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Loki had always come to the realization that Thor was strong, although he had never truly found himself at the receiving end of one of the thunderer's blows before.

They had trained together yes, but it was always with light jaunting actions that really only created a bruise at most. And Loki found that somewhat ironic as he wiped the blood from his nose.

He looked down on the red against his fingers in numb disbelief. He could feel the liquid brushing the top of his upper lip, staining his skin a light crimson hue.

His eyes darted up as Thor came at him once more. He sidestepped, easy, doppelganger and turn, and he had evaded Thor's blow only to find himself stumbling into yet another one.

"Thor, this is madness! Wake up!" Thor's eyes looked dim, looked hollow, and he didn't respond to Loki's voice, didn't acknowledge the fact that, as his fist came into contact with Loki's jaw, that he was fighting someone who was unwilling to fight back.

The world spun for Loki then, a sharp pain blocking out every other element of feeling left, and his head throbbed and the pain blossomed, and he managed to utter three small words before he had disappeared yet again. The blood dripped off his tongue, slithered out from between his lips and Loki spit the metallic red out onto the snow.

He could see Thor twirling about in distaste; eyes frantic and searching and Loki took this time of invincibility to gaze upon Hestia.

She was focused as well, eyes never leaving Thor, mouth moving with unspoken words.

Loki turned his attention back to Thor. He felt the rage well inside of him at the thunderer being turned into nothing more than a puppet, and he started to Hestia, knowing that he must break her focus, take her eyes away from Thor, because that was how she was controlling him wasn't it?

Through that kiss she had started something, planted something, and with her focus broken…Her eyes darted wide towards him and Loki revealed himself.

He had never punched a woman before. But he hardly considered Hestia that so when his fist came into contact with her stomach, knocking the wind from her and breaking any connection she could have had with Thor, he didn't regret it.

In fact he felt a slight glee at being able to finally react to her properly, and as she stumbled against the snow his green eyes darted up to Thor hopefully.

He was standing stock still in the center of the snow, his toes red and his eyes wide, but he didn't move, not quite yet, and Loki felt the panic rising in his throat.

"You are a fool, liesmith, if you would believe me to be so weak that I can only manage a simple trick with my focus alone." Loki glared down to Hestia, hand shooting out and entangling itself in her hair. She gasped out as his fingers curled around silken locks, pulled her up so that he could clearly see the inhabited fear in her eyes.

"Stop this." He spat, eyes narrowing venomously against the dark. "Are you so far-gone that you cannot see that he does not love you?" Her face twisted then, contorted into something filled with rage and horrified understanding.

"He does love me. He does. You're just in the way, you're just pulling a blanket over his eyes–" A harsh blow to the back of her head shut her up and she crumbled pathetically to the ground by Loki's bare feet. He sniffed in disgust, turning to look up at Thor.

The thunderer blinked, once, twice, before his eyes darted down to Hestia and back up to Loki once more. Loki felt everything around him freeze when he noticed the anger in Thor's eyes.

"You still mean to hurt her?" Thor roared, rushing up and taking Loki roughly by the throat. His grip was intense, suffocating, and last time Loki only had to utter a few choice words to escape his lover's frightfully strong grip.

Of course when he couldn't say anything except a slight gasp of loosing air he couldn't free himself. He writhed in Thor's grip, nails digging into the skin of Thor's wrists. He tried to communicate with his eyes, tried desperately to tell Thor that this wasn't right, that his mind wasn't his own, but when black began to dance hazardly in the corners of his eyes he could feel his grip loosening on Thor, his eyes fluttering closed.

He was startled beyond belief when a dull 'clang' echoed about the air and Thor's grip on him fell away completely. Loki fell to the ground, coughing, wheezing, the tears that fell from his eyes were all his body's immediate instinct.

He couldn't get the air into his lungs fast enough, his lungs stinging tightly against the onslaught of fresh air.

Thor crumbled to the snow before him, groaning into the ice, eyes shut tight and jaw tensed. Loki's gaze darted up and he nearly laughed at the sight before him.

Archie stood in his striped pajamas, shirt too big for his lanky figure, and in his shaking grip he held a metal skillet. Archie swallowed, nodded, and let the pan dangle at his side. He regarded Loki as a mother might regard her child that had eaten all the cookies before dinner.

"What happened now, son?"

"So what're you goin' do with her?" Archie questioned, head gesturing to the limp body of Hestia on the couch. Loki didn't say much of anything, taking the packet of ice Archie had given him away from his swelling jaw.

"Thor return her back to Asgard and she will face Asgardian law." Loki said this numbly, eyes cold as he regarded Hestia's face. There was a slight smear of blood in the corners of her lips, and he glanced down warily at his hands. He had done that. Although he didn't regret it.

"And Thor? He gonna be alright?" Loki swallowed thickly, returning the ice to his bruised skin.

"I am uncertain." Loki muttered after a while, staring at Thor's crumbled body sitting on the floor beside him. Loki reached up and adjusted the bundle of ice on Thor's head, noting how Thor leant slightly into his touch. That small detail gave him some hope. "Will he awaken soon?"

"Aw, any minute now. I didn't hit 'em too bad." Archie finished with a shrug, sipped his newly brewed tea thoughtfully. Loki let his fingers trace down the turn of Thor's cheek, the hair of his beard. He smiled gently. His gaze dropped down to Thor's hands, and he took Thor's right one in both of his, trying to warm the chilled skin in his (hopefully) hotter hold.

It was an hour later before Thor's eyes fluttered, and the sun was already up above the trees, glistening orange and pink light against the white ground. Loki reacted immediately, kneeling before Thor and calling Archie to attention from where he was seated in the kitchen. Thor's eyes fluttered, the crystal blue Loki loved so much showing their color to the living room.

