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Chapter 19

Mephisto's heart was beating furiously against his ribs, his breath was short and fast. He felt his very soul singing, finally being able to kiss his mate, the one he has given his heart to so long ago. And not being pushed away, finally accepted albeit shyly, made him the happiest man alive. Finally separating from the kiss, he looked deep into those beautiful, confused eyes. He knew his move was bold and the balance they had in their relationship was fragile but still he was full of hope it will be all right. He caressed his cheek, not being able to leave his face completely. Gabriel's eyes were half-closed and he leaned into the touch. This made his heart beat even faster.

"Mephisto." Finally, the man moved away and the demon already missed his warmth. His voice was serious. "I don't know what it is between us but I can give it a chance." He smiled down at him, a brilliant and honest smile that made him grin back like an idiot. "But you have to give me time. You are my friend and I obviously care about you a lot but it's still new. And I'm not used to those strong feelings that humans posses." He admitted and Mephisto knew he will have to be patient if he wanted to gain his trust.

"I understand. Sorry."

"There is nothing to apologize for." He smiled again. "I quite enjoyed that."

"Good." A smirk.

He laid there for a moment just watching his partner and felt the tiredness he ignored until now. His body was stiff and painful, the wounds healed yet it seemed his brain didn't catch up yet and it hurt. He groaned.

"Come. You need to clean up, your clothes are covered in blood." He made a disgusted face at the smell of blood but lifted him up in his arms anyway. He moved towards the doors and entered the bedroom, going through another to the bathroom. He seated him gently by the bath and started to fill it with water. Tired eyes watched his every move.

"Well, can you stand up on your own? You need to... uh, take your clothes off..." Suddenly, he was embarrassed. How was that possible! He was centuries old, for lord's sake! Yet, he felt his cheeks get warm and knew he was blushing. A playful smirk answered him.

"I'm afraid you will have to help me, my dear." Mephisto laughed at his expression yet he wasn't really lying. His arms felt heavy and he knew he wouldn't be able to stand up if he tried.

"You are making fun of me." He pouted and it looked so cute Mephisto couldn't help himself but snicker.

"Not really. Sorry. I feel like I'm moving under water. I feel heavy." He admitted, finally serious. With a sigh, Gabriel moved towards him and helped him get rid of his bloodied clothes. He wasn't blushing anymore, focusing on the task at hand and checking to make sure everything was healed properly. There wasn't a mark on him and he was satisfied. After all, he was one powerful angel. All that power had to be worth something.

Finally he was lifted again and placed in warm water. With a sigh, he leaned on the side of the bathtub and relaxed.

"I will leave you to it. Shout when you are done." He reached the door and was about to open it when a weak voice stopped him.

"Please don't leave... I don't think I can really... do much in here..." This time there was no trace of the playful smirk, just a exhausted voice asking shyly for help. Gabriel knew he couldn't refuse him when he was so weak.

"All right." He moved towards the bath again and knelt down to help gently wash the blood away.

Mephisto closed his eyes, it felt so good. Those hands were warm against his skin and so gentle. No one ever touched him like that, not even Amaimon. He was a demon, a powerful one, the son of Satan and someone not to meddle with. So he never knew a gentle touch. The lovers he had, they were all in his power, the acts rough and no love involved. His brother occasionally hugged him, but it was rare and too stiff to be comfortable. But here, with this man, he could show he needed that, he needed to feel warm and safe, protected for once, cared for. He opened his eyes and glanced at him, who gasped softly. His eyes had such a soft glint to them he couldn't believe it was the same demon. This side of him wasn't something Gabriel thought he possessed.

"Thank you..." He whispered and he meant it with his whole heart. Then he closed his eyes again, letting him pet his hair and a whisper of faint "You are welcome." brought a smile to his lips.

They stayed like that for a while, lost in their own world, where only the two of them existed. Gabriel knew then that his decision was correct. He wouldn't be so calm and happy without this demon by his side.

Amaimon appeared in Gehenna again, looking around. It seemed the fight was still going on but there wasn't an army any more, just a few of them not wanting to let go of the battle. Then, his heart almost stopped in fright. Anastasia was desperately trying to slash with his sword at the demon who attacked her. Soon, a few more joined him, deciding it was more fun to fight the fallen angel than against each other. When the weapon fell from her hands and a hit landed on her, he saw red. With a snarl, he leaped and tore the demon away from her. She fell down, crying out in pain. Her side was a bloodied mess.

"How dare you!" He screamed, slashing his throat with a great force. The demon fell before him like a puppet.

