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Chapter 21

"I will not lie to you, Rin." Gabriel said with a sigh, his face grim. "Power can corrupt not only your mind but your soul as well. You are divided between God's light and Satan's blue flames. They fight within you, making your emotions unstable. What you need to focus on is finding the balance. It won't be easy and I'm afraid you need to find the answer yourself. This kind of situation has never occurred before." Rin grimaced at that. He knew it was the truth.

"There is nothing you can do? Can't you use your calming powers on me? Or maybe seal a part of Satan's powers away so I can figure out what to do with them?"

"You honestly didn't notice?" Gabriel looked at him with shock easily seen on his face. "I'm not an angel anymore."

Rin gasped at that and really looked at him. Being so focused on his own problems, he missed something that was impossible to miss.

"I... I'm sorry, I've completely missed that! What happened?!"

"Don't worry about me, it was my decision and I don't regret it." A pause. He looked out the window, his face closed off, like he truly didn't want to talk about this. He seemed conflicted. Whatever happened, Rin decided, it was important and the angel – former now – still had to think everything through.

"Anyway, sealing the power wouldn't help much, this huge amount would spill out easily. Which reminds me of the fight you had to come through when I released your flames. Maybe try to remember how you dealt with them back then? Apply the same method. I'm sorry I'm not able to be of much help but without my powers..." He trailed off, distressed. Rin nodded at that, thanked him and got up. It seemed Bon was observing him, as the moment Rin moved, he was at his side ready to leave the office. With a glance at Mephisto, they left. Bon used one of his special keys to avoid running into anyone else. They needed to finally talk alone.

"What were you two speaking about?" Bon asked, worried. Rin seemed so tense talking with Gabriel. Something was up. After all this mess, risking his life, changing his very nature for this war... when Bon saw him whole and alright he was sure everything was finally over. Yet it was obvious some huge issue still waited to be resolved. He hoped he was only over-thinking but his instincts were screaming otherwise.

"It's not important." Rin answered curtly. "Don't worry about this."

"How am I supposed not to worry? I wasn't doing anything else but worrying lately! I thought it was all over but I'm not blind! Something's wrong!" He exhaled, calming down a little. He didn't want to start a fight. "Please, Rin... I just want to help."

"I know. But you can't. This is something I have to figure out on my own." He bit his lips, troubled. The last thing he wanted was to scare Bon away. If he realized Rin had a devastating power he couldn't fully control... he might leave. Without him Rin was sure he would became a worse tyrant than Satan ever dreamt of being. He shook his head a little, to get this dark though out of his head.

"Don't be so stubborn! We have a lot of catching up to do but first we need to talk about..." At that, Rin's expression suddenly turned playful.

"Exactly!" Rin cut in with a huge grin. "Let's start making up for lost time, hm?" Before Bon had a chance to respond, his lips were too busy to utter a word. He wanted to argue more but his brain shot down. His arms acted on their own, wrapping around Rin's lean frame. They will talk later, Bon decided. Now they had more pressing matters to attend to.

Shiro paced back and forth in his office. Even with everyone's help and Amaimon's open support the demons were rebelling. The moment they've realized their master left, they've risen an uproar. Even if they could accept orders from Rin they weren't going to do so from the former exorcist. Who wasn't even a demon. They covered in fear before his son's absolute power but that didn't mean they respected him. Quite the opposite. Hatred burned deep within them, making them even more restless and bloodthirsty.

Shiro remembered what Rin said about them fighting with each other but still he thought it wasn't right. He had spent some time in Gehenna and knew fairly well how demons liked to pass the time. What was happening now though wasn't normal. They were boiling like hot lava, ready to spill out any second. It was like a civil war. Shiro tried to get them under control, stop the mindless fighting and find a compromise. Amaimon was running around like crazy explaining the situation to those that could be reasoned with. Anastasia took care of the wounded, only after a few hours she had a full room under her care. Most of the demons that fought alongside them refused to do more and retreated, leaving Shiro and his friends alone in the castle. If not for the power Amaimon and some of his loyal followers had, they wouldn't stand a chance. The longer Rin was away, the more feelings of impunity spread. The beautiful city of Hell was slowly getting destroyed.

If not for the fact demons knew Rin would skin them alive, they would have attacked Shiro on the first opportunity. Nothing was stopping them from making his life difficult, though. They wouldn't dare to destroy the castle but they were successfully blocking all the roads leading out with rubble. Childish yet effective. Not only was it making Shiro angry, it occupied everyone's attention long enough for some bastards to kill two of his exorcists. Everything to show their displeasure with new authority. The demons who were more intelligent were obviously planning something big but as for now Shiro or Amaimon didn't have a clue what.

It was hard to believe not even a whole day passed since Rin left. It was chaos before but kept within reason. The moment some idiot informed everyone their new king left, total destruction started. They were frustrated, angry, some felt lost, some were still buzzed from the unfinished fight and wanted more. Demons protected before by Satan were on the run. Finally some old grudged could be acted on, so pursuers followed. As evening approached, the ruby hue of the city turned to a horrible color of fresh and drying blood.

