Bring me to life

How can you see into my eyes?

Like open doors?

Leading you down into my core

Where I've become so numb

'I'm sorry Yuki, you will be better without me'

Kaname Kuran took a deep breath "As you heard Yuki, there won't be anything between us, you were fooling yourself. You are just a mere girl who I saved out of pity, nothing more.. I won't repeat myself again ..." He continued in a low dangerous voice "Stop bothering me"

With that he gave her his back and started walking to the Moon dorms 'I'm sorry, you don't need me anymore Yuki, you have your own family now, your own life. And you have someone will protect you from whatever might happen'


When he walked far enough and she can't see him anymore, he stopped, how stupid he was when he was thinking of turning her, just because he was tired of his loneliness, pretending, and of his false facade.

He was going to waste Juri's sacrifice just for his own happiness, how selfish. Juri's decision is the best for Yuki, he knows that, a pureblood's life is a curse, and it would be a torture for little Yuki.

He closed his eyes and sighed when he sensed an angry present approaching. He heard the angry shout "Kuran you bastard! What did you do to her?! I thought you loved her in your own way! How could you make her cry like that have you no shame?! Listen to me you sadistic bastard if you came near her ever again I swear I'll shoot you in that head of yours, got it?!" Said Zero trying hard to prevent himself from shooting the arrogant pureblood in front of him.

Kaname didn't open his eyes; he shrugged "Yes I got it Kiryu. Just to let you know, you can have her all to yourself it's not my damn business from now on. Now if you excuse me I have things to do better than listening to you" He walked away never looking at Zero and leaving him wide eyes.

'As expected from you Kiryu, I hope I don't regret leaving her in your hands, and Cross's of course'

Zero watched when the other man walked away gracefully, as if he didn't say anything other than greeting! What the hell?! How could that damn bloodsucker say something like that?! He doesn't love Yuki anymore .. Is that even possible? One day he was doing everything for her he even gave him his damn blood just to protect her then the next day he says he doesn't love her! Was it all a game to him and now he got bored and throw them away? Wait.. What them?! No he just throw Yuki away, but.. Somehow this seems wrong, secretly Zero was respecting Kuran for some reasons, so.. Maybe Kuran really did this for Yuki's sake.. He grabbed his hear in frustration "Argh damn you Kuran what the hell was that?! Fuck you!"

"Zero are you there?" Called Yuki outside his room's door, it has been a week since Kuran told her that she doesn't matter to him anymore, and to get out of his way. She told him what he said to her that night when she was crying, hell.. It was hard to shut her! But it seems that she had got over it now, she started to stick by his side longer these days, and that somewhat comforted him. He was always worried about her when she was talking to that bloodsucker. And about the bloodsucker.. Kuran was attending his lessons as usual these last days, and all of them he was ignoring Yuki, no smiles even, but today he didn't shown with the others. He wonders why is that? Of course he isn't sick because that monster never get sick, maybe he is busy he has a lot of work on his shoulders after all. Hell if he has a free time he will come to bug him as usual!

"Zero! I know you are here so open the door!" Yuki yelled again cutting his thoughts 'That's better why I'm thinking about that bastard anyway!'

He stood to open the door "Coming Yuki, what is it why are you so worked up like this?"

Yuki put her hands on her hips "Don't say that while you were just sitting here and made me waiting all that time! Anyway Zero tomorrow me and Yuri will go to a cave near the school for some homework for the history teacher.."

Zero roll his eyes "Don't tell me that you two are scared and want company"

Yuki pouted slightly "Of course not silly, I just told you because you have to take all the guardian's duty" she giggled "Don't skip that Zero or Chairman will punish you. don't be stupid and wear your jacket you know its colder these days, good night" She waved to him and walked to her room .

"Night Yuki"

Zero sighed and closed his door. Dammit he was planning on resting well tomorrow, as Yuki said its getting colder and what anything better to do other than sleeping, but unfortunately that won't seem to happen.

He cursed through his breaths while he was walking to the Chairman office. It was around the 1 PM in the noon and in Holiday at that ! What is it with that stupid Headmaster to call him at this hour?! he was just finished his patrol in the school and it's His rest time!

He opened the office's door without knocking " what is it"

His eyes fell on the figure sitting calmly next to the Chairman "And what the hell is he doing here?!"

It seems the bastard has shut off his aura so he wouldn't sense his present, but something about Kuran was off he noticed .. He was wearing just a black shirt and black pants, who would be crazy enough to wear that in the first days of winter's season! No doubt how crazy they are but he wonders if purebloods ever get cold? and yeah .. Of course something would be off about the bloodsucker because it's his sleeping time in the middle of the noon.

