Chapter 23– the battle & uninvited guest Bella's POV

When the plane finally landed the glowing yellow elixir was finished and I felt incredible. No pains just this over abundance of energy. Before I got off the plane I changed into a pair of natural leather dark gray pants and a tank top vest made of the same material, and a pair of mid calf boots. My shirt didn't quiet reach my belly button so when I looked down I saw my hope tattoo was completely gone; well that sucks I usually stop the healing of that tattoo, guess I couldn't this time.

"You're going to freeze in a tank top, it's below freezing outside!" Meriwether said.

"I will have fur!" I stated. I grabbed my iPad11 and did a scan of the area to see what direction I needed to go. As soon as my program Mason was loaded a cluster of orange dots showed up on the screen in the opposite direction the newborn army was in. "Well fuck me," I muttered.

"What is it Isobel?"

"Mason run a thermal scan of the area." There were six orange dots but when the thermal view came on the screen there were a total of twenty eight hunters gathered in that one location.

Meriwether was looking over my shoulder now. "Oh no Isobel please tell me you won't go after them please," she begged.

I let out a deep breath, "I'm not planning on it right now I just wonder what there all doing together. I haven't seen that large of a number of hunters together like that in centuries."

"Just promise me you won't go after them it would be suicide." She was being a little to dramatic.

"Calm down drama queen, I just said I wasn't planning on it didn't I. I need to get to the truck and head out. I want you to stay here and out of the way, I don't want your help alright?"

She choked out a laugh, "of course you don't want help. The great and powerful Isobel wouldn't ask for help even if her life depended on it." I glared at her, "Fine I will stay here. I know this is like talking to deaf ears but be careful alright."

"I will see what I can do," I chuckled. I turned away from her and headed to my truck before I turned back to her, "Thank you Meriwether."

Her face lit up, "Anytime Isobel."

It took several hours driving threw the country to get to my destination; well it was as far as a car could travel I would have to travel the rest of the way by flight. I got out grabbed my belt with my glocks attached (I didn't think I would need them but better safe than sorry. The explosion from bullet impact would be hard for a vampire to put themselves back together.) and the two rat bombs. I also made a small note that I was hoping Victoria would get to read before I ripped her head off. It said 'I hear your looking for me? You want to know how I killed your precious James, you're about to find out?" I stretched, rolled the note up and attached it to a piece of string so I wouldn't drop it then placed the sting in my mouth. I shifted into an eagle grabbed a rat in each talon and took off above the tree tops.

As I got the first view of the wolves they weren't spread out enough, I didn't want any of the newborns to get a chance to escape. 'Spread out further and when the fighting starts you need to circle behind so no one escapes.' I ordered them in my mind; which I can do as long as I'm in an animal form. It's not something I have been able to do in so long I forget that I can do it; it's a shape shifter trait.

I could feel them complying reluctantly, 'who is this and who do you think you are to command my pack?' I heard the alpha bark at me.

I silently laughed at his spirit, 'Jacob I am your alpha for this battle. I'm sorry to have to do this but I can't let anything go wrong. It would be easier on you and your pack to just comply and not fight my commands I need your heads in the fight not fighting me, understood.'

'Fine, but we will talk after this is over! And how do you know my name?'

'I figured we might, and I know a lot about you Jacob Black but now's not the time to explain.'

The clearing came into view and I saw the newborn arm and heard Victoria's child like voice mocking the Cullen's. I let out a battle cry; which sounded more like a thunderous screeching noise, but it did do the trick of drawing attention to myself and terrifying the newborns. I drew my wings close to me and dived to the newborn army and leveled out when I was about fifty feet above them then I released the c4 bombs. It was a good size explosion which took out at least twenty newborns. I had landed on a branch next to Victoria's army.

Victoria screamed, "You trained a damn bird?"

