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Stay For Me

It's gonna take forever to get over you

And I don't think this pain`s gonna go away

Scars left when it's said and done remain

Zero stayed quietly waiting for the Chairman to comeback, his tears has already dried, if Kaname wants to leave so be it. There was nothing between them after all, it was just a stupid game to Kaname, and a pathetic dream for Zero.

That's what you get when trusting a pureblood, when loving a pureblood.

He sighed and turned his gaze to the window, Kaname will leave, he wonders where he will go to? And for how long he will be away? A couple of months? What's that supposed to mean?!

However deep down, and from the look that was on Kaname's face, he knew that Kaname will be gone forever. He won't comeback, and if he did, it will be just for a brief moment to check on his vampires. He won't be a student at this Academy again.

He closed his eyes forcefully and clinched his hands to fists "Stupid..!"

He kept his expressions indifferent when he sensed the Chairman coming, everything will be okay if Kaname left right?! He won't suffer every time he sees him around, he won't ask himself why the other didn't attend the classes, he won't be bothered at all.

He stood when Cross entered and noticed his presence "What took you so long?"

The cheerful ex-hunter smiled sheepishly and gestured to the book in his hand "I got a new cooking book! Isn't that awesome?!"

Zero inhaled deeply, he turned his gaze away and said in a cold tone "Kuran asked me to tell you, he will be leaving for a couple of months"

Cross blinked for a moment before he put the book on his desk and adjusted his glasses "Did he come here?"

He nodded still keeping his gaze on the window and staring at the dark sky outside "Yeah, he came here before awhile ago. He also said that Ichijo will take over his place"

Cross dropped his body on his chair with a sigh "I see"

Zero walked lazily to the window, he lift his hand and touched the cold glass with his pale fingers. He muttered mindlessly more to himself than to the other "He won't be back isn't he?"

He kept his gaze focused on the darkness outside when Cross sighed deeply "I don't think so, there's nothing keeps him here anymore"

His hand froze when he heard that statement, that's true, aside from Yuuki, there's nothing keeps Kaname in the Academy other than to insure the peace. He never will be a reason for Kaname to stay, he is just a pawn to Kaname to play with isn't he?

He lowered his slightly shaking hand to his side. There's a question still lingers on his mind, he kept his voice indifferent when he asked "Chairman, why do Purebloods sometimes drink lower vampire's blood?"

He clinched his hands unconsciously, there might be a reason, maybe Kaname was hiding something. He was also curious, why does he want Kaname's blood and not Yuuki's?! Although it's just a blood! The headmaster might answer that as well.

He held his breath when Cross answered calmly "There's a lot of reasons Zero-Kun, sometimes they drink from other vampires to avoid attacking the innocents. As you already know Purebloods are different from the other vampires, so the lower vampires blood might be just like the humans blood to the others. However in some special cases, Purebloods are much more affected by their feelings, they crave the blood of the ones they love. As you already heard, there are a lot of them turned insane after their mates death or even killed themselves" Cross sighed deeply "Although they are the most powerful monsters, they also the most pitiful creatures"

Zero stared wide-eyes at the darkness in front of his eyes, Craving blood?

Could it be..?!

No! no way Kaname would crave his blood! But .. The way his eyes were gazing at him before he had bitten or even kissed him. The longing he saw in those dark eyes, that desire, could it be true?!

He drowned a shaking breath, Kaname had warned him before didn't he? He had asked him to go away, he told him to not get close to him again.

There might be ..

There's still hope!

He should ask Kaname himself, he clinched his hands. He will be devastated if he was wrong, but he might lose Kaname for good if he didn't give it a try!

He sighed and excused himself from the smiling Chairman. He closed the door behind him, he should go and sees him right now.

He froze when he saw Yuuki in front of him ..


His eyes widened when she smiled "You shouldn't waste your time here Zero, or you will lose your only chance!"

He blinked "What..?"

She smiled sadly "I'm sorry Zero, I know I was selfish in keeping you away from Kaname-sinpai. I might not forgave him yet but I want you to be happy even if it was with him"

He hesitated "Yuuki.."

She cuts him off "I have seen the way he looks at you. He never stared at me like that, he was always holding back when it was about me but with you .. Well."

