a different twist of twilight

by Treina Fifer

Declaimer: All characters belong to Stephanie Meyer

Chapter one- Forks, again…

This last semester of high school is going to blow, maybe. Who knows? My father, Charlie, just passed away the first day I moved back in with him. He was hit by a drunk driver in the town next to Forks. I feel sad, but at the same time I already went through this before; most recently 5 years ago when Renee told me Charlie died. She was one of the worst mothers I have had in a long time. Instead of me leaving and living with a caring father, who in truth was a lot like me, she destroyed what little happiness I had by telling me he had been killed in a routine traffic stop. The women never even let me go to his funeral. She dragged me all over the place with her and all her dead beat boyfriends or one night stands. I ended up being the butt of all there drunken rages. In all honesty I could have killed any of them with little effort or remorse. I am just going through one of my depressions, again...

It turns out Charlie had a decent life insurance set up in my name, he also left me the house and his ancient beat up Chevy truck. Since I was now 18 I was able to get it all. The house was small, but felt like home to me. The truck was rusted, dented a little (I will pop the dents out in the morning), and is so loud, but I love it. It really touched my heart to know Charlie still cared for me before he found out what really happened. Renee told him I didn't want to see him or the small hick of a town again. He still tried to find me though. I feel really bad for what she put him thru, even more so than myself. Before I leave this life of Bella behind for good I will pay the women a finally visit, should be interesting.

It's been a few weeks since the funeral. The high school started back up after Christmas break a week ago. Tomorrow was my first day of school in Forks. So I should probable get some sleep, who knows what adventures await me tomorrow. Just need to finish the closets secret hiding spot. I think I could do this in my sleep with as many times as I have done it. I just widen my door frame a bit for a seconded hidden door and handle, and then make a much shorter depth storage space. When someone opens it up it looks like a well-organized closet. But if I need any of my weapons then I just open the door knob on the inside of the closet, opposite of the exterior handle, and my closet pulls open like a bank vault of the sorts; Comes in handy with nosy parents.

I'm not your average teenager to say the least, not technically a teenager and not quiet human either. I'm a shape shifter, an original; not a half-breed or a weak wolf gene shape shifter from the reservations. I am very powerful and highly trained. I can shift in to practically anything. Unanimated objects are a bit trickier as well as anything else that doesn't have a heartbeat; I have to form a hard barrier around my heart so it isn't detected by any ears. When I'm not around anything paranormal by body will start the non-shifting change (I just call it the change), I will pick a body I am comfortable in and it will stick for a while. I will grow older, so it's best to pick a younger age when it happens, say between 12-16 years old. But when there are supernatural beings around then the shifting begins again and it's time to move on. I can shift whenever I like to, but it's more painful if I have to force the change. I tend to keep ruffle the same form most of the time; I just tend to feel more comfortable in this Bella form. It's the closest I have come to my true form. In my true form I have deep mahogany brown hair with threads of silver and gold running thru it. My eyes are a vibrant purple color. I also have faint white tattoos that run from the tops of my hands all up the top of my arms and shoulders and sides of my neck to corners of my temples. They are very intricate and have different animals and tribal marking threw them. The animals are mainly birds, large cats (like white tigers and female lions) and a white wolf. Those are the animals I tend to shift into. The smaller the animal the more painful it is to change. All your bones are breaking to form them. But I think it's worth it to run or fly free from your cares or worries, or just to defend yourself.

My people say my tattoos are markings to show I am the destined one, the one who will stop the slaughter of our race. There were always very few of us. The more we mated with humans the more diluted the genes got until there was no trace of the shifter gene in them. It doesn't take but a few generations for the most part for that to happen.

What was left of our people were haunted and slaughtered by a group of werewolves called the hunters. A powerful witch put spells on then so it would be even harder to kill one. There are only a handful of original shape shifters left. I don't know where any of them are, there in hiding for the most part, or so I heard. The werewolf's numbers have dropped dramatically due to a vampire in the Volturi called Caius. They seem to have really pissed him off sometime. The only problem with that is, he doesn't know about the hunters. They are much smarter than the regular werewolves. When they change by the full moon they are only driven by hunger and hatred. While on the other hand when the hunters change by the full moon they are driven by vengeance and hatred. They make plans ahead of time for what they are going to do, and they rarely make mistakes. I have killed at least 100 of them in my time; the only way to kill them is to decapitate them or rip their hearts from there chest. Silver slows them down, but only if it stays in them. They are also harder to create due to the witches spell. Regular werewolves have to bite you on a lunar eclipse, and then they are weakened for a bit. The hunters can only do it once every 50 years on a lunar eclipse, then they cannot transform to a wolf again until the 50 years is up. They are still strong in their human form but much more vulnerable and easier to pick off. I have so many weapons that I have created solely for them.

