His body was warm on her and heavy, crushing her without causing pain. She loved to feel his hands undressing her with patience, his deep blue eyes drinking in each curve her clothes revealed as he shed the layers of her inhibition.

She gasped when his lips first touched her breasts, when his mouth traveled up and down her blushing skin. She didn't touch him, her senses lulled and overwhelmed, but then she did, when his arousal made it hard for her to hold back. She had desired him before, dreamed about the sensation of his skin pressed against hers but never expected him to make her feel so good. Her body trembled underneath his loving touch, his eyes arousing her simply by looking up when his name escaped her lips in a rich, low whisper. He then encouraged her to just let go, to tell him what she wanted him to do. And so she did, her cheeks blushed when she first stroked him, his voice spurring her on to melt her last restraints.

She loved to give him pleasure and took her time to watch his face while she did. It was his tongue tickling her belly button that finally triggered her body to jump, she was so sensitive to his touch. His eyes sought hers for reassurance or permission, then kissed away her sudden fear. When he buried himself inside of her, she pressed her head into her pillow, her lips tipsy when she moaned his name. He was slow when he rocked her, careful not to cause her any discomfort, committed to driving her over the brink before he would find his own release.

When she tensed around him minutes later, her mouth claimed his with a tender kiss. Groaning her name with an intensity that made her shiver, Perry finally collapsed into her arms to meet her bliss. Together they lay entangled, indulging in the aftermath of making love. It was a memory of many that followed, their lives forever conjoined, their bodies finally acceding their union of soul and mind.

The End