Piplup And Meloetta's Quality Time

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I have a feeling of goodness since I'm the first person to literally do this. I'm gonna relish this as much as I can. Enjoy! ...If you can. Hehehehe...

Piplup was having a great day. Clear blue skies, great green, grassy meadows. Nothing seemed to go wrong for the little water type penguin...

...Except when Aria Meloetta suddenly tackled him into the ground.

"Agh! What is this?" Piplup exclaimed as he tried to break free.

Meloetta giggled as she narrowed her eyes, smiling deviously. "Teeheehee... looks like I found me a new bastard to do me one!"

Piplup screamed, until he stopped, eying Meloetta oddly. "Wait, what? You want me to blow you up the ass?"

Meloetta licked her lips. "Oh yeah..."

Piplup pushed Meloetta off of him, folding his flippers. "That's not a way to start a sex oriented fanfic. We have to have some depth, get into the mood, y'know?"

Meloetta wrapped her arms around the back of her head. "Oh come on, you cute little penguin. We don't need any fluff. This is just for the what the fuck factor."

Piplup continued eying Meloetta. "I got a bad feeling about this." He closed his eyes as he lifted his head. "Besides, you wouldn't be interested in me. I'm gay."

Meloetta giggled as she covered her mouth with both of her paddle shaped hands. "You know that I'm technically genderless, right? I can go either way!"

Piplup opened his right eye. "What do you mean..."

Meloetta licked her lips together. "It means, you won't be the one doing the ramming, penguin boy..." She then grunted as she closed her eyes, summoning a large white penis.

Piplup slapped his flippers on his face, screaming in horror as he shook his head. "No... that's impossible!"

Meloetta scoffed as she rolled her eyes. "I don't use my penis unless it's an emergency." She then sucked in her penis back, her private area returning to being a vagina. "It's convenient that I can have both a penis and a vagina. It makes sex all the more easy." She giggled as she clapped her hands together, raising her right leg as she closed her eyes. "And boy, do I wanna have some hot penguin sex!"

Piplup raised his flippers as he backed away. "Hold on, now. I don't wanna slap anyone's shits... we have to take this into consideration, you know..."

Meloetta's stomach growled loudly, causing Meloetta to gasp as she placed both of her hands on her growling stomach. "Oh no! My tummy is on empty!" She shrugged as she giggled. "Aw well! Icing can wait!"

Piplup's eyes widened with fear. "This chick is nuts..." He then screamed as Meloetta grabbed him by both of the flippers, pulling him close to her.

Meloetta rubbed Piplup's lower region, revealing his bright red cloaca. Meloetta licked her lips in delight as she rubbed it, moaning as she felt aroused. Piplup was unable to say anything, feeling aroused while horrified at the same time. He wanted to break away, though at the same time he wanted to stay, making the situation sticky.