Devil and angel

Chapter 1

Everything went downhill after the truth about his real father was uncovered. Everyone either hated him or was afraid of him. Shiemi trembled every time she noticed him, Izumo frowned with obvious hatred, Konekomaru practically whimpered and tried to run after just a glimpse of him and even usually calm Shima glared at him with disgust. But what hurt Rin the most was the way his ex boyfriend acted. Bon eyes were cold and full of regret.

Bon and Rin were dating secretly for a few months. Yes, they were fighting like cats and dogs and were usually shouting at each other but the truth was they enjoyed their little spats. It was exiting to rile the other up and usually led to hot make up sex afterwards. Well, it was a little awkward for Rin to have to hide his body from his boyfriend, so he wouldn't see his tail wrapped around his torso. Bon understood though and after one heated discussion he accepted it. The young demon knew that he shouldn't lie to him like that but he was afraid of Bon's reaction. Of rejection, hatred and pain. And he was right.

He couldn't take it anymore. It was bad before, with his own twin brother – the one who always cried for his help, the one Rin protected at any cost – who simply tolerated him and told him plainly that he hated him. Yukio only stayed because he felt he was in debt - it was his time to protect his family but he didn't have to like it. But Rin managed to find solace in his friends and in Bon. He loved him with all his heart and hoped that the older boy returned the feeling. He hoped that their love will survive after the truth was revealed. Rin knew now that hope was the stupidest thing one could hold onto. It crushed you more, broken your heart completely if you believed in something that wasn't true.

Once again Rin found himself on the roof, looking at the starry sky. Tears were silently rolling down his cheeks but he refused to pay them any mind. Kuro was curled up against his side, trying to comfort him with his warmth and soft, gentle purring.

"I hate them!" The cat suddenly exclaimed, looking at his friend. Rin was startled from his sad thoughts, glancing at him in alarm. "I hate them for treating you like that! It's not fair! Why don't they react like that to Mephisto? They know he is a demon! And what about me? Shiemi still thinks I will let her pet me after all she did to you! Aren't I a demon as well? Why do they hate you so much?"

"Kuro… They don't hate me just because I'm part demon. It's because of Satan and of that bastard's flames I have! You know that. And I'm glad they don't hate you, I don't want you to feel as I do. I know you liked Shiemi, it's alright to let her near you. I won't be mad or anything. Don't say you hate them, please. I don't…" his voice broke again. "I don't hate them at all, I just… I'm just so lonely…" This time he was sobbing and hugging the cat closely to his chest, hiding his face in his warm fur.

"Oh Rin… I'm sorry…"

Time passed by and Rin managed to tame his emotions. He was mostly numb. He ignored the hatred, he ignored the coldness and he ignored the fear everyone was projecting around him. He didn't smile or laugh anymore and was unusually pale. His eyes just lost it's shine.

Because of finding himself so alone again, he threw himself at his training. He wanted to prove to them that he was worth something, that even if they didn't like him he could still be at least useful. And deep down, he still wanted to be strong to be able to protect them. Even though they thought he wasn't their friend, he felt that they were his.

Yukio was happy with him and that made Rin a little relived. His twin approved of his hard work and even taught him more in his spare time. Also training with Shura was pleasant. She was the only one who didn't hate or fear him. The only problem was that he never actually liked her much, but now he couldn't be picky, so he took any smile he could get.

Thanks to his emotions being so numb he managed to learn to control his flames. He was depressed, sure but he tried to shove it all down and lock it away in his mind, so control came easier to him. Still, he had to work hard to get there. But now he had a deadly weapon at his disposal. He at least could feel safer now. Even without his katana, he could easily burn his opponent down if he had too.

Mephisto took an interest in him, after realizing his horrible mood. He was actually supporting and even though Rin always called him a stupid and annoying clown, deep down he was grateful for a little company that didn't involve working his ass off. What was more surprising, along with Mephisto came Amaimon's friendship. The Earth King was fun to play with. Fighting with him was a great training as well but most importantly Rin could enjoy himself. The green haired man called him otouto and he thought it was cute. It made him feel like he belonged, somehow.

But all those small improvements were too little to stop his depression. He knew the only thing that kept him from simply giving up and killing himself was the fact that he would end up in hell after such a stun. He didn't need more pain, he was in his personal hell already.

His hard studying and training all the time did good on his marks and he had found himself almost at the top of the class. First was Bon of course, who was as smart as ever and second was Izumo. Rin was the third but it didn't gain him any positive attention, completely the opposite.

"So you trying to show off how smart you suddenly are?" Izumo asked him with anger, after getting back the results of the test. He had scored higher than her, which obviously pissed her off. "Don't think that anyone will praise you for this, demon." She spat and left after he didn't respond with more than a empty look.

Inside, though he was crying again. Nowadays, he didn't let his tears fall anymore but inside his mind he felt like he was falling apart and sobbing. He looked at Bon, who had the same score as him but the boy didn't even glance at him. At least he didn't act angry or aggressive towards him but this cold indifference hurt more than anything.

They finally got another promotion and were going to have their own missions now. Even though there were all supposed to work as a team, Rin knew that it won't be a case.

