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Chapter 14

"Otouto! How long are you going to sleep? Wake up!" He heard, like through a fog. He tried to open his eyes and tell the owner of this annoying voice to go away but he didn't have the energy. His whole body ached all over, especially his chest, and he only wanted to sleep.

"Shut up! He needs his sleep! I'm sure getting here is going to take his energy and that fight haven't helped!" Someone else said and Rin was glad. Mmm... that voice had a nice ring to it... He let the exhaustion claim him and fell asleep again.

Amaimon glared at the man but realized he was right. Rin would soon feel that Heaven and Hell are really different. All of the young demons were weak, not only because of their age, but because of the atmosphere. Here, Satan ruled with iron hand and he created something - no one actually knew what it was - that gave out special fumes. Every bit of air in Hell was designated to weaken demons. In time, your body would adapt and strength would return but every one who was away too long - or like Rin came here for a first time - was bound to feel the repercussions.

Amaimon sighed and with a last glance at his small brother, got up and left. The man standing in the doorway only smirked his way as he passed. He felt he didn't like him from a start. He didn't like mysteries and this one was complicated.

With nothing better to do than wait for Rin to sleep away his exhaustion, Amaimon went to explore the small village. There were a few houses and shacks, build close together. Around them there was some kind of magical shield, probably hiding them from view. There wasn't anything to look at really and soon he got bored. He hated being bored! Snarling at the small boy just because he looked his way, he went inside the biggest house. Those were the main quarters where every important person stayed.

He met a few men but none of them were interesting enough to approach. His mood was getting worse by a second. He felt an urge to destroy something.

Then, finally someone got his attention. Coming closer, he looked through the doorway. There, on the bed sat a girl. There wouldn't be anything special about her if not for the fact he knew he saw her before. She still had her angel's wings, but they looked worse for wear - wounds and a lot of missing feathers. Then he looked at her eyes and it clicked - it was a girl from the market! But how is she here?

"Can I help you?" She asked him, curious. Her big, blue eyes gazed at him innocently and he suddenly felt uncomfortable.

"Uh, I saw you at the market today. How did you get away?" He decided to ask her, stomping from foot to foot. He felt like a schoolgirl talking with her crush! What the hell?! She had a beautiful face, true but nothing to make him feel like this! Her eyes were strange, it was like she could see his very soul.

She smiled. "Yes, I remember you. You were with that handsome boy. Is he here?"

"You mean Rin? Yea, his still resting. Got into a fight." He scratched his neck and looked away. She was starting to give him the creeps!

"Oh, sorry! You probably feel uncomfortable, I apologize." She said and when he looked at her again, he got a surprise. Her eyes were normal now! He sent her a questioning glance. "Well, this was one of my powers, but I feel it's going to leave me soon. I got thrown out of Heaven because of it."

Curious, he got inside the room and sat down on a chair near her bed.

"What can you do?" He was glad he met her, otherwise he might have really destroyed something out of boredom.

"It was kind of my defense. I could read people souls - I knew if they intended to hurt me or what they felt about me or at the moment. The problem is not what I could gather from it - but to do that I need to touch people souls... Well, it leaves traces of my own soul and well... I could always tell what someone felt if I concentrated on them and could find them wherever they went... Angels found it offensive, said I was taking away their privacy... I had a chance to stay, told me if I used this one more time I would be gone..." She paused, looking away towards the window. Her profile was beautiful, straight nose and rose cheeks. "But then someone tried to play a trick on me, someone I actually liked. Well, he confessed his love for me suddenly and I didn't believe him. So I checked. And when I blown his lie, he lost a bet with his friends. So to take revenge, he told on me. I got sent here." She looked back at Amaimon and he decided that even though she wasn't reading him right now, it still felt like she knew everything about him. He shuddered, realizing that from now on she would. "I don't regret it. I really like that bastard and I would have believed him and got my heart broken. It's better that way."

"Well... what did you read off me?"

"You are bored and curious about me. And you don't mean me any harm." She smiled again. "I guess you are my last victim, as I feel this power is leaving me completely. Pity, I'd need it in Hell."

Silence fell for a moment and she went back to treating wounds on her wings. Amaimon stared at her, not knowing what to say. She was really something.

"You didn't answer my question." He reminded her after a while.

"Oh, what? I must have forgotten..."

"How did you run away from the market?"

"Ah, that! Sorry! I thought you would help me but I'm glad you didn't. There were too many of them guarding us. People from here came to our rescue - I believe they are former exorcists. The fight was bloody but we managed to escape before backup arrived." She made a sad face then. "Unfortunately they got us some time after. Only I and a small boy survived besides the exorcists. They were especially focused on killing the angels first."

Amaimon felt a strange urge to comfort her. It was strange, as he never did something like that before. This girl had him on edge. He suddenly stood up.

"Well, I'm glad you are all right. I will be going now." He went to the door and her her giggle.

"Don't worry, I don't need comforting. But thanks." And she laughed put loud at his embarrassed expression. He made a hasty retreat. Those women!

It seemed he was unfortunate enough to meet the boy next. He was sitting alone on a small rock near the magical shield. He looked at the horizon, His face grim.

"Hey kid. Whatcha doin'?" He didn't even spare him a glance. His voice was hollow.

"Nothing. Just looking at the sunset."

Amaimon decided to talk with him as well. It's not like he had better things to do and he wasn't coming back to that girl!

"Could you tell me more about that fight? When they saved you from the market?"

