Pride and Joy- Part 12

Rating: Teen

A/N: Hurt my knee playing soccer so as I'm couch bound for the next week, look for updates!

Leo and Jed made their list and handed it off to Charlie who they knew wouldn't say anything to anyone. It was nearly 5 and the McGarry- Cregg clan had a 9pm flight to catch to the Bahamas. Leo managed to get Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off to take his family to The Atlantis Resort which had the girls quite literally bouncing off the walls.

"Margaret, I'm leaving my beeper, all the files and briefing books. I will have my cell phone on but you and the President are the only ones who know that. Please email me if you need anything immediately in the next five days; CJ is taking her laptop and the hotel has internet but please, emergencies only," he instructed. Margaret couldn't help but smile at him. In the past 12 years she worked for Leo, he'd gone on exactly 2 vacations and both were in the past few months. CJ and the girls were giving him a new outlook on life and she was glad for it.

"Will do," she nodded. "Here are the tickets, flight info, and confirmation number for the hotel. The car will pick you up at 6:45 at home and the hotel shuttle will pick you up at the airport; same thing for the trip home."

"Thank you so much, Margaret, for fixing the schedule. Both girls are thrilled about the trip."

"Have fun!"

Leo and CJ met up in the foyer and made the short trip home. It was supposed to be a quiet weekend in the West Wing. Josh and Sam were manning things and the Bartlett's were leaving for New Hampshire in a few hours as well so there wasn't going to be much to report.

"No brief case?" Leo teased.

"I'm reading Dr. Spock and a bodice ripper this weekend and nothing else," she declared.

"Can I have Dr. Spock when you're done?"

"I got you a book written by Dads for new Dads; the woman at the bookstore recommended it," she said as she kissed his temple. Leo was all over anything and everything to do with the new baby; he wanted to be the best Dad possible for Boo and as supportive as possible for CJ.

"Thanks!" he beamed. He was glad CJ let him have such a big role in planning for the new baby; Jenny did all of that when Mallory was born.

"I'm glad you're so interested," she confessed as she climbed into the car.

"Why wouldn't I be?" he asked, confused with her statement.

"Most Dads your age aren't hands on like you are; most Beltway Dads aren't for the matter either."

"I was a Beltway Dad for Mallory and I regret it. When Mary and Molly came into my life, I knew that I had to make changes and it's totally worth it. I like not working all the time and getting to spend time with them. And it's quality time too. I know what they're up to, what's going on with them and I love it. I'm not like those other guys who only know their kids by the updated desk picture their wives send them. That was me once and never again."

"I'm glad you're happy," she grinned.

Once Leo opened the door, they were greeted by two suitcases, two full backpacks, his empty back pack and CJ's tote bag. The girls were sitting on the steps, both dressed in shorts and t-shirts, waiting for their parents to come home.

"We have to have dinner and leave in less than an hour," Molly scolded. "Spaghetti water is boiled so go get ready!" she instructed.

"Yes, Ma'am," Leo teased as he kissed her head.

CJ couldn't help but laugh. "Can you to make dinner while we finish packing?"

"Hurry up; we don't want to miss the plane!"

Leo and CJ quickly got changed. Leo was in cargo shorts and a Michigan polo shirt and CJ was in a pair of basketball shorts and a Berkley t-shirt.

"No Daisy Dukes?" Leo teased.

"My Daisy Dukes won't accommodate your child," she grinned as she rubbed her very slight baby bump.

"You have Daisy Dukes? How did I not know this?" Leo exclaimed, bug eyed.

"There's a lot you don't know about me," she winked.

Leo and CJ reappeared 15 minutes later with their bags packed, ready to go on vacation. Spaghetti was on the table.

"Can we play at the water park?" Molly asked.

"Sure," Leo nodded as he took a bite.

"Can I have a pedicure on the beach?" Mary asked.

"Count me in for that," CJ nodded.

"Can we go surfing?" Molly asked again.

"Girls, we can do whatever you want," Leo smiled.

"This is going to be the best vacation EVER!" the little girl cried.

As promised, the car showed up at 6:45 on the dot. It took 3 minutes to load and lock up the house and soon the family of five were at Dulles Airport. They found the check in desk for US Airways and got in the check in line.

"Passports," Leo said to himself as he dug them out of his backpack. He had his and both the girls as he was their sole legal parent. He had the notarized letter from his lawyer, just in case. CJ had hers and the tickets.

"Good evening," the check in agent said with a flirtatious smile directed at Leo. He'd lost 10 pounds since Thanksgiving and toned up quite a bit. This, coupled with his casual attire, made him look edible, at least in CJ's opinion. "Going to the Bahamas?"

"Yup," Molly grinned.

"Passports and tickets, please," she said with a smile, this time, directed at Molly.

CJ handed her the tickets and put her arm around Leo, making sure her left hand and the beautiful engagement ring where in plain sight.

"Have a wonderful time," she replied as she handed them back their papers with a slightly more restrained smile on her face. Everyone grabbed their carry-on and they headed for security.

"She was flirting with you, Leo," CJ whispered in his ear.

"Really?" he said, loud enough for the girls to hear.

"She was totally flirting with you, Daddy," Molly said as she absently looked around the airport terminal. She'd only been in Regan long enough to pick up her grandmother. Air Force One landed at Andrews Air Force Base so Dulles Airport was a new experience for her.

"Even the 10 year old noticed," CJ laughed.

"I had no idea," Leo replied honestly.

"I know; that's why I love you," she grinned as she pinched his butt.