"No, how dare YOU! We are demons, she's an angel whore! You should side with us, Amaimon!" One of them shouted, attacking him in rage. Another one joined in and a furious fight began.

Anastasia watched it all from the side, holding her painful injury to stop the bleeding. She was afraid for him, seeing he was outnumbered when another demon joined them. Three on one, it wasn't fair! Yet, as she looked, it was obvious they were no match for him. She was glad she choose such a powerful demon.

Amaimon was so furious his vision was all in red. He didn't know if it was from the blood filling his eyes from the cut on his head or from the rage that overpowered him completely. He knew he could kill them easily and proceeded to do just that. No one was allowed to hurt her!

She sighed in relief, thinking it was over after he ripped the last one apart but then she screamed again. Because the ones that were fighting nearby finished their own battle and decided to attack them. More than three of them, she counted quickly and was terrified of the result. Ten. There were ten of them and it was impossible for even the Earth King to win against so many.

He fought with all he got, summoning his personal demon to aid him but it was nothing. They overpowered him, simply because there were so many of them. Four managed to catch his hands while the rest kicked and slashed at him with their long nails. He snarled at them, trying to break free but couldn't.

With a desperate scream, Anastasia jumped towards them, trying to pry their hands away from him. One of them hit her hard and she flew to land painfully on the ground. A worried shout was the last thing she heard when blackness claimed her.

He could only watch helplessly while the five of them held him tightly. She just laid there, unconscious when the demon approached her. He kicked her hard on the side and laughed at his snarl.

"Why are you protecting a scum like this?" He asked but didn't wait for an answer. With a cruel grin, he knelt by her side and touched her breasts.

"No! STOP! You fucking bastard, I will kill you! I will rip you to sherds!" He fought even harder to break free but there were just too many of them. The demon laughed at his desperation and proceeded to rip her clothes off, while the others laughed. Amaimon felt tears threatening to fall. This couldn't be happening! Good thing she wasn't aware of those filthy hands touching her body.

The demon leaned down and licked at her face, cupping her breasts in his claws. Then he moved his tongue down her neck and bit hard to leave a bloody mark. Amaimon fought so hard he felt his strength leaving him. The bastard looked at him, making sure he was watching and then tore her trousers down her lean legs. With a laugh, he caressed her softly, making fun of him. He spread her legs and opened his own trousers. Amaimon couldn't help but let some tears fall.

"Look, he's crying! I can't believe we reduced the Earth King to tears!" Their laughter was so cruel...

The demon took his time, licking at her chest again and rubbing himself on her thigh. This was so disgusting...

Then, when he thought everything was lost, seeing another deep bite on her skin, a voice cut through the air. The ones still fighting on the far end suddenly stopped and those holding him down covered in fear, loosening their hold. It took him a second to get free and another to rip the bastards heads off, one by one they fell. Then he placed his jacket over her, he realized he was the only one moving. The voice, with a power only Satan possessed, repeated his words.

"Demons, listen! I am your master, come to me and obey!" Even Amaimon shivered at this and by some strange force, he felt obliged to follow and do as asked. Before that though, he took Anastasia gently in his arms, hugging her to his chest. He was so grateful the demon didn't rape her, so glad she wasn't aware what was happening to her body. Then, he moved towards the voice, just like the rest of the demons.

The battlefield was slick from all the blood and Amaimon had to go slowly around the bodies so he wouldn't slip. There wasn't such a big battle for a long time in here... So many died, from both sides, yet he knew it was worth it, to fight for what they believed in, to fight for freedom. Satan wasn't the one he wanted to follow. He would prefer Mephisto to take over, but Rin wasn't a bad choice. Just a little too soft but maybe he will be able to make the demons obey him... That was, of course, if this strange, powerful voice belonged to him... Somehow, it was hard to say. He couldn't really recognize it. The only way to find out was to go and see for himself. So he stepped over another body and got close to the entrance to see a figure standing on the steps confidently.

This man, standing there, radiated so much power. The blue flames surrounded him, looking like they were the thing he was made of. His hard eyes scanned them, looking like he was about to punish them all without mercy. He shivered at this, scared a little, hugging his girl closer to his chest.

"Anyone alive, come and listen to what I have to say!" The voice penetrated the silence again, strong and demanding, making a few of them fall to their knees like they wanted to beg for forgiveness.

Amaimon stood his ground, waiting for the rest to come. He couldn't move any closer to see if this was really Rin. So he decided to wait and see, ready to run if needed.