Title: What They Know

Author: Kathea

Rating: K

Summary: Because "Neighborhood Watch" demanded something be written. I only obeyed. From both perspectives…enjoy. Two drabbles for the price of one.


What He Knows

He knew she couldn't cook to save her life. He knew she could fight like a ninja. He knew without a doubt that she had his back. Marty Deeks knew all of these things about his partner.

Now, he knows how much heat her body generates in the night when she's pressed against him. He knows how her sleep sprawl will have her draped across him by morning. He knows the silky feel of flesh in his hands before she wakes.

He knows that Kensi isn't good at sharing bathroom space or picking up after herself. He knows that she'll curl up on the couch after a long day. He knows the feel of her lips on his.

He knows that his bed will feel empty tonight. He knows his apartment will be far too quiet. He knows his left hand will feel something beyond empty without that circle of gold.

He wants to know how things will ever be the same again.


What She Knows

Kensi knew Deeks was a good shot. She knew he talked incessantly. She knew he was smarter than his surfer Barbie image relayed. She knew that he did undercover as well as she did, if not better.

Now she knows how much younger he looks in his sleep. She knows the heavy weight of his arm across her waist. She knows exactly how he body can fit snugly surrounded by his. She knows the feel of his breath on the exposed skin of her neck.

She knows he picks up her messes throughout the house. And that he cooks really well. She knows he made her laugh that first night in bed together. She knows that they fit as a unit in public. She knows the awkwardness is long gone. She knows the feel of his scruffy beard on her cheeks as they kiss.

And now, all she wants to know is if she'll feel the heavy weight of diamonds on her finger and it be real.