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Chapter 20

He stood there, his back straight as an arrow, his head held high. Such a proud posture. And the power, surrounding him, making the air hot and heavy. His hair moved around, even though no wind was present. He waited there patiently for his demons to gather.

Finally, his strong voice echoed again around them.

"I defeated Satan in a fair fight, proving my greater power. I am your new master and I want you all to acknowledge me! You will obey my orders now or face the consequences!"

Amaimon closed his eyes in relief. It was Rin all right, although he seemed really different. Not only more powerful but the way he held himself proudly, the way he spoke and the way he looked down on them - it wasn't his usual self. Getting Satan's powers must have done something to his soul. He only hoped that Rin will keep himself together and remember why he fought so hard and for whom he did it all.

Suddenly, one of the demons standing close to Rin released a loud roar and jumped high to get him.

"I won't obey a brat like you! Satan was our Lord, we won't listen so easily! I will take the throne myself!" The man shouted, rising up his bloodied sword. He rushed towards Rin, who was just calmly standing there, waiting for the attack.

Amaimon gasped, realizing who the attacker was. It was one of the best swordsman in Gehenna, the closest Satan's guard and a bastard who had enough power to send the Earth King down on his ass in an instant. His eyes followed the graceful swing he took, praying for Rin to be quick enough.

Rin looked into crazed eyes of his attacker, his face cold and indifferent. He snorted, stopping the blade with his bare hand. The blue flame hissed and melted the sword, leaving the demon gaping at him in surprise.

"Such a small fry, a trash like you shouldn't dare attack his king like that. Die." He said with a cold, hard voice and simply hit him with his fist. Instantly his body was caught aflame and a piercing scream shot through the silence. In no time at all his body fell to the ground, burned to a crisp. Rin, still expressionless, stepped back and brushed the soot from his clothes. The following silence was tense. He faced the crowd again.

"Is there anyone else that don't want to submit? I will gladly burn you all, if you pleased."

His eyes scanned them, sending shivers even down Amaimon's back. What the hell happened to his small brother? It wasn't him at all! He was always worried about killing, even if he did so to protect himself, he was always sad after. But now he seemed to enjoy it and looked at them with hope that someone will entertain him again. He liked the power, relished in it and getting a taste, he wanted more. Amaimon gulped. Maybe they all made a huge mistake. Maybe he will be even worse than Satan.

"No one? Pity." He snarled and the crowd shivered again. Suddenly, one by one they fell on their knees before their new king, covering in fear and pleading to be forgiven. He nodded at them all with a satisfied smirk. Amaimon didn't have a choice and he bowed too.

"Listen! I came here and defeated Satan because he has broken the pact with God. There won't be anymore fighting in Assiah, understood? If you kill even one human I will personally come after you and destroy you! Those of you who have enough power to travel within worlds are welcome to do it like before but do not meddle! No wars! No killings! No hurting humans! If we all go by those rules God will leave us alone to do as we want. Now go and clean up the mess you've made in my palace! I don't want any blood in here, no destroyed walls or damaged goods! Take the bodies and bury them or burn them, I don't care. Now GO!" He shouted and they moved as one, in a hurry to be away from such a scary power.

Amaimon looked towards the lone figure standing there and then slowly approached him. Getting closer, he could finally tell it was Rin for sure but looking into those burning, blue eyes he was taken aback. So much hatred. So much pain. He seemed to be shaking a little.

"Otouto? Are you... all right?" He came closer, ignoring his instincts that were screaming in alarm: danger, danger! Run!

"Amaimon?" His voice sounded weak now and he swayed, touching his forehead as if in pain. Amaimon had his hands already full so he couldn't catch him. Shiro moved from the shadows behind them and saved his son from the fall.

"Rin?! What's wrong with you?" His father asked, concerned. He laid him gently on the floor and looked for any damage. He couldn't see any.

"I'm just dizzy. I feel so... different. When the power rushed from Satan to me it felt like I was hit by a train or something. My angel powers are boiling as well. It's just... overwhelming. Like I'm not exactly myself right now." He explained and tried to sat up. Shiro gently helped him up and held him when he swayed again. "What happened to the angel girl? Is she all right?" Rin was suddenly concerned and looking into his face Amaimon could swear he was just the same as always and what he saw earlier was his imagination. It was almost as if he had split personality. How could he be deadly one moment and gentle the other?

"I think she's ok, she hit her head pretty badly but she's not bleeding. You actually saved her, thank you." At his questioning look, he explained what happened, not leaving anything out. He remembered the rage he felt before and wanted to share it. But seeing the previous look back on Rin's face, he wasn't sure it was wise to expose him to such emotions.

"Who was it? Where are they? Will you recognize them? I will torture them to death!" He snarled and even Shiro looked scared. The flames swirled around his body, hissing. They seemed to be alive and mad as well. Like deadly snakes just waiting to strike, slithering around.

"I already killed them. Every one of them. Unfortunately I was too furious to make them suffer." Rin looked disappointed at that, almost like he wanted to catch the first demon he'd see and skin them alive anyway.

Amaimon had to hope that after getting used to Satan's power on top of his own and calming down a little Rin will come back to his senses. He was a paradox creature holding opposite powers within himself. Those powers raged and swirled, fought with each other, won and lost. It was probably chaos and there weren't anyone like that before in existence. Rin had to figure it all out by himself. They could only hope he will manage. Or they would be lost.

