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Chapter 15

"So, what's the plan?" Rin asked his father. They were sitting at the table, Amaimon on his right, Shiro in front of him. There were a few other present as well that Rin didn't know. Some of them were obviously demons, others he knew must have been exorcists once. Their appearances were very different. The younger ones looked almost boyish, yet their faces were grim and determined. Older ones – some even with long beards – were tired but their eyes were sharp and aware. The demons radiated power, even though their frames seemed fragile, hands bony and strangely twisted. Everyone's attention was on Shiro – it was obvious he was the one in charge here. At the end of the table sat a strange girl, which Rin recognized as the angel he saw at the market. He was glad she was all right and got along with everybody. Well, almost... Amaimon was eying her strangely and she sometimes glanced back, smiling at him. When she did that, he quickly looked away. Rin almost giggled – maybe he wasn't glaring, but ogling her.

"I believe it's time to gather all of the demons that supports us. We will need more that those few souls Gabriel has sent us along with the exorcists we have here." Shiro's voice was serious. "I'm not sure how many of them are ready to really fight against their master. We need all the help we can get, though. The army is moving slowly, gathering just outside the castle. We need to move quick and we need a good plan. The most important issues would be – besides gathering allies – getting a plan of the castle and knowledge about it's guardians. Also, we need to know how many demons already gathered and where exactly their base is. We will have to move around them and sneak silently into the castle, if it's possible." He paused for a moment, thinking. "We have Amaimon here,though. I think you can provide us with a solution?" He asked the demon. Amaimon sneered his way but answered anyway.

"Not so easy. I can give you a plan I remember from the time I've been here, but Satan's one paranoiac bastard. He changes the entering corridors at least once a year. The guards change as well and no one ever has full information about the entries. So my knowledge might be of little use."

"I see." Shiro sighed, massaging his temples. Silence fell for a moment.

"What if we played him?" The angel girl asked, glint in her eyes. Her voice was a little hesitant but she was determined to explain her plan.

"What do you mean?" Amaimon asked first, curious.

"Well... I am a fallen angel. Let's say I wanted to gain favor of Satan. I will bring him Rin and Amaimon, bound, saying I managed to knock them out, when I still had my angel's powers. I might take those demons with me as back up as well, having told them Satan will be pleased to get the traitors. We will go inside the castle through the front door and then attack. We won't wait for them to bring us to Satan. This way, the rest of us could follow and easily fight with the guards there. At least the surprise will be ours." She smiled brilliantly.

"It's... well, it's sounds good but I believe it's too dangerous. I'm afraid we will have to think of some other plan. But thank you." Shiro smiled politely her way and asked the rest "Any other ideas?"

Two hours later, Amaimon stood up frustrated. He hated meetings like these, especially when they were pointless. He growled. "I don't care what you think, I like the angel's idea, the rest of you are morons!" Saying that, he stomped out of the room. He needed to destroy something! Wrrr, he was so frustrated!

"Well, Dad, I believe Amaimon is right." Rin finally spoke up. He listened to all of the ideas, but without the plan of the castle all they could do was guess how to get inside. "It's bold and all but I think this I something they aren't expecting. We may even make a scene – a huge, loud fight and they would see for themselves. I agree to play the prisoner if it will get me to the castle."

Sigh. "Let me just think about it more, all right?" Shiro finally said, tired. "We need to gather the demons first, anyway. Dismissed, everyone. You know what to do."

They scattered in a few moments, leaving exhausted Shiro behind along with his son.

"You know this was the only plan that made any sense, don't you?" Rin asked, coming around and massaging his father's stiff shoulders. That always calmed him down. He was really stressed, war wasn't a simple thing and his son's life was on a line.

Amaimon rushed through the trees, going a little away from the small village. Those idiots were too irritating! He has told them time and again about the way his father secured his castle, but no! They knew better! Imbeciles.

"Are you all right? You seem so furious." A gentle voice startled him and he turned swiftly around to face the angel girl. Her wings almost completely disappeared by now – only a few feathers left. It was a poor sight.

"They are idiots who don't listen. Of course I'm mad." She sat down at the nearest fallen tree and motioned for him to follow. With a sigh, he sat down as well. "You know, I don't even know your name." He said finally when the silence became too long. She chuckled at that and the sight of her bright eyes almost took his breath away. He didn't know what was coming into him, so he scowled. It was ridiculous, the way she sometimes make him feel out of breath, without doing anything!

"You're right, sorry. My name is Anastasia." She smiled at him.

"That's a nice name. I like it." He said simply. They looked at each other, not saying anything. Strangely, the silence was very comfortable this time. Amaimon found out, her presence calmed him. How strange, that's a first... Usually he hated angels. Yet there was something soothing about her presence. He glanced at her and found her staring back. She seemed curious, her lips curled a little up. He felt himself leaning in towards her, eyes locked. She wasn't moving away.

"Well, well, well! What a sight!" A jovial voice snapped him out of his trance. He jumped up and away from her. She giggled at his cute reaction. "I leave you alone for a moment, little brother and you find yourself a girlfriend?! And a beauty at that, good choice!" Mephisto grinned at Amaimon obvious embarrassment.