Their first mission was exciting for them all. They went to a small village where people were complaining about a few demons playing irritating tricks on them. As it was a first time they were allowed to go out into the open, it was supposed to be a very easy mission. Of course everything turned out to be nothing but.

Rin looked around subtly, keeping his guard up. He learned to be always on his toes after a few of older cram school students tried to beat him up. Besides, his trainers always insisted he kept an eye around himself. His classmates were far in front of him, having no care in the world. They were happily chatting with each other and following Yukio, not looking were they were going. Rin felt annoyed at their attitude. Shouldn't they be at least a little more quiet? They were attracting attention, not only from villagers but most importantly, from demons they were about to hunt.

Fortunately, nothing bad happened on their way to the centre of the place, where they were meeting the high priest of this region.

The man was very small and seemed fragile. His smile was warm and his dark eyes were twinkling and them. He told them everything he knew about the demons and what they did. It seemed harmless enough – misplacing things, destroying the gardens or scaring the children. Yukio stood a little away from them, letting them make their own interrogation. Only Bon had some important questions so with a sigh Rin joined them and asked his own. They were more detailed, asking for the places the demons were last seen, how big or small they were, how their aura felt like and more. His classmates looked at him with dislike but one glance from Yukio told Rin he was doing good. Soon, they had enough information to go for a hunt.

"Ok, listen up everybody! Here, you have specials belts made for you." Yukio handed them an equipment after gathering them around him. "If you are in serious danger and need help, just push the button here and someone will arrive. More teachers than just me are here, so don't worry. I want you all to split in smaller groups but not smaller than three." Quickly, they all moved away from Rin. Izumo went along with Shiemi and Paku and the boys stayed together. Yukio sighed, seeing his twin silently standing there alone.

"Fine. I will allow it. Rin will go with me as I can't let him go alone. Now, choose different places and go. We will all meet at the hotel at sixth. If anyone doesn't return by seven, the teachers will localize you by your belts and bring you back, so don't be late! You don't have to find any demons just yet!"

They nodded that they understood and took off. Yukio stood there and looked and his brother for a while. Rin was standing with his head lowered, his bags falling to hide his face. His hands were clenched at his side, so tight his knuckles turned white. He was shaking. For the first time Yukio actually noticed how much his brother was hurting. He felt guilty. He told him he hated him, didn't he? Wasn't that a bit hypocritical? He was a Satan son as well. And truly, it wasn't Rin's fault that their dad died. The man killed himself to protect him. Shouldn't Yukio help his brother live the life he was offered. In an impulse he moved towards him and hugged Rin tightly to his chest. He felt his brother stiffen in surprise but he didn't struggle. He didn't lean in either.

"Nii-san…"Yukio whispered and Rin went undone. "Nii-san, I'm so sorry, please forgive me." He stopped calling him that a long time ago. Hearing this from his beloved brother made Rin's protective walls crumble around his heart. He embraced him back and cried.

Yukio was shocked at his brother's tears. He never saw him cry, not since they were children. His Nii-san was always so strong.

"Nii-san. Will you forgive me?" he asked, moving him back a little so he could see his eyes. They were so full of pain that it made him gasp. At least Rin stopped crying.

"Of course I will. There is nothing to forgive, really. It was only natural for you to hate me. I killed our father. Even I hate myself for that." His voice was so broken it made Yukio's eyes tear as well but he refused to let them fall.

"I'm so sorry Nii-san. I don't hate you, not really. And I know it wasn't your fault. He died to protect you and you should be grateful. I should be grateful he saved you. You don't deserve all this hatred. I can't believe I let them act that way for so long. I can't believe I acted like that! Do you really forgive me?"

"Yukio, you are my brother and I love you. I've never stopped loving you, even when you told me to drop dead. I am not about to start now. And please don't try and make them stop it will only have an opposite effect. Besides, they have a right to hate me. I still consider them my friends but I lost any hope to ever have my feelings returned." He sighed and moved away from his brother.

"Rin, I…"

"Please, Yukio, stop apologizing." He gave him a shaky smile and cleaned his face with a handkerchief. "And call me Nii-san, if you still want to… I really missed being your family." He admitted, blushing and looking away.

"Of course Nii-san. And you never stopped being my family. I know we need to talk but I believe we are in the middle of the mission right now. We need to leave. Which direction do you want to go?"

Rin nodded in understating and went out of the room they were staying in. When they were on the streets he stopped and closed his eyes.

"Nii-san, what..?"

"Shh, I'm trying to concentrate." He snapped at him and closed his eyes again. When he opened them, Yukio gasped at the blue flames he saw in them.

"This way. I'm glad none of them choose this path." Rin said, moving quickly towards a small park. "I knew I felt a bigger demon out here somewhere but I couldn't locate him with some much noise around. My senses are weak in comparison to full blood demons but they are still sharper than humans. I can feel him lurking about."

Yukio looked at him in awe. His brother sure learned a lot in the past few months of his solitude.

They entered the park and Rin instantly turned towards an area with more trees. They walked in silence for a few moments, both observing their surroundings cautiously.

Yukio didn't see this one coming but Rin felt it. His world turned upside down when his brother jumped on him. They fell to the ground and rolled, the younger twin finding himself under the other. Then he realized the demon attacked him, when Rin shouted in pain as his back got burned by dark flames.