family, which Steve had been around for all of Evie's life and not just over the internet and phone. Once they had finished breakfast Evie went upstairs to get dressed while Steve started to wash the dishes.

When Steve finished washing up Evie still wasn't ready. Steve remembered Mary at Evie's age and knew she wouldn't be ready for a while. He walked into the office sitting down on the chair looking at the desk. He saw a one of the few photos he had of him and Cath. He picked it up and looked at it. He stared at it for a couple of minutes before going into his pocket to get his phone, he knew what Mary had said but he had to call her.

"I'm ready dad." Evie said interrupting him before he had time to hit call. She stood in the doorway to the office looking at him. He quickly put the photo back on the desk hoping his daughter wouldn't notice. She walked over to the desk and stood opposite Steve. "Are we going to go?"

"Yeah, come on kiddo." Steve said standing up, putting his phone in his pocket. He took one last look at the photo before following his daughter out of the door.


Cath woke up early. She knew that if she had left the ship and moved to base permanently she would need to work on changing her sleeping patterns. She got up, and went down stairs. She knew her kids wouldn't be up for a while so she decided to go for a morning swim before starting to make breakfast.

When she came in she got herself dry, had a shower and got dressed for the day. She went back downstairs and started making breakfast for her kids. She made Chelsea scrambled eggs and Jay pancakes. It was getting close to 11 o'clock and neither of her kids were awake. Now she was back this was going to change. How could her kids waste this much of the day? She decided that it was time to go and wake them when Chelsea appeared walking down the stairs. She still looked half asleep.

"Morning" Cath said as Chelsea walked past her into the kitchen going to the fridge to get some orange juice.

Chelsea made some attempt at a response but it was barely understandable.

"I am going to wake up your brother and I will come back and make breakfast." Cath said getting up from the table heading towards the stairs.

Chelsea sat at the table looking at the magazine that had mother had just put down. She started looking at it not really paying attention to what she was reading. About 10 minutes later her mother came downstairs with her brother following. She knew it wouldn't have been easy trying to get Jay out of bed.

"I will start on breakfast. Well I should say lunch, with the time you two get up." She said walking over to the cooker to cook the breakfast.

Jay and Chelsea sat at the table making small talk while Cath was making breakfast. Cath joined in on some of their conversations but mainly left them to talk about what they wanted. She loved watching both getting along. She knew that at times they would fight and argue but they were close and looked after each other while she was gone.

"What have you two got planned for the rest of the day?" Cath asked placing the food down on the table.

"Nothing really might go out and see some friends later but nothing really." Chelsea said tucking into her scrambled egg.

Cath looked over at Jay waiting for his response but she had to ask him again when he seemed to occupied with stuffing his mouth full of pancakes.

"Erm...nothing I don't think, I might go out later if Chelsea does." He replied quickly before shoving more food in his mouth.

"I was thinking we had a family day. We have 3 weeks until you go back to school and I go to work I thought we could spend some time together. We need to talk about things that happen around the house. Things that you two have started to do since your Nan died and I haven't been here." Cath said, she knew that spending the day together would probably end up in an argument between her and Chelsea but she had to try and sort things out. She was back now and her kids weren't going to be the bosses of the house.

Jay looked over at Chelsea before looking at Cath. "I am okay with that if Chelsea is." He said looking back over at Chelsea.

Chelsea took a few seconds to think about it. She knew she wanted to go out with her friends but she knew that she would have to spend some time with her mom at some point she might as well get it out of the way. "Okay, only for today." She replied.

"Good, well I am thinking after breakfast, how about you two go and get dressed and we can talk about things that need to change." Cath said looking at both her kids before starting to read the magazine in front of her.


Steve and Evie arrived at the beach to see Chin and Kono already there. They were sat on the beach looking out towards the sea.

"Hi guys, this is my daughter Evie." Steve said walking up to them.

"Hi Evie, I'm Kono" Kono said smiling at Evie as she walked over to sit on the beach.

After a few minutes Danny walked over to the group closely followed by Grace. They joined the group, introducing themselves to Evie. After about half an hour of all of them sitting on the beach the adults made their way over to Kamekona's shave ice stand. The girls carried on playing on the beach until the adults had ordered.

Once the adults had sat down on the table the girls were still playing on the beach. As Kono went to get the girls Danny knew something was wrong with Steve.

"What's wrong?" Danny asked turning to face Steve. Chin also looked away from Danny and started to face Danny.

"Nothing" Steve replied. Danny could tell Steve was lying. They had been partners for about a year and Danny had got used to reading Steve like book.

"Come on, Grace can do a better job at lying than you just did." Danny pointed out. He knew that eventually Steve would give and tell him everything. "Steve, I give under 10 minutes before you tell me. You always do, it normally takes a little time but you will tell me." Danny continued which caused Chin to laugh a little, Steve just looked seriously at Danny.

"She has kids Danny. Now Grace and Evie are coming back over can you drop it?" Steve said looking past Danny towards the girls who were walking towards them.

Once they had all finished their Shave Ice they were about to say goodbye, but Danny pulled Steve aside to talk to him.

"Who has kids Steve, you didn't make any sense at all." Danny asked talking quietly to no one could over hear their conversation.