Because Anastasia had completely lost her powers, she needed to rely on others' knowledge about healing. The angel boy who survived along with her turned out to be a perfect help. He knew what plants could be useful and helped searching for them. In a few, short hours the room she had available filled with wounded exorcists and demons. Anyone who was trusted not to rebel could be treated.

With the night falling, the promised celebration began. Mephisto organized a huge deal. After all it was quite an occasion. And he wanted to see Gabriel in an elegant suit.

The problem was, Gabriel had his own ideas about elegant clothing. He didn't want to accept a human suit and stubbornly refused everything but traditional, old fashioned robe archangels wore for special occasions. Mephisto wasn't going to accept that. It hid too much of Gabriel's delicious frame! Besides, it was a battle of stubbornness and he was going to win.

Rin, Bon, Yukio and Shiemi were sitting at one of the small, round tables spread around a hall. They had an honorary place near the head table, where Mephisto was seated. Decorations of the room were impressive, lots of beautiful, colorful flowers, romantic, dimmed lights and elegant tableware. Peace and victory signs could be seen everywhere. Shiemi observed the plants with red cheeks, happy to be there. Yukio observed Shiemi. Rin focused his whole attention on the buffed located to the site, full of so many delicious food he wanted to eat them all. The only thing that was stopping him was Bon's hand on his arm, gripping tightly. His boyfriend sighed with exasperation.

"Rin, stop!" He whispered urgently, as everyone around were rather quiet, waiting for the celebration to begin and listening to the speech. Mephisto was speaking jovially about everyone's contribution and his plans for the future of the school. On his right sat Gabriel, wearing classical, black suit. Bon though briefly he looked grumpy. "Just wait a moment and you can eat it all. Honestly...!"

For Shiemi, this evening was the most magical one she ever had. Yukio asked her for a dance and managed to keep his foots away from crushing hers, his steps were sure and he smiled gently at her. She was surprised. He must have practiced waltzing to impress her. While spinning gently around the room she thought she couldn't get more happy.

She was wrong. Later in the evening Yukio took her for a walk outside and asked her THE question. Laughing and crying she let him put a ring on her delicate finger. She couldn't choke out the answer but he didn't need her words. Her openly happy face told him everything. His expression mirrored hers. He hugged her close and they stayed like this for a long moment, with only the stars as witnesses.

Rin's evening wasn't as brilliant as he thought it would be. Yes, the food was great and the music pleasant but it seemed fate didn't want him to enjoy any of that. Bon kept pestering him about his conversation with Gabriel. Yukio, completely forgetting his brother's existance, disappeared somewhere with Shiemi. The worst though were all the people constantly asking him the same questions about his fight with Satan. He was getting so irritated he had a problem with keeping his flames hidden.

Rin didn't know what exactly happened, which question got him so mad – was it Bon's or someone else's? It didn't matter. What was important was the fact suddenly his flames busted out of the cage he locked them in and swirled angrily around him. He knew he was shouting something – in Bon's direction so probably it was his fault. At least he was still aware he was dangerous like that. His flames were reluctant to hurt his mate but people around could easily get burned. Good thing was Bon acted quickly and Rin let him steer him out of the room. Luckily only a few people noticed what happened.

"Snap out of it! What the fuck, Rin?! You've almost attacked that poor guy!" Oh, so it was the exorcist standing near Bon who made him so angry. His thoughts were a little hazy, he couldn't focus. It happened before, in Hell. Every time it did someone learned Rin's anger was deadly. Good thing Bon was there to pacify his flames a little. "RIN!" He shouted, leaning as close to his face as he dared.

"What?!" He snarled and Bon took a step back in shock. This reaction finally woke Rin up from his angry trance.

"This is the issue you spoke about with Gabriel, isn't it? You have problems with controlling your powers, right? Or your emotions? Probably both..."

Rin sighed. Sometimes Bon was too smart for his own good.

"Yes..." He admitted with defeat.

"Why didn't you tell me?!" Bon was a little hurt Rin excluded him from this. He was his boyfriend, they were supposed to rely on the other when it came to such important matters! Didn't he trust him? Or maybe he thought Bon was too weak to be able to help?

Rin felt Bon's frustration and it build his own anger back up. They started to shout at each other and suddenly a verbal row turned physical. At least Rin managed to only push Bon away with his flames instead of burning him horribly. Seeing his boyfriend horrified expression, Rin fled. He needed to get away before he'd hurt him for real. Everything was spinning out of control.

Author's Note:

If you are wondering, then yes, everything did happen in one day and yes, Yukio and Shiemi are getting married :D I couldn't resist, I quess they were going out long enough and the war is (supposedly) over so this is the best time to start a new life together.

The demons are furious, Rin is angry, Bon is frustrated and Shiro as well... Amaimon isn't too happy either. I guess soon someone will blow up. They need to lose some steam, don't you think?