Cross stood up quickly "Oh my son Zero! Yuki didn't comeback till now ! Something must have happened to them!"


"She told me they won't be late but look at the clock it has been 6 hours already and they didn't comeback yet! Oh my poor Yuki I hope she is okay!"

Kuran put one hand to cover his face and stood up "Let's go find them Kiryu, and stoop yelling we have wasted enough time"

Zero said between a gritted teeth "Why are you even here Kuran?! I'll go by myself you stay out of her life as you said!"

Cross raised his hands "Please Zero don't make it any harder I asked him to go with you it's dangerous to go alone you won't know what would happen"

While Cross was talking Kuran opened the door and left quietly, Zero turned to glare at his said Father "Fine I'll go with that bastard but don't you ever do that again we want him out of our lives for god's sake!"

When he exited the room he saw Kaname leaning on the wall and his arms crossed on his chest waiting for him, it seems that he heard him .. so what ?! He wanted him to hear anyway .

When Kaname saw Zero coming he started walking without saying a word, Zero walked with him silently cursing under his breath .

Zero's eyes widened "Is this the cave?! It looks really small"

Kaname said while he was entering the cave and lowering his head slightly "Just the entrance is small but you'll see once we enter"

Zero stared at Kuran's back for a moment, Kuran was taking his time in his walking! He smirked and speed up his steps, he pushed Kaname's back forward "Hurry up there is no time for your grace and ... Agh!"

He closed his eyes when he suddenly fell after Kuran and expected the hard rock to hit his head, but the hard hit didn't come at all instead he felt something a' little' gentler than what he expected. He opened his eyes slowly and his eyes widened slightly when he knew that Kuran has used his hand to prevent his head from hitting the rock directly. He stared at the other with his mouth slightly open and shock is written in his eyes. Kaname closed his eyes to avoid his gaze and sighed "Would you mind getting off of me Kiryu you are definitely not as thin as you think"

Zero jumped immediately, dammit he was lying on top of the bastard without realising it!

Zero watched Kaname staring at his injured hand with a blank face, he wanted to apologise but he couldn't, he opened his mouth and closed it again without any word. The bastard deserves this anyway doesn't he?! He glared at the wall next to him, he knows that he was mad at himself more than the other "You shouldn't have done that, I would have been just fine" He couldn't look at the other in the eyes because well .. He was feeling guilty.

He heard a cracking sound and turned his gaze to Kuran surprised, he blinked when he saw Kuran just closed his fingers and opened them, then he stood "Don't get full of yourself, I didn't do it for your sake"

He snorted and said sarcastically "Oh I forgot you did it for Yuuki didn't you?"

He watched Kuran's features closely but felt disappointed when the other just answered coldly "Drop it, I won't be pleased if you fell unconscious and I have to carry you all the way back"

He grimaced but his eyes never left Kaname who brushed his clothes from the dust and offered a hand towards him "I hope you didn't get hurt Kiryu?"

Zero stared at the offered hand for a moment, why is Kuran doing this?! Is something wrong with him?! Never in his life Kuran had treated him as a life being, so what's the deference now?!

He scowled before standing on his own "I'm fine, don't pretend you that you even care .." He glared at his feet and said in a low voice "I hate it .."

Kaname lowered his hand and sighed "Just to let you know I wasn't pretending and I wasn't concerned either, I was just being polite"

Zero yelled suddenly at the other's face "Well don't be! Since when did you care to be polite to me Kuran?! What's wrong with you anyway did you hit your head or something?"

Kaname shrugged before he turned and started walking "I can sense them from here Kiryu, let's keep walking"

Zero cursed silently and followed him, dammit he was confused! Why is the bastard behaving this way? It couldn't be because of Yuki he was fine all the last week . So what?

Kaname stopped suddenly causing Zero to bump into him "Don't stop all of sudden you bastard there is someone walking behind you bloodsucker!"

Kaname said calmly un fazed by the frustrated boy behind him "They are here, and they seems fine. There is a faint smell of blood so maybe one of them hurt herself and they couldn't get back. Well Kiryu .." He looked at Zero in the eyes "I'm sure you can return them without me"

Zero stared at the other for awhile, there must be something bothering him.. deeply. Somehow Zero didn't like it and didn't know why. It's obvious that Kuran doesn't want Yuki to know that he was here too. that explains why he didn't walk further in. At last Zero shrugged "Fine"

He watched Kuran walking until he disappeared from the sight. He walked to the place where Kuran said they were in, and he was right. He saw Yuki and Yuri sitting and talking with some giggles "It seems there are someones having fun while the others are looking for them?"