I was highly offended, like anyone could possible train me, so I yelled/screeched at her. I got her attention and jumped from the tree and darted towards her then let go of the paper in my mouth. I landed back on my branch before Victoria opened the note. Her face was priceless; she went from complete shocked to outrage in the blink of an eye. "YOU," she hissed at me. I jumped from the branch again with my wings straight out in front before allowing myself to shift into a tiger. When I landed on Victoria I quickly tore her head off with my teeth.

The newborn army was now in a state of shock and disorder. It was a free for all; I didn't have time to think of my next move I just kept biting, clawing, and tearing apart whatever was within reach. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl no older then sixteen trying to hide in the trees clearly frightened and not wanting to be there. It was a split second decision but I jumped in the air landing on a few newborns backs before I jumped higher and shifted into an eagle again. I landed in front of her just starring for a second then I lowered my head to show her I wasn't going to hurt her. I took flight again just hovering above her before I took hold of her shoulders. She started to fight against me but I let out a call to make sure she understood to stay still and to her credit she did.

'Don't touch this girl unless she attacks you.' I told the pack.

'You think that's a good idea?' one of the pack members asked.

'Don't know, we'll see.' I released her behind the line where the wolves were. I gave her a stern look and pointed to the ground with my beak hoping to get the point across that I don't want her to run off.

"You want me to stay here?" she questioned in a whisper. I nodded, "ok."

I took off back towards the fight which everyone was now in. There was a fire started at the edge of the field where they were throwing parts of the newborns into. Carlisle was fighting back to back with Esme; Jasper back to back with Alice; Emmett with Rosalie; Eleazar with Carmen; Kate with Garrett; Irene with Laurent; Tanya and Edward. (I had seen pictures of the Denali's when I was with the Cullen's) I don't know what right I had to be mad but I was absolutely pissed. I shifted back into a tiger and roared as loud as I could. It shook the ground and caused the fight to pause. As I hit the army I just started ripping them apart taking arms, chunks of torso's, heads, whatever I could sink my teeth into I tore it off.

"AHHH…" I heard someone shout, the only voice I was even listening to in the crowd of vampires. I turned to see one of the newborns with his arms around Edward from behind him; he was crushing him and Tanya wasn't paying any attention she was too busy worried over the one she was fighting. I ignored the one I was fighting and went to him and tore the ones head off that was holding him. In the process the vampire I was fighting got a hold of my back right leg and snapped it. I roared out in pain before I turned back around to take the newborn out Edward had already removed his head. "Now were even," I nodded towards him in agreement then went back to work and helped finish the last of the newborns.

Everyone seemed to be in one piece when we threw the last of the newborns into the fire. There was a few with some missing pieces but they were easily put back together. They were all gathered together inspecting one another.

I turned my attention to the girl I spared and hobbled a bit over to her, she was in the same spot I left her in. A few of the pack members followed me over to her. One of the wolves stopped as soon as he got a good look at her; the girl turned towards him and stared right back. It was a weird thing to watch like you were watching some kind of intimate moment between two lovers. 'Oh my god, did you do what I just think you did?' I asked.

There was a round of laughter among the pack before Jacob spoke up, 'yup our boy Seth just imprinted with a vampire. Didn't see that one coming, don't think that has ever happened before.'

I felt her before I saw her she was very close. She whispered in our native language, "Isobel there are four members of the Volturi guard on their way here right now. They should be here in five minutes. If I show myself do you think they will hurt me?" Meriwether asked sill cloaked under her invisibility spell.

The rest of the group was now looking at the faceless voice silently wondering what was going on. I had to think of what I was going to do now. I had spent time helping the Volturi in the early eighteen hundreds but I was a bright redhead from Scotland going by the name Ezza. There were a lot of newborn wars over land at the time. The Volturi still owed me for my help because I never did accept any sort of payment, just an agreement that when I asked for it they could not refuse me.

I hobbled up next to a tree and leaned on it while I shifted into Ezza. I was about five nine, very lean and curvy with wavy hair as red a fire down past my hips. I put a barrier around my heart, hardened my skin as hard as a vampire, and turned my eyes golden. Replying in our language "I thought I told you to stay by the plane? Why would the Volturi be coming here? They won't hurt you I won't allow it."

