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Water and Ice

Kyogre looked at his twin brother, taking a quick rest on the beach. He has light blue hair, and crystal clear eyes, while Kyogre had dark blue hair, and crimson red eyes. They were swimming with the rest of the family for the family gathering. Kyogre saw Mewtwo and Mew cuddling together.

"Hey Kyu, look!" He said in a whisper

"What Kyo?" The Kyurem Gijinka groaned, and then looked and saw the two. "That's nothing new, Miu (Me-You) and Mau (My-You) have been dating for a while…"

"But…isn't that incest?" Kyogre asked his Fourteen Year-old twin

"No it isn't, Arceus-Sensei said it wasn't, and He is almost always right…" Kyu responded, pulling Kyo down by his swim trunks to lie down next to him. Kyo blushed

H-h-e doesn't know…

Kyo looked into his brothers eyes, and buried his head into his chest. It was normally like this for the Twins, and they watched their siblings play in the sand or in the water. Kyo closed his eyes, having fantasies that couldn't come true, or though he thought. He felt jolted awake by Kyu, and was shocked by what happened next. He felt his brother's lips on his own, and his face went crimson

"K-k-kyu…" Kyo let out a moan, and felt his brother pull away

"Come on, it's time to go eat." Kyu told him, his cold eyes giving away no emotion.

Must he always be like this? Kyo thought to himself as he ran along to his brother's side, and felt Kyu hold his hand

"I love you…more than what I should…" He told him under his breath

"I love you the same way too…" Kyo replied as he kissed his brother again, sending a shock town there older siblings spines

"Kyo! Kyu! W-h-hat are you doing!" Ray exclaimed

"Aww….I knew it! So cute!" Reshi screamed

"I think I'm going to be sick" Zek put his hand over his mouth

"Oh no…I think I'm going to…" Ground fell over, passing out…

The two released and laughed

"Come on, we have to eat right?" Kyo asked, fragging them along to get food