"Yeah... My sister got killed then. I'm all alone now." He sighed. His whole posture was hunched, like he had a huge weight on his shoulder. "My sister was a little older than me and she always thought she had to protect me. First, she decided to go here with me even though I was the one who made trouble... And today, she stood in front of me and they cut her with a sword. Yet, she didn't move, she even managed to kill a few demons. She bled out then." He finally started to cry, still looking a the quickly disappearing sun. "What can I tell you? There were about ten of them at the market and after the exorcists got to us, we were attacked near some forest. I couldn't count them, there were so many, but sure more than before. And my sister got killed so I didn't pay attention to my surroundings then. That strange girl got me out and we both escaped. The exorcists lost a few men as well."

Amaimon sighed. Those angels were too emotional in cases like this. He got up and left him alone to mourn.

Getting back inside the main building, someone voice got to him.

"Rin's here? Really? What happened?! Why no one had told me before! Where is he?!" When he approached them, he noticed two man trying to calm down a third one.

"What about Rin?" He sneered. No strange, crazy man would get to his little brother without his permission!

"I need to see him, now!" He said and angrily got away from those holding his arms. Amaimon got in his way.

"Why? What business you have with him? Who the hell are you anyway?"

"Get OUT of my way demon or I will help you!" He snarled. Amaimon was taken aback by the sheer power this soul had. Strange, as he wasn't a demon yet he seem to have some kind of magic within him. Well, it's not like he would let him threaten him.

"I won't let anyone get near my otouto if I don't know what thy want!"

"Otouto? What?!" He was defiantly enraged now. His eyes got a red tint to them.

Rin groaned when finally pain got to much of a bother to let him sleep. Slowly opening his eyes his looked at the person sitting next to him. He gasped, recognizing the man.

"Good day, sleeping beauty." A grin. "I'm glad to see you awake."

"Shin! What are you doing here?!" He was surprised, thinking that maybe he imagined him before. Yet, here he sat, in his dark glory, looking as smug as ever.

"What, you thought I would leave you alone to fight Satan, when you obviously don't know how to take care of yourself?" He asked, looking at his bandaged chest. Rin huffed but smiled anyway. He was glad they were still friends after all.

"Let me see your wound. If it's not closed by now, you will need fresh bandages." He sat with a groan and allowed Shin's gentle hands to treat him.

He regretted that when his chest turned out to be healed and Shin hovered over him with a lewd smirk on his face.

"Beautiful as ever." He said with a low voice and grinned as Rin's embarrassed blush.

"Stop that! Get away!" He snarled, trying to cover himself but the man held his hands down and leaned in to kiss him. Rin couldn't help but close his eyes in a moment bliss just to snap them open to get rid of the idiot. With his arms held down he had only one way. He activated his blue flames and scared him away. Shin jumped in fright and in a second was a feet away from him, pouting. Rin didn't hurt him - flames were warm enough to be uncomfortable. He covered himself with a sheet and snarled at him again.

"Shin! I would be grateful if you wouldn't make me roast you." Shin glared at him, feeling angry for being shot down again. "I had hoped we would be real friends and yet you are still doing that. Please, stop, I feel uncomfortable."

"Why? Why do you stop me when I can see you enjoy it?" He questioned, sitting down in the chair again.

"Because I have a boyfriend as you well know! Stop making me do something I will greatly regret. I might end up hating you for it."

Shin sighed and looked away, not saying a word. He gave up, for now. Rin was a first person to tell him no and he didn't know what to do with it.

An uncomfortable silence followed. Rin sat up and fidgeted, Shin looked out of the window his face pissed off. He was about to ask him what they were going to do now, when the doors opened.

Rin didn't know how to react and another person had the same problem. Amaimon stood on the side, eyeing them with suspicion. But Rin didn't notice anyone else besides the man in front of him. How? How it was possible he stood here before him?

"I don't believe it..." He whispered and swayed a little. He was still so tired and this huge shock couldn't help his condition. This time he welcomed Shin's touch when he steadied him. He felt faint.

"Rin... Rin, it's really you... Isn't it?" He asked, looking at the details. Rin had wings, was taller and his face didn't look as childish as back then... And he had horns made of blue flames, Satan's flames... Yet, it was Rin, it had to be. "It's you!" He finally made a move towards the bed and hugged Rin close to his chest. His eyes were full of tears.

"Father..." Rin managed weakly and fainted as well. He couldn't stand all those emotions, feeling like he would explode. Happiness, grief, guild, shock... Darkness greeted him for a second time that day.

When he woke up, Shiro was still there and they were alone. It took him a lot of talking and shouting to get Amaimon out of the room but he managed. He wanted to stay alone with his son. He didn't know about the changes he went through. He had a lot of questions.

"Rin? Are you awake?" He asked gently, noticing movement. He opened his eyes and their gazes met.

"Father... You are here. Why are you here? I really thought I'd met you in Heaven..." He asked, sitting up. He still felt his world spinning but had to know. Why was his father, the best person he'd ever known, in Hell?

"I killed myself. Everyone who do that ends up in here." He sighed, knowing it was a painful topic for the both of them. "I'm sorry I had to leave you alone in the hardest time of your life..."

"Don't apologize to me! I am the one who should apologize! I'm so sorry, dad!" He cried and Shiro hugged him as he sobbed. "It was my fault... my fault that Satan got... got to you! I'm so sorry!"

He cried in his father's arms for a few moments, while Shiro shushed him, petting his hair. "It wasn't your fault, please don't blame yourself."

When he finally calmed down, he was embarrassed at breaking down so much but felt better.

"I see you went through a lot. Can you explain everything to me? Amaimon refused to talk."

And so, with a deep breath, Rin started his tale, about becoming an exorcists and getting angel's powers. It was a long story, interrupted sometimes by his father's questions, but Shiro needed to know everything.

By the end of it he was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open.

"I'm so proud of you, son. Sleep." He whispered, kissing his forehead. Rin fell asleep, for a first time feeling so safe and content. His father's arms were the best protection he could get.