As she appeared I heard gasps from the group but neither of us paid them any attention, "they passed by the area where the plane was. I came to warn you when it was safe for me to do so. I think they were sent here to stop the newborns but held back to see what would happen. I overheard their names its Alec, Jane, Demetri, and Felix."

"Alright, thank you now go." She looked at me for another moment before vanishing again. It didn't take but a second before I didn't feel her again. I looked back at the group, "The Volturi are gunna be here wee less than five minutes, I didnae the reasoning is but suppose 'twas their job to take out the newborns. The wolves kneed ta leave, dinnae (do not) ken (know) what the Volturi will do if they ken they exist."

"Who are you and why did you come here to help us? And how do you know the Volturi are coming?" Alice asked rudely.

"Ye can call me Ezza, and I 'ave me reasons why I came. And I ken cause the women who was jist here told me. We'll tell the Volturi I've been staying with the Cullen's for the past sennight ye and yer kin (family) have been teachin' me ye's life style. After they leave weel talk more."

"How do we know we can trust you?" Emmett asked puffing up his chest.

"Oui, why the hell would I risk me own life ta save yer arses; Ask ye selves that? Isnae asking ye ta trust me jist go along with me till thee bastirts are gaun (gone), then ye may be on yer merry way."

"Fine," Edward said without emotion.

I turned towards the wolves, "Ye all kneed ta get way from here. Seth can ye take care of the girl?" He got a lop sided grin and turned back towards the girl and nodded yes. "Good, do ye feel safe wit him? He willnae (will not) let anythin happen ta ye."

She tried to give me a warm smile but was much too shy, "my name is Bree. Thank you for giving me a second chance and yes I feel strangely safe with him. He is a man isn't he?"

I laughed as did the pack, "Aye he is. He will explain later but now ye need to get going NOW." I commanded. "Jonesy didnae let 'em ken yer gift, they'll think 'tis me shield in everyone. They may try and recruit ye to their guard if they did."

He chuckled, "what ever you say darlin I'm here at your disposal and I'm quiet at my leisure sitting on the side lines for a bit." He winked at me.

"I'm gunna hang back ta see what their reasons fur nay comin sooner are." I hobbled back behind them to stay out of the Volturi's sight.

Carlisle stepped towards me, "why isn't your leg healing? I could take a look if you would let me."

I was going to protest but Jasper beat me to it, "Carlisle I think she will be fine. Just stay back here with the rest of us we don't know what she wants in return for helping us yet; she could be dangerous."

I couldn't hide the hurt from his words, they were afraid of me. I let out a dry laugh, "yer frightened of me? I didnae want shat from any of ye, if I wanted ta hurt ye I wouldnae have risked me own life to save yer's I wouldave let the newborns destroy ye." I all but spat at them.

Jonesy stepped in front of me and yelled, "You all need to back the hell off her. If it wasn't for her you would have all likely been destroyed today." I had honestly never seen him so angry before he just usually let everything roll off his back. He turned around to me and spoke in a much calmer voice, "B how could people who treat you like this mean anything to you?" He leaned closer and wiped a stray tear from my eye.

"How can you cry?" Carmen asked gently. She was the mother figure among the Denali's.

"A curse," I answered her not looking up from my hands in my lap. I whispered to Jonesy not really caring that some of the vampires could still hear me, "it was long ago it doesn't matter anymore."

Rosalie spoke up next, "we've never met…" she was cut off by sounds coming from the forest.

The four Volturi guards stepped into the clearing all wearing black robes with the inside lined in red. The two in the middle were young barely looked thirteen. The girl had light brown hair and was a little less than five feet tall, while the boy had darker brown hair and was about five foot. One of the men beside Jane was a bulbous man close to six foot seven inches tall; he was bigger than Emmett. Felix robe was a little lighter than the others letting you know he wasn't as high ranking as the others he also wore a playful smile. The man next to Alec was a little over six feet tall with shoulder length black hair. Demetri kept a straight face but you could see the signs of a smile starting to show. The men were generally more playful then the somber twins. All their eyes glowed a bright crimson color showing that they had recently eaten.

