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Offense: The Best Defense


Brittany gritted her teeth and nearly growled,"What are you doing here dad?"

"Who is this girl Brittany?" The man said purely curious as he looked at Santana. The Latina herself was speechless, something that didn't happen often. Her mind was reeling because this man in front of her, this tall, gruff-looking man was Brittany's infamous father. She could see the resemblance- but just barely. He didn't look so good. And in her mind, she couldn't help but think she wanted to make him look a LOT worse for what he did to Brittany.

This was the man who hit her.

"That's not any of your business. God! This is just like every other fucking time you stumble into this house, demanding to know about me or Tommy like you suddenly care! I am SICK of-"

"Brittany please, I'm sober, I swear- just hear me out."

"No, I want you out of this house. Now."
"Please, if you listen to me for the next 10 minutes I promise I will never bother you, Tommy, or your mom again," Brittany paused. Considering it. Of all the times she's seen him since everything started to go downhill she's never seen him so earnest. But she wasn't going to believe him that easily.

Mr. Pierce was desperate to get his daughter to listen to him, he quickly turned to address Santana," Please, you two seem close- I can tell. Please, convince her." Santana's eyes went wide, not expecting he would talk to her directly. Before she could say anything Brittany stepped in front of her, as if to shield her.

"Don't talk to her," she practically snarled. Badass Brittany was surfacing and sweet Brittany was momentarily fading to the background. Cautiously, Santana touched her girlfriends hand. The other girl flinched but turned to her- her eyes a flurry of emotion, anger, fear, weariness, sadness...but under everything there was that small shimmer of hope. Hope that maybe he was telling the truth and that if she gave him these five minutes, he'd leave them alone for good. Santana zoomed in on that.

"Maybe..." She whispered, glancing at Mr. Pierce who was obviously looking away like he was trying to give them a private moment," Maybe you should give him a chance? Maybe...he'll finally leave you alone."

"Maybe..." Brittany said," or maybe he's just saying the same bullshit he always has," she spat.

"Look...I'm not too keen on him being here... Actually, I hate it and I trust him as much as you do. But maybe he actually has something worth saying. And I'll be right here next you, if you want me. Or I can go to another room, anything you want." Brittany studied her girlfriends face, looked deep into those eyes she loved so much, and sighed deeply before turning to her father.

She hoped she wouldn't regret this.

"Fine, you have five minutes." For the first time that day the man gave the tiniest and saddest of smiles," Santana, can you please wait in the other room?" She asked politely, and the brunette nodded,
"Of course Britt," before chancing one last glance at the stranger before disappearing. She sat in the next room over.
Her finger hovered over the green button on her phone that would call the cops at any slight disturbance.

"So...what's she to you?" Brittany's dad said in a tone that could almost be classified as teasing. He was very aware of his daughters bisexual tendencies. Brittany had always been proud, even at a young age.

"Again, none of your goddamn business. You just wasted ten seconds." His barely there smirk once again dropped into a miserable frown.

"I just...I'm so sorry Brittany. I-I promise I never meant to hurt you, I just-"

"Yeah that's a bunch of shit, seeing as you did hurt me, physically and emotionally."

"I didn't used to be like this, so messed up. I...I just- my job was falling through, then I lost it. And then I started drinking too much. And your mom...she was always so amazing I couldn't understand why she was still with a loser like me. I found fault in everything she did- tearing her and you down to make myself feel better. I was paranoid, and selfish, I-I..." his voice hitch as if he couldn't continue. Brittany stood, arms crossed, waiting for him to continue, her steely gaze unfaltering,

"I came back to say my goodbyes, and to see you and apologize one last time. Out of everyone, I hurt you, my own beautiful baby girl the most. And I hate myself for it. I'm not going to even ask for your forgiveness because I know I don't deserve it."

"I came to tell you, that I'm going to rehab, in Boston. They have an amazing clinic there and... I want to try to get my life back together. And if- when I do, I promise I will never contact you unless you contact me first. I have the address, if you ever want to send anything," he extended his hand with a piece of paper in it. Brittany just kept staring straight at his face and made no attempt to move. He sighed and placed the paper on the coffee table beside him.

"I've said all I've needed to say..." he trailed," Please Brittany, just say something? Anything?"

She paused for a moment before saying," You're right. You don't deserve my forgiveness. And you're never going to get it," If it was possible, the ghost of a man got even sadder," Your five minutes are up. Now get out."

He blinked twice, staring at the teenage girl whose life he had so drastically altered before turning away to the back door.

"I wish I could go back and change the past. I am so sorry, Brittany." And with that, he disappeared out the door. As soon as the door shut behind him, Brittany gasped like she had been holding her breath for their entire conversation and un-shed tears stung her eyes.

Santana suddenly rushed into the room and immediately took the other girl into her arms.

"Shhh shh it's okay baby," she whispered in her ear as she caressed her face. They both dropped to sit on the floor and Brittany started to freely sob, something she hadn't done since the day of her and Puck's big fight.

"I'm sorry I pushed you to do that baby," Santana cooed, she hasn't noticed but she started to cry along with her girlfriend. It was almost like she could feel her pain," I'm so sorry..."

