After the fight that wasn't explained, because this story needs to go places, Piplup totally devastated Oshawott, leaving the otter Pokemon in ruin, typical anime swirly eyes in Oshawott's eyes. Piplup triumphantly laughed as he placed both of his flippers on his hips, turning to Aria Meloetta.

"All right, my dear, let's get back to action." Piplup stated as he rubbed his flippers together, sticking his tongue out as he lowered his eyes, chuckling sinisterly.

Meloetta giggled as she pulled out a pink carton of vanilla icing out of her butt. "All right, let me just rub this baby on my vagina first..." Meloetta then ripped the lid off, placing her left paddle shaped hand in the carton, taking her hand out, now covered in vanilla icing and rubbing it in her vagina, moaning with pleasure as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Piplup snatched the carton of vanilla icing and gobbled up all of the icing, burping as he tossed the empty carton away. He then took in a big deep breath as he pulled out his red cloaca and forced it into Meloetta's icing covered vagina. Piplup cringed due to the cold icing, but he ignored it as he kept pushing his cloaca in, panting frantically as he started to sweat.