By Kenn, Faith, Dawn

Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Buffy the Vampire slayer and I don't really own the story I read 'A SHIFT OF REALITY' and just thought it ended a little to soon so I decided to write this but I changed a few bits around, Faith and Dawn still together Spike goes of and becomes his old self again pre-chip and a few twists that cause the characters to act the way they do.


Faith was standing outside the door of her girlfriend's house 1630 Revello Drive, just as she was about to knock on the door. The door opened and Buffy stood in the doorway she looked at Faith and let her in then walked to the bottom of the stairs and called up


"Ok I'll be their in a minuet" came the reply from Dawn

Buffy and Faith walked into the front room and waited for Dawn to come down, all though Buffy wasn't thrilled with Faith and Dawn being in love with each other she had finally found it inside herself to forgive Faith for what she had done to her in the past, and was even debating asking Faith to move in to the house with them and share Dawns room, she trusted her not to touch Dawn until she reached legal age. Dawn came down the stairs and saw Faith and Buffy standing next to each other so she walked over to Faith and said

"Come on then babe lets go"

"Dawn would you stop calling her that in front of me, you know I don't approve of this relationship but I trust you both to know the limits"

"Relax B, Dawnie's just having a laugh with the name all we've done is lay on my bed and kissed a few times and gone no further. Do you think I want to go back to prison?"

"No I know you care for Dawn, but I do want to know where you're going?"

"We're going to a restaurant then out shopping, after that who knows"

"Ok but stay safe I don't want anything to happen to my sister?"

"Of course B we'll be safe don't worry she's with a slayer"

With that said the two girls left the house and headed into town for the day leaving Buffy in the house with Willow who was getting ready to go out with Tara the two of them had decided to give their relationship another chance. Willow had apologized for abusing her magic power and using it for almost everything they had worked out their differences and were getting back on track. Buffy was grateful at this she thought they belonged together what she didn't know is that Willow and Tara were going on a double date with Faith and Dawn who had arranged to meet up at the espresso pump before heading to a restaurant out of town where no one new Dawns age so they wouldn't ask questions about the age between Faith and Dawn when they kissed. Dawn and Faith had waited at for five minuets then spotted Willows car approaching it stopped they got in the back Faith opening the door for Dawn and shutting it behind her then she walked round the other side and she got in and closed her door and off they went. The restaurant was about ten miles from Sunnydale when they arrived they made their way in and found a table ordered their food and enjoyed themselves, after a hour in the restaurant they made their way out and got in the car and headed back in to Sunnydale.

On the way they saw a girl trying to hitch a ride Willow pulled the car over and the girl asked

"Are you heading to Sunnydale?"

"Yeah we live their"

"Great everyone else who has stopped for me have never heard of the place or ain't going that way despite the fact they're heading in that direction"

"Well lucky for you we stopped then"

"Yeah I'm Kennedy by the way"

"Hi I'm Willow" said the driver

"I'm Tara" said the girl next to her

"I'm Faith" said the dark haired girl in the back

"I'm Dawn" said the brunette sitting next to Faith

"Are you sure theirs room for me in their?" Kennedy asked

"Of course there is Dawnie come and sit here" said Faith pulling Dawn on to her lap

"Thanks" said Kennedy as she got in the car and shut the door

"Where in Sunnydale are you going?" asked Willow

"I'm trying to find someone he's a friend of my uncle" Kennedy said not wanting to reveal to much to strangers

"Well it's a pretty small town maybe we know him, who is he?" asked Tara

Kennedy decided that the four people in the car looked trustworthy enough so she said

"He's called Rupert Giles"

"What do you want Giles for" asked Faith

"I was told to give him a private but urgent message, do you know where he lives?"

"We know where he lived, he's moved back to England" said Dawn

"Damm I'll have to go to England and find him"

"Don't worry Kennedy we know how you can get in contact with him quicker" said Willow


"We've got a phone number for him in England"

"You have, who are you?"

"We've already told you"

"No I mean if you know him you must stand out"

"I think the question is who are you Giles has never spoke of a Kennedy in the six years he's been in Sunnydale"

"Damm I guess I better trust you seeing as you know him you probably know what he does"

"What that he's an ex-librarian, the former owner of the magic box shop or do you mean his other profession?" said Willow deciding to save Kennedy the difficulty of saying it

"Yes I was sent to find him by my watcher, just before he died"

"Right lets take her home fill B in on the sitch and get in contact with Giles" said Faith

A/N ok i've decided to post this and see what the reaction is to it and which way i should end it when i reach that far so for now enjoy and reveiw it if you like it let me know what your best bits are and teh worst bits any reveiw is positive.