A/N: OKAY, so for all of you following my story What is Love with Harley Quinn and Bruce Wayne, then you know that I put Harley's father dead since she was nine. And I also put her as being a daddy's girl. So I decided to make a story about Bruce visiting Harley's father's grave and talking to him. And if you read closely there will be some foreshadowing in here about future chapters. I also made up his name and birth and so on.

"Right this way Mr. Wayne." The worker said as he led Bruce Wayne to the grave on top of the hill. They both stopped in front of a light-grey colored headstone that read: James William Quinzel.

"I'll leave you here." The worker said and then departed. Bruce thanked the man and then turned back to the gravestone. He bowed his head and sighed.

"I never knew you nor met you ever." He began. "But from what I hear from your daughter is that you were an extraordinary person and an absolutely dedicated father. I'm sorry, let me introduce myself." Bruce cleared his throat.

"My name is Bruce Wayne, and I am in a loving relationship with your daughter Harleen Frances Quinzel. She is truly an amazing and wonderful woman. I have dated many women in my life, and yes you might think of me as a playboy because that's what most people see me as, but ever since I met Harley my life has been brighter with each day that I spend with her. I know you've been watching over her, so you probably know about her former job as the Joker's sidekick and girlfriend. You probably know about how he beat her to a bloody pulp each night and day, and how he verbally, mentally, and physically abused her. And I want you to know right now that I would NEVER EVER lay a hand on her or any other woman for that matter. I would never hurt Harley in any way and I promise you that I will treat her like the woman she deserves to be treated like. She's been through so many struggles in her life, and I just want to help her and love her through it all. Harley and I both know the pain of losing a parent or parents. I lost my parents around eight years old and Harley around nine. It was probably around the same time too. So I came to talk with you today about something. Something that has been on my mind and heart for quite some time."

The worker looked up and Bruce Wayne with a curious look. He couldn't hear anything that was being said, but he saw Mr. Wayne pull something out of his coat jacket. It looked to be something small, but he just couldn't see it well. He quickly turned back around when he saw Bruce Wayne make his way back down the hill path. Bruce smiled at the man and said goodbye. As he was about to get into his red Lamborghini, the wind blew and Bruce heard a almost inaudible voice.

"Of Course."

Bruce's attention quickly drew to the grave on top of the hill. He smiled to himself widely. "Thank you." He said as he got in his car and drove off out of Gotham City cemetery.

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