They all looked around the clearing, "It appears that you all have done our work for us." Jane said in a bored voice, "just out of curiosity how many were here? They've left quiet a wake of destruction around London."

Carlisle was at the head of the group, "close to fifty."

"Fifty…" Felix asked in an unsure voice. "And you all took care of them all by yourselves, how?"

"They were unskilled," Carlisle stated trying not to get into too much detail.

"That still doesn't explain how you took them all out by yourselves. Sixteen against fifty are impossible odds." Jane accused angrily and tried to use her power on Carlisle, I could feel the sting threw my shield I had already placed around us all.

"Oui, yer being a wee bit rude Jane dear." The rest of the group moved away from me at the moment so the guard could see me fully. Demetri and Felix got goofy grins on their faces while Jane looked like a stubborn child who just got there toy taken from them. "Carlisle is trying ta talk ta ye rationally, yet ye try and use yer gift on 'em. Tisk tisk someone needs ta put ye in time oot, id be verra happy ta do so." I grinned at her causing her to straighten up and stand a few paces back.

Demetri was trying to hold back a snicker and I winked at him, "well hello Ezza it's been too long. I take it you gave Carlisle a hand here?"

"Aye that me did, the Cullen's 'ave been teachin me there diet. Just curious as ta what took ye so long ta get here?" I questioned them.

"We didn't know they were coming here to start a war with the Cullen's. What may I ask was the reasoning for the disagreement? Or perhaps just in the wrong place at the wrong time?"

"Nay ye ken me, like ta stretch me muscles a bit. Tends ta get me in a wee bit o'er me head from time ta time."

Both men started to snort with laughter, "That you do love that you do." Felix said.

I straightened my face and turned a bit stern, "didnae call me love." That caused Edward and a few of the Cullen's heads to turn in my direction.

Felix gave me a nod, "alright. So what are we going to do now?" he turned back to Demetri.

"We're not used to being rendered unnecessary. It's a shame we missed it, sounds like it would have been interesting to watch." Jane said trying to control her emotions. She doesn't like it when she can't use her gift or being put in her place; which I had done on numerous occasions.

"Demetri would ye mind passin on me message ta Aro?"

"Oh course my dear, what would you like to tell him?" Demetri bowed slightly.

I chuckled, "let 'em ken that the Cullen's and Denali's are under me protection indefinitely. Ye all owe me quite a bit and that's me demand payment for it all. Willnae ask for anythin else, do ye understand?"

Jane got a furious look on her face, "you cannot demand anything from the Volturi. You are given what we see fit to give you nothing more nothing less."

"Jane you need to calm down, she can demand payment for her services with us. You were not involved so you don't know the arrangement we had." Demetri turned back to me, "I will tell him. You all have nothing to fear from us we cannot harm you in any way from now on for anything. I think it's best we take our leave now. It was good to see you again Carlisle, Aro will be happy to know you are doing well."

"Thank you Demetri will you send him our regard please?" Carlisle asked

"It was more than a pleasure to see you again Ezza, you should visit sometime so we can spar again?" Felix said laughing a bit.

"Aye eejit, ye enjoy losin a wee bit too much." I chuckled along with him.

He flexed his muscles, "I'll get you one of these days."

"Nay, me doubt it. Tell Aro hello fur me and try and stay oot of trouble Felix and Demetri. Pleasure seeing you again Alec and Jane…" I busted out laughing, "who me kidding isnae e'er a pleasure seeing ye Jane."

She clenched her jaw as she turned around to leave, "Felix, Demetri I'm ready to go home." The boys both bowed at us then they were gone.

No one moved for five minutes we just sat there making sure it was all over. Rosalie turned back around to me, "so you seem to think we have met before. How is it none of us remember you?"

"Aye that we 'ave; 'twas a few decades or so ago though." I shrugged.