It took Thor a moment to process Loki's face, his hands against his own, but once he did his face twisted into one of pure regret. He freed his left hand from Loki's fingers, reached up and gently touched the puffed skin of Loki's jaw, his bloodied nose and scratched lip.

"Oh, Loki…forgive me. I had no idea of my actions, no idea what I was–" Loki placed his finger against Thor's lips, silencing the thunderer's stream of apologies.

"I know." Loki whispered, leaning in to press a loving, patient kiss to Thor's lips. "All is forgiven on your part." Thor's eyebrows crunched together, guilt written into every line on his handsome face.

"I have still hurt you." Loki shook his head, eyes solemn as his gaze flickered to the stirring Hestia.

"Not you. Her." Thor followed his gaze, eyes darkening as he spotted Hestia's flaccid form.

"She will have to serve many years." Thor concluded, standing and pulling Loki up with him. His blue gaze followed down, hands coming up and cupping Loki's cheeks.

"I will return as soon as everything is cleared." Loki nodded, a soft grin playing against his features.

"Be swift." He assured, sighing softly as Thor's lips touched his deeply once more. When they pulled back Thor nodded, turning to Archie and smiling warmly. He then proceeded to retrieve Mjolnir and his armor upstairs, and, coming down he shook Hestia roughly before pulling her to her feet.

She staggered, her head bowed and as she followed Thor out the door in the kitchen her eyes met Loki's one final time. Hey gaze held nothing but shame.

Thor took them outside in the rising sun, held up Mjolnir and allowed both him and Hestia to be obscured by the most thunderous of lights. Blue eyes met green. A simple smile, a nod, and a crack of electricity and Thor and Hestia were gone, melted snow residing in their place.

Loki watched the barren spot for a while before returning back into the kitchen, sitting himself down at the small table.

Archie sat down beside him, harmonica long and sleek between his old fingers.

"How long you gonna stay this time, son?" He asked, and Loki turned his gaze to stare thoughtfully out the window. It had started snowing again.

"As long as I can." He responded, smiling wistfully. Archie nodded, taking in Loki's frostbitten toes. He shook his head, clicked his tongue, and stood, pouring Loki a glass of milk and warming it in a small pan above the stove. When he handed the warmed liquid to Loki the trickster took it without hesitation, enjoying the way it heated his chilled fingers and relaxed his mind.

As Loki thawed Archie began to play his harmonica, the high, light notes ringing softly throughout the quiet farmhouse. Loki let himself relax back against the chair, eyes slipping closed as he listened to Archie's music. Distantly, the snow danced.

Thor had been gone for two days.

In that span of time Archie had been teaching Loki how to bake cookies (four eggs, not three, no Loki, you can't use magic to heat the butter, it'll taste funny, stop trying to heat the cookies with spells, it's a lot more meaningful if you just wait the eight minutes for them to cook…).

Loki was beginning to grasp the concept, although as he watched the dough rise in the oven and gradually turn a light golden brown he failed to see the point in waiting for so long when you could just snap your fingers and then they'd be done.

But Archie had insisted and Loki had listened, and the old man was quite pleased with himself when their fifth batch came out good. No weird magic side effects, no frosting that turns into snakes, nothing but simple nice cookies with delicate white frosting. Loki had to admit that they did taste better.

Archie had announced that today was Christmas. Four days later after Thor's departure. Loki had never heard of a holiday like that before.

Archie didn't have enough money for a tree. But he did hang up ribbons and mistletoe, and put on a nice old tape of Midgardian Christmas songs.

They were sitting in the living room before the fire, listening to "The Little Drummer Boy", which Loki liked the best, as they head a quiet crackling and a distant thump from outside. Loki jumped up, forgetting his tea and cookies and raced to the door in the kitchen, flung it open and stood, smiling, at a fast approaching Thor.

The thunderer was walking up to the small farmhouse, grinning broadly and when he held open his arms Loki didn't hesitate to rush into them.

"Took you long enough." Loki reprimanded, although his tone was softer than he had meant for it to be and Thor simply laughed, gazing at Loki with open fondness.

"It was a messy affair. Hestia is held for sixty years beneath Asgard. After that I am unsure about what will happen to her." Thor's hands came up, cupping Loki's face delicately in his hold.

"I have missed you." He confessed, lips brushing against Loki's with every word.

"And I you." Loki concluded, arms wrapping about Thor's neck to pull him into a deep, excited kiss. When they pulled away the smiles were still evident on their lips, and Thor tilted his head, pondering.

"You do realize that all of this, our being together, came from your pride?" And Loki was caught slightly off guard, eyes narrowing under Thor's accusation.

"My pride? Thor, you were the one who never left. All this comes from you…" And Loki leaned up to plant a firm kiss to Thor's lips. "…And your sick pride." Thor bent down to kiss Loki once more, their lips moving with familiarity and vigor, and Loki sighed into the kiss, lips parting to breathe Thor in completely.

"Promise me we will have quiet now." He sighed, green eyes bearing deep into Thor's blue, his lips murmuring against Thor's with every word. The thunderer laughed, a deep throaty chuckle, before his hands caressed down and rested firmly on Loki's hips.

"I thought you liked a little chaos." Loki scoffed, eyes dancing, and he shook his head slightly.

"I have had my fill for the moment." And Thor nodded his consent.

"Quiet sounds good." And he leaned in to kiss Loki once more, beneath the mistletoe hanging gently above their heads. And around them the snow fell, and as they joined each other fully in their room later that evening the whole world seemed to pass by in a beautiful, heavenly, blur.


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