Yuki hurriedly jumped "Zero! I'm glad you came! See Yuri I won! I said you would come and Yuri said Kuran senpai would, and I won"

Zero looked at his feet to avoid looking at her eyes "Well congratulations for you Yuki"

"See Zero Yuri injured her leg and we couldn't get back "

Yuri giggled "It was stupid of me I was excited "

"It's okay, you really got us worried I'm glad you are fine, now let's get back it's freezing!"

Zero lay down on his bed, it was a long tiring day. Carrying Yuri all the way back didn't help either, it's right that he is a vampire but still that took a lot of energy.

He wonders .. What's wrong with Kuran today? He couldn't take him off of his mind! Something was not right, he turned on his side and stared at the window, tonight is so much colder than the nights before. It seems he won't be able to sleep with that bastard occupying his mind!

He stood and took his jacket 'I think I should see what's the matter myself '

He walked to the Moon dorms, sure the vampires would be awake but he doesn't care, he will talk to Kuran and ask him then leave, there's no big deal about it!

'I'm sure he won't answer me if he was on his nature.. But if he was in the condition he was on in this afternoon well ..' He doesn't know what to think.

He knocked on the door, he remembered the night when he came here then Kuran gave him his blood, it's hard to know what the other is thinking about.

The door opened and Takuma stared at him surprised before smiling warmly "Wow hello Zero-kun to whom we own the pleasure?"

He put his hands into his pockets and stared with bored eyes at the other "Takuma-senpai, is Kuran here?"

Dammit he wants to get this over with!

"Oh! No he isn't .. He didn't comeback since the Chairman called him. He told the maid he would be late, do you want to come in till he get back Zero-kun?"

Zero shook his head with a light frown on his face "No I'll be back in another time"

He turned on his heels and ignored Takuma who waved to him "See you soon Zero-kun!"

The idiot didn't comeback when they found Yuki why?! Is he stupid or is he stupid for staying out in this freezing night?!

Why is he so worked up anyway?! He knows the bastard always disappears suddenly. It's not unusual thing for him. But still ..

'I guess I should look out for him, but first I have to take something'

Where is that dammn bloodsucker he has been searching in the woods for hour now and it just getting colder! Damn that basterd he doesn't even know if he was still in the woods or not! Wait .. It seems that he can sense the other's presence now.

He walked to where Kuran's aura was coming from. His eyes widened slightly, a lake? In a place like this? It's the first time he knows there is a lake in this place.

"What brings you here? Not just taking a walk I assume?" Came that calm quite voice, although it was hoarse from not talking for a long time.

Zero looked at the other closely, as he expected Kuran wasn't wearing anything other than the black shirt, and he looks .. miserable to say the least. He was sitting on a big rock next to the lake staring at him with half closed blank eyes.

He said quietly careful not to put any emotion into his voice "What are you doing here at this late hour?"

Kuran closed his eyes and held a sigh "I think I asked you first, didn't I Kiryu? besides .. It isn't late for me"

Zero inhaled deeply, Now or never .. He said to himself. He took some steps to the other and when Kuran didn't open his eyes nor move he put the jacket he brought with him on Kaname's shoulders.

Kaname opened his eyes hastily, he raised his head and stared at Zero silently asking him. He lowered his eyes after awhile "I'll admit, you shocked me, but thank you Kiryu"

Zero took steps back and smiled briefly "You are welcome"

To his surprise he saw a hint of smile on Kuran's lips before he turned his blank gaze again to the lake.

Zero put his hands in he's pockets casually and kicked a small stone towards the serene looking water "So .. Why are you still here? Do You know you stayed out here for almost ten hours or maybe more?"

All he wanted was to shut his mouth and return to the Academy, why is he still here with this bastard?! What the hell brought him here in the first place?!

He flinched when he heard Kuran's calm voice "No, I didn't bring my watch"

It's no use, something was keeping him here, the same thing that prevented him from sleeping peacefully. Okay he is worried for the pureblood bastard so what?!

He bit his lip and turned his eyes to glance at the other "You didn't answer my question Kuran, is something wrong?"

His eyes widened slightly when Kuran lift his lost gaze to the dark sky "The snow will fall at any minute"

He hissed at the bastard's way in avoiding his question "Kuran!"

A light frown appeared on his features when he saw the faint smile on the other's slightly pale face "That's my answer Kiryu"

He did like Kuran and lift his gaze to stares at the dark sky. The snow started falling like Kuran had said, he turned his gaze to the other .. He was staring at the falling snow, he looked lost, lonely at the moment.

He clinched his hands to fists, what's wrong with him?! Why he hated seeing Kuran in such a state?! Isn't that what he wanted to see all the past for years?! Isn't that what he longed for?!

