Title: Eyes of Mist

Author: StarJade

Rating: PG13

Syaoran and Sakura met on a radio and began to correspond in letters and fall in love without even knowing the other's name.L8er Sakura's father matches Eriol and Sakura and Eriol falls in love. Syaoran ,not knowing it was Sakura , helps Eriol try to get Sakura to like Eriol. What will Syaoran do when he finds out who Sakura is?


Syaoran was a serious boy who went to school , listened and did his work , came home , trained and went to sleep. His normal day. An exciting thing that might happen is what kind of sandwich he might have. Or maybe an exciting sports event in gym. Well , that's how he made his impression ,anyways.

Syaoran was quite a handsome guy , but he never noticed it. Girls drooled all over him , but he brushed them off like annoying flies. He was rude , cruel and looked down on all of them. None of the kids at his school could understand him , none of them would try. All they liked about him was his looks , and his athleticism.

Syaoran never had many friends , actually none except for Eriol. Eriol was the complete opposite of Syaoran. He was outgoing , a player and got in lots of mischief. Syaoran's mother did not like Eriol using magic , and since Eriol lived with Syaoran , he had to abide with the rules. Syaoran's mother was like a mother to Eriol , and Eriol loved her dearly. He would do anything to please her , so Eriol would often have to ask Syaoran for help when his girlfriend found out about his ...other girlfriends. Eriol was the half reincarnation of Clow Reed , and understood the ways of Syaoran , and the amount of responsibility put upon him for being the leader of the Li Clan. Eriol and Syaoran were inseparable , always together , ever since birth. Eriol did get on Syaoran's nerves though...more than once!

Syaoran was on the outside , a normal boy , with looks , brains and status. He was serious , not a joker and many times , forgot to live his life to the fullest. Yet he cared for none of this. He had a secret that no one , not even Eriol , knew about.

Syaoran was a dreamer. And he loved a girl. A girl that he had never seen.


Sakura was a normal , happy girl. She was cheerful , but quite dense. She lived with her father and her brother in Hong Kong and went to school like any other girl. Sakura Kinomoto stood out whenever she went to cheerleading practice , when she participated quite actively in Gym. This didn't quite help her grades in Math , of course.

Sakura didn't quite have many guys after her , even though many adored her looks and kindness. She was quite slow at understanding things and needed her best friend , Tomoyo , to often help her with life problems. Tomoyo was obsessed with Sakura's kawaiiness and videotaped her twenty four seven which often drew a sweat drop out of Sakura.

Sakura , even though she was a cheerful , happy girl , had a secret. She was a card captor , and with the help of Tomoyo had captured all the cards and transformed them into Sakura cards. Sakura matured through these stages , and began to have relatively deeper thoughts than she had before. She began to dream of a boy , a boy who loved her. More specifically , a brown haired amber eyed boy who had power just like her.

Sakura never told Tomoyo about her dreams , or what was in the letters she received. For she was in love with a boy. A boy she had never seen.

And it all started when....

a/n: Hey , I know this is kinda...ooc! And boring. But I needed these characters to be what I need them to be! This will be a cool story and is pure S&S....it's just about Syaoran choosing over his best friend or his love...which is quite hard. There is also a twist , cos' Sakura and Syaoran have never seen each other , and correspond through letters...And they don't even know each other's names or how each other look ect.

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