He tilted his head in confusion before she patted him on the back "Don't worry about me I have Hanabu.. Oh I mean Aido-sinpai!"

He ruffled her hair gently when she giggled "Thank you Yuuki"

She pushed him forward still smiling "Hurry up time is almost up!"

He nodded before he ran as fast as he could,

Please god I beg you, don't make him leave me. Please let him stay For me.

He stopped in front of Kaname's door. The building was empty and this is something he was thankful for. He took a sharp breath before he opened the door quietly. Kaname must had sensed his presence already so why bother to knock?!

He entered and closed the door softly behind him. He leaned on the door and surveyed the room by his eyes, it was almost dark, there was just a dim light allowing him to notice the figure who was lounging on the couch with an arm thrown over his face. The other arm hung over the edge of the couch in a fist. He sighed as his eyes took notice to the open suitcase on the bed, it was half full of clothes.

He stood there allowing his eyes to memorize the other's beautiful body, the soft dark brown hair, the slightly tanned skin. He blinked when Kaname cuts off his thoughts "What do you want?"

He grimaced at the cold tone, this might be hard, but he have to do it. He walked slowly to the couch, he hesitated before he knelt next to the other. He kept his face indifferent when Kaname moved his arm from his blank eyes and arched a perfect eyebrow. He asked bluntly "Do you want my blood?"

He felt satisfied when he saw Kaname's eyes widened slightly, he smirked before he leaned closer to the now tense body. He held Kaname's now wary gaze and ran his finger on the other's neck gently and noticed how his body shuddered under the small touch "Who knows?! Maybe you are craving it?"

He hissed when Kaname pushed him back roughly, he hit the floor and winced at the hard impact. He couldn't regained his breaths when Kaname straddled him to the ground and grabbed him roughly by his collar "What exactly are you playing at?!"

He wasn't surprised at all with how violent Kaname was, if anything it just make everything like Cross had said. There's no way that Kuran would be affected by something other than that, because it's out of his control. He glared back at the cold wine-red eyes and knew the other was furious, well if he was mistaken, he would be dead for good "I'm just confirming a suspect. If you wanted my blood why didn't you say so?! It's not like I'm going to refuse!"

Kaname's grip on his collar loosened, he stared at him for a moment before he let go of him completely "I know you won't refuse, you think you owe me something, but you are not"

He frowned at what he heard, Kaname knew he won't refuse?! So why the hell he didn't ask him?!

Kaname answered the question in Zero's eyes "If it would be just once I might tell you but.."

He saw Kaname clinching his fists and let the remaining part of the sentence to hung in the air. He put his hand gently on Kaname's cheek and suppressed a heavy sigh "You could have told me, you were about to make unforgivable mistake you know? I wouldn't have forgave you if you left me like this"

He smiled when he saw the war inside those dark wine-red eyes, he knows that Kaname was preventing himself from taking his blood at the moment. He admired the other's control power, and the position they were in right now wasn't helping at all.

He moved his hand from Kaname's cheek and rested it behind his head instead before he leaned him closer "Take it, we will talk after that"

He sighed when he saw the hesitation in the now hungry red glowing eyes "Come on Kaname, believe me it's okay if it was you, just be gentle"

He held his breath when Kaname leaned his head closer to his neck, he shuddered when he felt Kaname's warm breaths on his skin. He heard Kaname whispering into his ear "Despite my actions, I love you Zero, push me away if I took too much"

He felt his heart pounding firmly inside his chest, he closed his eyes,

He said he loves me ..

It will be alright.

He put his arms around the other's and brought him closer, he tangled his fingers in the soft brown locks and whispered softly "I love you too"

He tightened his hold on Kaname when he felt the other's soft lips on his skin, Kaname was kissing him gently. He bit his lower lip when he felt Kaname licking the spot before biting down gently.

He inhaled a shaking breath when he felt his blood was drowning from him slowly. It isn't really that painful, maybe he was afraid of it because he was shocked before, but now ..

He groaned softly and lowered his hands from Kaname's hair to his back and shoulder, he forced his body down gently. He wanted a close contact so badly, to his surprise Kaname obeyed and purred softly. He bit his lip to prevent himself from moaning when he felt the warm body that pressed on him completely. He clinched the other's shirt when his feelings became too much, he didn't noticed the blood that ran down his chin from his wounded lip.