Seeing this arrogant pureblood in pain, watching him suffer like he himself had suffered the past years!

Why he couldn't laugh at the other's face or at least smirk in victory?!

However, that's not what he wants to do right now. There is absolutely no pleasure to be had in seeing a noble spirit broken. Was Kuran's spirit a noble or not?! He doesn't know. He had saw how Kuran was treating Yuuki before, and that still confused him till now. After all, there are a lot of things about Kuran he isn't aware of.

His clinched fists loosened. For oblivious reasons, he hates seeing Kuran like this.

He whispered quietly before he could prevent himself "Kuran .."

He watched when Kuran closed his eyes while the snow was falling on his unusually pale face "You see Kiryu .. When it's always the first night to be snowing, I find myself bidding farewell to someone was dear to me, I just .. have to let go .. Forever"

He stared in awe when he saw a sad anguished gaze flickers inside those wine-red eyes before it disappeared completely. Does he mean .. Yuuki?

He couldn't hold back the question that passed through his lips hastily "Kuran you didn't have to leave her if you still want her so why did you?!"

"It's for her sake that I left her Kiryu and you know it, besides .. She doesn't need me like she used to. I don't regret leaving her Kiryu, and this is the last night I'm thinking of her this way"

Zero raised one eyebrow still amazed "Can you?"

He didn't waver when Kuran meets gaze with a smirk "Try me"

He sighed and sat next to other and didn't miss the slight surprise in those dark eyes "So do you hate these nights?"

He watched when Kuran shrugged and turned his blank gaze to the lake "I don't know"

A small smile tugged on his lips, he knows that Kuran was confused about his sudden behaviours but chose to ignore it. If he didn't ask he won't offer to tell him, that if .. He himself knows what the hell is wrong with him!

His smile faded slowly, he knows he might regret his recklessness tonight, Kuran might throw it on his face later. He sighed and chose to ignore this depressing thoughts. He kept his gaze in front of him when he asked after a moment "You knew it's cold tonight why didn't you wear something warm?"

Came the lazy replay "We don't get sick Kiryu"

He turned his wide questioning eyes to Kuran "But sure you feel the cold right?"

He frowned when Kuran didn't answer, he hesitated before he took Kaname's cold hand in his "You are freezing! Let's get back"

He was surprised when the other didn't snatch his hand from his and just knitted his eyebrows with a quiet "Why..?"

Zero knew what Kuran was asking about, and he doesn't blame him. He stood and grabbed the other to stand with him "I know it's weird and I don't know how to say it but .. It was obvious that there is something bothering you and it wasn't like you to let it show" He let go of Kaname's hand "So.."

He bit his lower lip when he saw the confusion in Kaname's dark eyes "You were worried?"

He scowled to cover his unwanted embarrassment "No I wasn't worried vampire! It's my job as a prefect .."

He stopped his mumbling and shut his mouth when he saw a smirk on Kuran's lips "You know you are lying Kiryu"

He wanted to deny it or to shout at the other or anything but he couldn't, he just stood there lips slightly parted and his eyes widened. He got hold of himself and closed his lips before smiling slightly. That's better, never in his life he thought that he will be relieved someday at seeing Kuran's smirking face. But well .. Here he was.

He blinked when Kaname suddenly turned his face to the side, his dark hair fell on his face and hide his eyes from Zero "I apologise for everything I did for you Kiryu, I was jealous .. But now it doesn't matter" He turned his gaze again towards Zero "Will you be able to forgive me Kiryu?"

He stared dumbfounded at Kuran's blank face, does he mean it?! Truly?!

He held the other's gaze for a moment, what he will be able to see inside those empty dark eyes?! His lips slightly parted in surprise when he saw a hint of pain, anguish and loneliness into the wine-red orbs. His heart ached, he doesn't want to see that look again, it's pains him without him knowing why!

He shook his head after a moment "We are even Kuran. I'm sorry for everything bad I said to you as well as stabbing you when we first met" He chuckled "I can't believe I'm actually saying this but .. Can we start from the beginning? Maybe we could be friends?"

He offered his hand to Kuran for hand shake, he didn't know what got into him .. But when he saw the sad and lonely gaze in those dark brown reddish eyes he realised he doesn't want to see it in those eyes again, and he will work on it.

His smile widened when Kuran took his extended hand and shook it gently "I don't see why not?"

Although he was wondering about the unexpected gentle shake, he smirked "Yeah, there is no girl we fight each other for anymore"

To his surprise a genuine smile graced Kaname's well shaped lips.

Without a soul,

My spirit sleeping somewhere cold

Until you find it there

And lead it back home