"We would have remembered you!" Alice snapped back.

"I'm easily forgotten," I stared back at Alice. I started to get up and hopple in the direction I came in from, there were things I could let my frustration out on.

Edward spoke next, "wait, you owe us some answers!"

"Me didnae owe ye nothing."

"I've never heard of a vampire with the ability to shift into different animals before?" Carlisle asked clearly interested in my gifts.

I chuckled at him, "neither 'ave I."

"You mean besides yourself. I can't get a read on your gifts like I can other vampires or humans." Eleazar asked. His gift was to spot what other gifts were; even if the vampire didn't know what their gift was themselves. If the gift was powerful enough he could tell what it was with humans as well.

I shook my head at him, "nay. And my shield protects me from all gifts, including yours."

"I don't understand what you mean; you're a vampire who can shift how can you not know yourself?" Eleazar said looking quiet confused.

"I'm naught a vampire; wasnae e'er (ever) human either," I shrugged again.

"We can see you are," Tanya said in a snide voice. "Your eyes are golden, your skin is pale and hard like ours, and you have the strength we do."

I growled a little and Edward stepped closer to her blocking her from me. In a voice that was laced with venom I said, "I didnae care what ye think ye see I'm tellin ye I'm nay a vampire." I let the barrier around my heart go and made my skin a little less pale.

I could hear their gasps when they realized they could now hear a heartbeat. "What are you?" Esme asked speaking for the first time.

"Doesnae matter anymore," I turned back around to leave I couldn't take being here anymore.

"You're not leaving until you give us some answers," Tanya snapped again.

I may not have to wait and find the group of hunters I may just take my frustration on the one causing them. When I turned around I knew my face was that of a predator by the way the group took a few steps back. "Me luv ta see ye try an keep me here against me will blonde; isnae e'er gunna happen." I turned my gaze towards Edward not bothering to straighten my face, "ye should take yer mates," I nodded towards Tanya, "an go home."

He looked confused at first then his face turned angered, "first this isn't my mate. Second, all were wanting is some answerers. Why does it matter to you who my mate is?" He growled at me.

I took a deep breath, "it matters naught ta me who ye mate it. Why should me give ye any answers when ye 'ave been nothin but rude and insufferable ta me since I got here? Were they this offensive ta ye when ye got here?" I turned towards Jonesy who got a disgusted look on his face as if he had just noticed what I was talking about; he shook his head no to me. A humorless laugh escaped me, "Aye so 'tis only me that causes yer hateful attitude perfect. Ye all want some answers fine but isnae gunna give ye any with oot getting some first. Why are ye an yer kin being so vile towards me when me been travlin fur two day ta get here an save yer arses withnae thought to me own life?" I asked a bit loudly.

The Cullen's all looked back and forth at one another before Carlisle spoke up, "I'm not positive on why my children are acting this way but I think I may know a little why they could be acting the way they are. A few of my children have gifts that could have helped in this situation and they are not able to use them which gets them a little annoyed but it's understandable in the situation. I think another reason is because you seem to know a lot about us and we don't seem to know anything about you besides your name." He gave his family a stern look; I think silently telling them to act better.

I silently laughter slightly and shook my head, "Aye me already told Edward sorry aboot it. Didnae ken me needed to apologize ta Alice an Jasper as weel." That earned me a dirty look from Alice. "And isnae my fault that ye didnae ken me verra weel. Ye wouldnae 'ave ta be askin what I was if ye had decided I wasnae a boring toy." I turned back around as I saw them trying to piece together what I had just said. I whispered to myself, "I need ta kill somthin else."

I started to walk away when Emmett yelled, "wait we need to know how we know you? You're just giving us more questions than any answers."

I just kept walking, I couldn't keep this up much longer. "Wait," she screamed from the right side of the forest. I growled 'I'm going to tear that damn pixies wings off' I thought to myself. She looked frantic and before I could even begin to yell at her she started in on me, "you promised you wouldn't go after them. Why are you doing this, its suicide; One against almost thirty? Please don't do this?" she begged not even bothering to talk in out native language.