He closed his eyes forcefully when Kaname finished drinking and was now licking his wound clean. He opened them again when he felt Kaname sitting up, he nearly groaned at the loss of the contact.

He ran his shaking fingers through his hair, he was feeling dazed. He knew it wasn't because of the blood loss, Kaname didn't take too much, apparently it's because the strong feelings that overcome him. He focused his gaze on Kaname who was eyeing him with a worried gaze "Are you okay?"

He smiled weakly and sat up slowly "Yeah"

He blinked when he saw Kaname's gaze rested on his lips, he heard Kaname's velvet voice "You really know how to seduce me Zero, how careless of you to waste your blood like that"

He held his breath when Kaname licked his chin slowly, he shuddered "Kaname.."

Kaname licked his wounded lip gently before he leaned back "You said you love me as well Zero, didn't you?"

He nodded slowly with a questioning gaze, Kaname took a deep breath "Do you know what's that mean?"

Zero smiled warmly and took Kaname's hand in his gently "I'll give you my blood Kaname and I'm not afraid if it was you"

He stared surprised when Kaname lowered his head suddenly and his soft bangs prevented him from seeing his eyes, apparently he avoided his gaze "It's not just like that" his hold on Zero's hand tightened "You should be aware about how dangerous I'm. I do love you Zero, but I don't want you to live uncomfortably with me"

He smiled at Kaname's truthful words, he put his hand gently on the other's cheek causing him to lift his sorrowful gaze towards him. He felt his heart ached when he saw that gaze, the beginning of his love to this pureblood in front of him. An empty yet sorrowful eyes.

"I love you Kaname" he smirked "I'll stuck by your side even if you were a pain in the ass"

He saw the amusement flickers inside those wine-red eyes before Kaname leaned to kiss him gently on his lips "I'll show you just how pain in the ass I could be"

Zero yelled when Kaname pushed him down on the floor "Pervert!"

Takuma smiled to himself when he stood in front of Kaname's door, tonight there wasn't a suffocating aura from Kaname's room, and he was thankful for that.

He knocked on the door "Kaname we are leaving to classes right now" he waited for a moment before he continued "Zero-Kun isn't with Yuuki in front of the gates do you want me to look out for him?"

He tapped his foot on the ground as he waited for the answer, his eyes widened when he heard the calm voice instead of the cold tone he expected or to be ignored like usual "Actually Takuma, I don't think he will be amused if you found him at the moment" he blinked when he heard the amusement in Kaname's voice "Truthfully he might shoot you with Bloody Rose"

Takuma blinked again when he heard a light 'Och!' Then he heard Kaname chuckles. Is Zero there with him?! He smiled sheepishly "Okay I won't risk it"

He intended to walk away when he heard Kaname's voice again "No classes for me today Takuma, make sure no one will bother us"

"As you wish Kaname"

He went away with a bright smile on his face.

Zero hissed angrily "You shouldn't have said that!"

Kaname smiled innocently "Why not?"

Zero scowled but didn't answer, Kaname kissed him gently on the forehead before he brought him closer to his bare chest "You are too fun to tease Zero"

Zero relaxed between the warm arms and lift his eyes to stare at Kaname with a smirk "Are you still leaving?"

Kaname buried his nose in the soft silver locks and inhaled the sweet scent deeply "Not after the love you showed me last night"

Zero punched him on his shoulder causing him to chuckle softly "Bastard!"

He smiled warmly and rest his head on the other's chest "Are you feeling content Kaname?"

He nuzzled Kaname's chest when he felt him playing with his hair "I'm, as long as you are by my side"

He lift his head after a moment to stare silently at the depth of Kaname's wine-red eyes, they aren't empty like they used to be, their gaze isn't sorrowful, they aren't lifeless anymore. He couldn't get enough of watching it, the deep warmth in Kaname's beautiful eyes like he saw in his dream.


I saw it,

That gaze,

The genuine happiness and warmth in My pureblood's amazing eyes.'

How can you see into my eyes like open doors?

Leading you down into my core

Where I've become so numb

Without a soul, my spirit sleeping somewhere cold

Until you find it there and lead it back home

The End.

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