I've been doing this for almost 435 years. I've had more than my fair share of death, chaos, and moving. I have to try to stay in large groups of people so the hunters have a much harder time tracking me. But Sometimes I just want it to be over. Life isn't much worth living without someone to live it with. I have a soul mate out there somewhere, we have met twice. When we touch it's like a static charge runs threw me. I don't have to know him; I already love him as soon as we met. After our first kiss it's like we can feel the others pain or emotions. You know when they are sad, happy, in pain or in danger. The connection hasn't helped me save him though.

The first time we met was in a small frozen town in Russia. I was in my usual form of a girl about 17 or 18 with dark brown eyes and hair. I was just passing thru the town when my dog sled started to crack the ice on the pond. Luckily we didn't go thru the ice but it took most of the daylight hours to get safely across. Mason's families' house was on the very edge of town, he saw me just as I got off the ice and came to help. As soon as I saw him it was like my frozen body was turning into an inferno. We just stood there and looked at each other unable to look at anything else. His family had insisted on my staying the night inside with them. Before I went to sleep he came and stole a kiss from me. The next morning I awoke before anyone else and decided to cut some of the wood they had collect. As soon as I was outside I sensed the hunters, why had I been so stupid as to not cover my tracks? I ran to my sled to get my weapons. As soon as I pulled one out I turned and Mason was right there. He said he awoke from a dream and was frightened and didn't know why, so he knew I was in danger and ran out. I begged him to run back inside and barricade the doors. He was too stubborn to listen to me and run. He thought he was protecting me. I got him killed, he died in my arms. If it wasn't for the blind furry I would have welcomed death with him. Even if they would have waited for the full moon the five hunters didn't have a chance. I was in a deep depression for almost 50 years, never stopped chasing danger long enough to allow the change to set in.

The second time we met was in Chicago in the early 1900's. I was again in my usually form and I had just moved there with my family after our mother had passed. I was walking un-accompanied threw the town at dawn. It was a beautiful morning out when I stopped in the bakery for some bread. I paid my bill and turned to leave and ran right into him. Those green eyes, that have haunted me in my dreams for centuries, were right in front of me with his mother on his arm. I dropped everything I was carrying and froze. This has to be a dream, and I don't want to ever wake up. He just smiled at me and stared as well. After a moment we were interrupted by someone clearing there throat. I looked down and we were holding hands, neither of us aware of doing so. We both reluctantly let go and the spark I didn't even notice was gone. I introduced myself as marry rose and he as Edward Mason; of course it had to be mason, I laughed internally he even looked the same, apart from his hair. His mother smiled seeing her son so taken aback by a girl. She then told him to see that I got home safely and to carry my parcels, she would walk home on her own. We didn't talk a great deal on our way to my home, just walked very close together. Over the next week we were inseparable; well apart from a chaperons for me, he was very traditional in this life apart from a stolen kiss or two. On the fifth night he said he had a surprise for me and I had to close my eyes to get it. I humored him and did so. He walked behind me and attempted to put a necklace on me. But this wasn't an ordinary necklace; it had a cross and an onyx stone twirling around it. I noticed it too late and it hurt so badly when it landed on my neck that I ripped it off and gasped for breath. He looked shocked and hurt; I said I was sorry and ran down the street to my house and began to pack my things. The only thing that can truly hurt me is onyx. It's a poison to my kind; I don't even remember the legends to recall the meaning behind it. I could feel my body trying to change to heal itself; I wouldn't let it. I was gone within the hour. No notes I just left; I had to laugh a little at the time because he probable thought I was some kind of vampire or something. I was only gone a few months, I couldn't bare it any longer. The further I ran away from him the less I could feel from him threw the connection. When I came into town I tried to feel where he was and couldn't get anything. I pray he moved. I went straight to his house; the maid was cleaning the house and looked shocked to see me. She told me the family was going to leave when the Spanish influenza broke out but Edward said he wouldn't leave in case I was to return. She said the family had come down with the Spanish influenza and Edward and Elizabeth had just passed away that morning. I couldn't believe it, this couldn't be happening. As soon as I was out of sight I changed into a hawk and flew as fast as I could to the hospital. She was right they were gone. My soul was gone again because of me. I was inconsolable and hid in the forest threw out Canada until about 7 years ago when I became Isabella.