"She's not my girlfriend!" He yelled, his face red. "What are you doing here, brother? Shouldn't you be at the school?"

"C'mon, I don't want to explain it more than once. Of course, your charming friend is welcome to come with us." He smiled at her and she stood up, giving him her hand.

They met with Shiro and Rin. Amaimon managed to get his blush under control.

"Mephisto! Long time no see!"

"Shiro, I didn't know you landed down here." He grinned. "You were naughty, hm?"

Two old friends fell into an easy conversation. Amaimon was impatient, though.

"Brother! You will exchange gossip later. Tell us why are you here!"

"Well, I realized you might need my help. How are you going to get into the castle, without fresh information? I will go and lie my way out, get you the plan you need." Mephisto explained, his voice serious.

"He will kill you!" Rin exclaimed, worried. It was suicide!

"No, he won't. I am his favorite, after all. It's not a first time we fought, not a first time I killed his demons because I was pissed. Father knows how I feel about my playground, I am very possessive. I am sure he won't do anything to me. But in case something does happen, I need you to have another plan. He won't kill me, he will only lock me down to punish me. So it will be your job to get me out of there."

"Well, we had some plan, you know..." They explained Anastasia's plan and it seemed Mephisto liked it.

"Good, so everything's settled. Have you gathered any demons to help you?" He asked Shiro. "I am sure there are few of them that don't like the way Satan rules."

"Yes, we are on it. I was just about to head out myself." He paused for a moment.

"You know, brother, that you have a lot of supporters, don't you?" Amaimon reminded him and Mephisto grinned.

"Yees, they are sure if I only wanted I could easily kill father and take over." He looked towards Rin, who gulped. The stupid clown looked dangerous. He grinned at the boy. "Yet, I am aware I'm not so strong, otherwise I would have done it a long time ago." He admitted, glint in his eyes. "Only Rin here can do it. Because only angel's power can destroy him, along with his own flames. That's why he never leaves here, at least not with his body. Gabriel could kill him, but he is safe here." Silence fell for a moment. Rin felt their eyes on him. He was uncomfortable, it wasn't that he asked for it! He was so afraid he wouldn't be able to do that. He didn't want to die! He wanted to meet Bon again, wanted to spent more time with his father, fight with Amaimon... there was so much he wanted to do! He felt determination setting in and he straightened his back, looking at them with sure eyes. Amaimon laughed with glee.

"We will kick his ass, otouto!" He grinned feraly and Rin smiled back at his silly brother.

"Well said indeed." Mephisto agreed and stood up. "Well, Shiro let's go and get as many as we can. They will fight for me, I'm sure."

Rin couldn't go along obviously so he stayed and watched Amaimon interacting with that angel girl. He wanted to laugh, seeing his bold and crazy brother so embarrassed around her! Rin giggled when he blushed at her smile. It seemed even a madman like Amaimon could fall in love. Rin wondered if Amaimon even knew how he felt. It was so obvious for everyone to see. He was sure she knew and it seemed she liked him back. Well, good for them, then. War is hard, everyone needs someone to help them get through it. He sighed, looking out the window. He suddenly missed Bon so much it hurt. Will he see him again? He felt depressing thoughts invading his head. He was just a teenager, sure he got some power from Gabriel but was it enough? He didn't have experience needed, Satan was so old and powerful, ruled over whole Gehenna and every demon was afraid of him! How is he supposed to kill him? Is he even capable of killing anyone? And if by some miracle he succeed, how will he feel with it? As a murderer? Sure, he tend to be violent sometimes but he always protected someone from dying! He shuddered, feeling alone. No one would take this burden away from him. It was his mission and better if he just focused on winning, otherwise everyone would be screwed. He needed to think about it as protecting everyone from Satan, not as a murder. With that though firm in his mind he looked back at the pair on the other side of the room. It was better to think about someone's happiness than to swim in self pity.

She giggled at his crazy rants, founding him adorable. She knew how he felt, it was easy to tell even without reading him. She used her power on him once, so she would be able to always know what he thought of her. It seemed he was confused but happy anyway.

"I can't believe my idiot brother thinks he can simply lie to Satan and get away with it! Or what if he's planning something?!" Amaimon went on and on. " I could never tell what he's thinking, I'm too dense for that! He's cunning, you know? He might side with father if he believes it to be a winning side! Or he might just sit back and enjoy us struggling just because he felt like it!"

"You know, you are really cute when you rant like that." She said quietly and even though he was speaking very loudly he heard her and fell silent, stunned. His eyes got big. She giggled again, it seemed it was impossible to stay serious around him. "Your face is so red!"

"I, uh... No one ever called me cute!" He exclaimed, shocked. "I am the Earth King! Not someone weak and cute!"

"I've never said you are weak. Cute is a positive thing, especially when an angel calls you that!" She smiled at him and leaned in, lying her head on his shoulder. He stiffened, shocked yet again but relaxed after a moment. She was warm. He slowly put his arm around her and she didn't move away.

It's just friendship. He tried to tell himself, even as his face warmed again. Will he ever stop blushing around her?! Honestly!

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So, what do you think of cute and blushing Amaimon? And is Mephisto up to no good or not? Wait and see ;P