Welcome to the first of a series of oneshots based around Hetalia characters and their deepest fears. To start, Italy Veneziano- cuz I luvs mah little Italy :D

Draw a circle, that's the Earth.

Draw a circle, that's the Earth.

Draw a circle, that's the Earth.

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Autophobia- The fear of being left alone.

Italy fears a lot of things- thunder, lightning, spiders, snakes, the dark… but despite all these other fears, one thing scares Italy Veneziano more than anything else in the world:

More than anything else, Italy fears being alone.

It started long ago, when he lived with Grandpa Rome. He thought Rome would always be by his side, always be with him. But, nothing lasts forever, and Rome abandoned Italy. (He knows that Rome wa killed; yet still he feels abandoned.) He was left all alone, and he felt that no one in the world cared for him.

…That is, until the Holy Roman Empire.

Here was someone who never gave up on him, even when Italy would run away. (He ran, always ran. He doesn't want to be abandoned again.) No matter how much Italy ran, how often he hid, Holy Rome chased after him, hand extended in an offer of friendship.

(Italy took that hand too late.)

But Holy Rome left, just as Rome did- off to a brutal battle. He promised he would be back, that they would see each other again, just like Grandpa Rome had promised.

And just like Rome, he never returned.

(He promised. He promised he would come home! Why? Why did they have to lie?)

From that point on, Italy stopped hoping for friends that would stay. He had a couple girlfriends here and there, human women he wasn't really supposed to talk to. As soon as they looked like they might leave him, he would panic, and leave them first.

(Then he would be alone again.)

He kept a happy face, just like Grandpa Rome told him to. "If you smile for long enough, eventually you'll feel happy no matter what," he always said. (He was wrong.) (He goes through life like nothing's wrong, says hello to strangers, flirts with women, learns new ways to make pasta, and pretends. Italy is good at pretending.)

Then Germany came along. Originally terrifying and more than a little mean, Germany had soon become his friend. Maybe something more than a friend. Slowly, Italy feels that his many fake smiles are becoming genuine. Germany works his way into Italy's heart, as a friend. As a lover. As a lot of other things that he isn't sure he wants Germany to be.

Now he is afraid again. Afraid that Germany, despite all his promises and 'I love you's, he is afraid. He's scared that Germany will tire of him, and then he'll leave, and Italy will be alone, just like all the other times. So scared, oh God…

No matter how many times he falls asleep with Germany's arms around him, no matter how many stupid whims he grudgingly indulges, Italy worries that one day, the clock will strike midnight, the coach will turn into that same shitty pumpkin, and the happy times will be over.

(He waits. The day never comes.

Maybe, this time, the dream won't end. Italy hopes. But he never hopes too much…)

Germany brought him flowers today- pale blue forget-me-nots and bunches of goldenrods. It's a rare gesture for him- Germany isn't used to being kind or gentle. They're waiting on the counter with a note attached.

Ich werde dich immer lieben

This note does funny things to Italy's suddenly, he knows…

Now, Italy realizes, this isn't a dream. It really will last forever.

He laughs a wonderful, genuine laugh. When Germany gets home, Italy throws his arms around him and cries his joyful tears.

This time, it's real. Maybe now, he doesn't have to be alone anymore.

(From that day on, his smiles are always real.)

Germany's note says 'I will always love you' in German, for those who are curious :D

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