It took some time, while their new king was resting, to restore the castle, bury the dead and clean everything up. It was obvious by their looks that no one was happy with their tasks but afraid to speak up and face the wrath of the new lord. Few days later everything looked like it should.

Shiro was worried as well, Rin's behavior was rather scary at times. How was it possible to be so cold and cruel one moment and then guilty and subdued the next? Rin was struggling and no one could help him. Or maybe someone could?

"Rin." He tried to get his attention while his son sorted through the things Satan left. He had found a few things of his mother and looked at them pensive.

"Yes, father?" He answered not paying him any attention. He wondered how he should feel about his mother. She was the one who thought demons and humans should be equal. But then again, it was her idea to make an invasion and join the worlds. She must have known the nature of demons, that they couldn't do it without bloodshed. Then again, maybe she was naive? Shiro speaking finally got to his mind.

"... and if there won't be any problems then you might stay there. I will look after everything here, as much as I can. You deserve rest."

"I'm sorry, I wasn't really listening. Where do you think I should go? Don't you think it's too early to move anywhere? It's chaos here."

"Yes, I am well aware. Yet, if you order your demons to obey me and leave Amaimon here, I should be able to get everything back into some kind of order. Then you could come back to Earth. You will be able to rest there peacefully."

Assiah. There was someone very precious waiting for him. Rin grinned at his father, suddenly feeling again like a teenager should. He couldn't wait to leave all the problems behind and just be with his boyfriend again. Also, seeing him might help him get back on his feet, sort out his raging emotions and powers and keep Satan's flames under control. He only managed to call back his flames so they wouldn't swirl around his body when he was perfectly calm. And as a hot head he was, that wasn't too often. But maybe if he was happy and content in Bon's arms, he could calm himself down enough to force his flames into submission permanently. He'd die first before hurting his mate in anyway.

It took some effort and another few days to arrange everything. Demons were rebellious and didn't want to listen and his thin patience run out many times, resulting in injuries and a few deaths. Anyway, they finally realized his powers, combined with what he got from Satan, made him too powerful for them to cross him. Fortunately, aside from not letting them hurt humans, it seemed they would be left alone to do as they pleased. It seemed that fighting and killing each other was allowed as before so they could settle their differences like they did previously. They could accept that.

Finally, Amaimon taught Rin how to travel between worlds by himself and he could go home. I'm going home. Just wait, Bon. Just a little longer. He waited another day to see how Shiro was handling the demons and after making sure they reluctantly obeyed him, he left.

By some miracle, just the moment after he appeared in the hall of the academy, Bon had his arms around him. He jumped in surprise, not used to the way of traveling and was caught off guard. Good thing he instantly recognized his scent or it could be trouble. With a content sigh, he wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him. They were the only people on the planed now and nothing else mattered.

Finally he could feel his warmth, his strong frame pressed intimately against him, his smell all around him and those sinful lips claiming his own. He missed him so much... Wet tongue sneaked between his parted lips and sensually swirled around, all along his own tongue and on his teeth. His longer fangs almost made it bleed but instead of expression of pain he got a sensual moan. Strong hands caressed his back and slipped under his shirt. It was all too much and he had to separate for a much needed breath. Opening his eyes he gazed into Bon's. He was smiling warmly, his expression full of love.

"I was so worried about you. You idiot, don't do this to me, never again!" With that, he crushed him to his chest in a tight hug and Rin couldn't – wouldn't do anything else but return it.

They separated but kept close, sharing warmth. Rin smiled at him and Bon's face brightened even more.

"You know, it wasn't my lifelong dream to fall in love with the devil himself." Bon grinned like an idiot and Rin had to laugh at that. His boyfriend was still the same and he couldn't help but kiss him again. And again.

After a long moment they separated, knowing they were the center of attention of all the exorcists crowding the hall. Everyone wanted to know the details about the fight, had million and more questions for Rin. It made him nervous but he tried to answer as best as he could, while they shouted over themselves to get his attention.

The arrival of Mephisto and Gabriel stopped the farce before Rin could get really angry at the lot. He knew they only wanted to make sure Satan was really gone and the demons taken care of, but it was staring to piss him off. And not even the calming presence of his mate could keep him in check.

They moved to the headmaster's office and resumed the topic in more calm and organized manner. Gabriel had his own package of questions but his calming powers made Rin relax and focus on the story.

Later that afternoon Yukio stormed the office and hugged Rin, almost crying in relief, seeing he was unharmed.

It took a lot of talking and reassuring to made everyone believe everything was taken care of and as it should. Mephisto decided to organize a celebration for ending the war.

"Um... Gabriel? Could I... speak with you alone?" He managed to ask him, a little nervous. Rin hoped the archangel will have some advice for him, how to control himself. He felt like a ticking bomb, ready to blow up any time. He was aware he was dangerous and could hurt and kill when he didn't really wanted that. The angel nodded and they moved aside, away from hearing range of curious looking Mephisto and frowning Bon.

With a sigh, Rin described his problems. Gabriel listened patiently, his face unreadable. But his eyes weren't as unemotional as before and Rin could tell he was troubled by what he heard.

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