I was tired of keeping up with the Scottish accent so I dropped it, "I told you to go already. Are you going to make me have to order you to do it Meriwether because I'm to a point I just might? And I never promised you anything and if I did then promises are meant to be broken." I started to go past her.

"I thought you were Scottish?" Jasper accused.

God dammit, I thought silently. I turned back around to them, "I can be whatever you want me to be," I ground out threw my teeth. "The Volturi know me as a Scottish woman so that's who I was. Who would you like me to be? Tell me please, just give me someone you would like me to look like who doesn't seem to offend you and your family so?" I yelled.

"What are you talking about?" Edward asked, not quite so hostile towards me.

"Well this body here doesn't seem to suit you and your family neither does me being a tiger nor an eagle, so please give me a preferred look you all would like?" I continued to yell; it felt oddly good to yell.

"B please just tell me what's going on?" Jonesy asked pushing his way thru the crowd who were about fifty feet in front of me.

"Why do you keep calling her B for? Her name is Ezza, shouldn't that start with an I or an E not a b?" Rosalie scoffed at him.

I started to laugh a little, "I suppose I should have added that face to the list of bodies your family seem to detest." They all looked to one another (expect Jonesy) and back at me as if I had gone mad; which in all honesty I might have. I turned to look at Meriwether who smiled slightly and nodded. I dropped my head and let myself shift to the girl I told myself died twenty years ago. "I just call her stupid girl, I'm sure you all have plenty of names you call her." I looked up to see seven traumatized looking vampires. I chuckled, "you want to know the depressing part of all this? Even after knowing how shitty you all have treated me I would have came, how pathetic is that?" I turned again to leave but to no avail again.

"How do we really know you're our sister and not someone who can just change to look like her?" Alice silently sobbed.

I started to shake slightly, "I'm not your sister. The only sibling I had died when I was six and I'm not looking for any others any longer; had that notion grind me into the dirt two decades ago. And I don't give a damn if you believe who I am Mary Alice." I bowed my head slightly, "I'm a shape shifter an original. That's what I was going to tell you the night I woke up from James attack. Now if you don't mind I have somewhere I need to be."

Jonesy tried to grab my arm but as he did I just shifted into white mist and rose higher into the sky before turning back into an eagle. If it wasn't for this new elixir there is no way I would be able to still shift after that fight. I could feel the bone in my shin come close to poking out thru the skin and I had a few bites from the newborns but I wasn't feeling much pain at the moment; at least not physical.

As I turned into mist I heard Jonesy yell for me to come back, Edward screaming my name as was several of the Cullen's and Meriwether screaming for me not to do this. I could also feel the Quileute trying to keep pace from the ground, 'Is it really you Bells?' Jake asked in my mind.

'Yes Jake it's me, you and your pack need to go back to where ever you're staying NOW. I don't need any help alright?'

'Don't do this Bells please, you don't know what losing you has done to Edward and the rest of the Cullen's.' He started to show me picture in his head of what they have been doing; it was like a slid show. Some of it I couldn't believe (well most of it I couldn't); like the Cullen's and the Quileute playing football or baseball together; Teasing one another, the Cullen's being able to step onto Quileute land because the treaty was no more. I could see the painful look on Edwards's lifeless face, how pained he was when I was gone. All the Cullen's looked sadden by me leaving and they had all been looking for me all this time trying to get me back.

I couldn't believe it, 'you have to be mistaken. Why would they go out looking for me they were the ones going to leave me?'

'You need to go back and let them explain Bella,' Jacob said.

I didn't know what to say, I was so lost in thought at what Jacob had just reviled that I didn't notice the hunter (a human hunter) below me point a bow and arrow at me.

'BELLA watch out,' Jacob screamed.

When I looked down and saw the arrow coming towards me the only thought I could had was 'eagle poaching is illegal.' That's when I felt the arrow go throw the side of my chest and left wing.