"Cath, I went to pick her up from leave the other day, and she dropped the bombshell that she had two 14 year old children. We have been together for about 10 years. She knew about Evie and she never told me about her kids." Steve vented, it felt good to talk about it properly, he knew he told Mary but he needed to tell someone else.

"Oh babe I'm sorry. What are you going to do?" Danny asked.

"Nothing, I told Mary yesterday and what she told me was right. Cath has kids but I have Evie and she was to be the one person who matters more. I done with Cath. I tried to go and sort things out but she told me it was over. She called me last night and I didn't answer. Evie is going to be the person who I care for now."

"Steve you know Mary was right to some point. You have to put Evie first but it doesn't mean your life has stop. I have Grace and I still managed to go out Gabby. I thought Grace would think it was a really bad idea but she didn't. You can still be Evie's dad and be happy." Danny said before Evie and Grace walked over to them.

They all said their goodbyes before heading home.


Cath had waited while both her children got ready for the day. She sat on the sofa thinking about what she had to say. When she came up with a list of rules that needed to put into action she quickly sat back down and waited for her children to come down.

After a while of waiting both Jay and Chelsea walked into the living room together, they took a seat opposite Cath who put her newspaper down.

"I know I have just come back and that I have been gone for a while but as I am back we need to set a few rules. I know your Nan probably had some of the same rules as me but since she has died and I have come back they have stopped being used." Cath started. She looked at both of her kids who sat in front of her. They didn't really look interested. Chelsea sat playing with her nails while Jay sat fiddling with a cushion. "Guys! Are you listening?" Cath asked startling both Jay and Chelsea.

"Yes" they both replied in unison.

"Okay, well the rules are as follows" Cath started looking down at the little piece of paper she had in front of her. "1) you cannot sleep in till 11 o'clock on any day. You have to be up by 10am at the latest. 2) You tidy up your own mess and your bedrooms. 3) If you go out you have to be home at 10pm at the latest, 9pm on school days. 4) You have to listen to what I say and not just argue with me all the time I have come back. 5) Chelsea your boyfriend is not allowed in your bedroom at any time and Jay if you get a girlfriend she is not allowed in your room either. They are the rules. There is not many so I want you to follow them." Cath finished. She knew that her kids had them when their Nan was alive and they needed them now.

"Okay" Jay replied. He looked at Chelsea waiting for her to say something, he hoped that she wouldn't go off in one of her moods, he just wanted one day were his mom and sister didn't have to have an argument.

"I will follow them with two conditions, you promise us that you are working from base and in a couple of months you won't just leave us again." Chelsea said, she had to know her mom wasn't going anywhere. Although they spent the last couple of days arguing she had to know that her mom wasn't going to leave her again.

"I promise I am going nowhere Chelsea, I have come back for good. And what's the second condition?" Cath asked.

"You call or text your boyfriend again." Cath gave Chelsea a questioning look. How did she know Steve didn't answer her call. "I heard you call him last night and heard the answer phone quickly after you called him. I know we don't always get along but if you are staying you have to be happy." Chelsea said.

Cath got and up and gave her daughter her hug. She couldn't believe her daughter. Jay was just shocked as Cath. His sister was the most stubborn person he had ever none. She was up to something. He had no idea what which was starting to make him nervous.

"Mum, you can stop hugging me and go and text or call him now." Chelsea said pulling away from her mother.

Cath looked over at Jay, she knew she needed to ask what both her kids wanted her to do before she went ahead and did anything.

"Go on mum." Jay said smiling at her.

"Thank you both. Cath said walking out of the room to go and text him.

After about 20 minutes Cath returned she had text him and was waiting for a reply. "How do you guys fancy going to get some Shave ice?" Cath asked. The day had been going well so far she just wanted to make it last with her kids.

"Yeah lets go" Jay said standing up going to get his shoes, he was closely followed by Chelsea and Cath.


Once Steve and Evie got into the car, they started talking about his friends and Grace. They were almost home when Evie turned to Steve. "Dad whose that women in the photo?" Steve looked at his daughter. How did she see the photo, she didn't see the photo he thought.

"What photo?" He asked trying to play stupid and hope it was another photo, but he knew it was the photo of Cath, he didn't have many other photos in his house.

"The photo you put on the desk before we came out. She was pretty." Evie said looking at her dad. Steve didn't know what to say.

"An old friend" He said trying to stop his daughter asking any more questions. He wasn't sure what he would say if she kept asking any other questions.

"You like her. You looked happy when you were looking at the photo." She replied, she didn't wait for a response she just put the radio on choosing the channel she wanted.

The rest of the drive home Steve was thinking about what she had said. Did she like Cath? No she doesn't know her. She only saw a photo and it made me look happy. Once he got home he dismissed the thought. He didn't know what to do about Cath. Mary was right but so was Danny. He hadn't to think about what he was going to do.

They just got through the front door when Steve's phone beeped. He took it out of his pocket and looked at the text he had:

Steve, I know when you came over the other day I didn't let you speak. I didn't want to break up with you. I did it because I thought it couldn't work. I have my kids and you have Evie. We both have higher priorities and we aren't the people we were when we met. Well me more than you for not telling you about my kids. But I want to start again if you do? Cath xx

Steve read the message. He stood in the hallway not sure if he should reply or not.

I know this long chapter but I couldn't stop once I started writing. I am sorry but events that happen in this story won't go in the same order as the ones seen on the TV Show. Please review and I will try and update soon.