"N-no, I'm g-glad," Brittany struggled to speak," I needed that. T-thank you for being here w-with me...I love you. S-so much."

"I love you too."

"I don't even know what I'm going to tell my mom...or Tommy," Brittany sighed. A few hours had passed since her dad left, presumably for good, and the crying had died down. Now the two of them were sitting on the couch, snuggled close together.

"Just...tell me what I can do to help. Stay, leave, whatever you want. I'm here for you," Santana assured her, looking deep into her eyes to convey her sincerity. Brittany gave her a faint smile and gave her lips a small peck.

"I know, and I'm so grateful... But I think maybe I need to handle this one alone."

"Don't worry, I understand." And she did, she wasn't lying just to make her feel better.

"But, could I ask for one favor...?" Brittany asked slowly.

"Of course, anything," Santana replied without hesitation.

"Could you tell Quinn what happened for me? After everything that's bound to happen when I tell my mom and T I don't know if I'll be able to take telling Quinn too, but I want her to know."

"Yeah, she'll probably freak out and threaten to hunt down your dad or something...don't worry, I'll handle her." Santana said, gripping Brittany and pulling her tighter into her own body.

Brittany sighed again, this time it was a happy sigh.

"After everything that I've done, how did I get so lucky with you?" Brittany asked, leaning into her touch. She was 't really expecting answer but she got one anyway.

"You know I ask myself the same question everyday."

Thankfully the drama of Mr. Pierce's sudden arrival and departure quickly dissipated with minimal casualties. The rest Brittany's families took the news well and, while they were all sad of the reminder of the loss to their family, they were glad their father and husband was finally done screwing up their lives and hopefully on his way to a successful rehabilitation.
One might even say Santana got the short end of the stick when it came to who was telling the news to who. She was right, Quinn totally went ballistic.

Santana and Brittany's relationship grew even stronger now that they were out and proud to everyone, with no more secrets to hide from anyone and Puck and their crazy parents off their backs they were the happiest they had ever been when homecoming finally came around.

"Ohhh don't you both look absolutely perfect!" Mrs. Fabray crooned when Santana and Quinn descended the stairs the night of homecoming. And she was right- with Santana in a red dress, raven hair falling down in perfect curls and Quinn in a Tiffany blue gown, her hair in a complex updo that complimented her face, they were the epitome of beauty.

"I sure hope so because Santana almost stabbed my eye out with the eyeliner," Quinn said, glaring. Santana scoffed,

"Please, I barely grazed you. And your make up looks amazing, a thank you would be nice. Especially since you almost burned my ear off with the curler."

"I didn't even touch skin! You're just whining. You think you would look this good without my help? You're the one who should be thanking me!" They both scowled at each other before letting out frustrated huffs and crossing their arms before facing away from each other defiantly.

Mrs. Pierce quickly snapped a picture of them like that.



The girls screeched.

"Oh I'm sorry but you girls are just so cute, trying to compliment each other. Why can't you say it like normal people?" Quinn and Santana looked at each other with obviously flushed faces, as if they had been caught. Before either of them could stutter out a response the doorbell rang.

"Thank god..." Santana mumbled under her breath.

Judy quickly opened the door to let Sam, Brittany and their mothers in, as well as Tommy who rushed inside.

"Wow," Sam and Brittany said simultaneously as they looked at their dates for the first time.

"WOW! You guys look like princesses!" Tommy said in awe," Santana you're so pretty. And you too Big Q- am I gonna find you naked in Britty's bed too?" everyone else in the room froze and several jaws dropped.

"Ahem, Quinn and I aren't like that T," Brittany tried to explain.

"Yeah little T, I'm dating Sam." Suddenly Tommy had this look of realization on his face,

"OHHHH! So you're gonna be naked in Sam's bed then?"

"Alright that's enough of that!" Mrs. Pierce quickly interjected.

"Tommy, you know where the cookies and milk are, why don't you help yourself?" Judy offered.

"Yay cookies!" he said rushing off, not even realizing what he said.

"So umm, you're brother's pretty cute," Sam said awkwardly. The three teenage girls giggled before going to their respective partners to put a few feet of distance from each other while the moms chatted.

"You look gorgeous Britt," Santana complimented. The blondes dress was light green with lace highlights and red accents, so that they matched.

"You're perfect," was all Brittany said, completely in awe.

"Alright pictures pictures!"

"We've got to record these moments for future use!"

"Yeah like for teasing and blackmail!"

"MOM!" The three blonde teens yelled. Santana couldn't help but chuckle. If she really admitted it, she was a tad sad that her own mother wasn't here, accepting her and Brittany as her date and mooning over how nice they all looked. But she didn't want to wish on impossible things so she let it go quickly. Besides, these three moms were plenty accepting and nice...not to mention a damn handful.

After countless pictures they finally made it out the door.

"Drive safe!"

"Have fun!"

"Use protection!"

They didn't even bother protesting that time, they just tried to get to the car as quickly as possible. Being the gentleman that he is Sam drove, Quinn obviously taking the passenger seat and Brittany and Santana shuffling into the back seat, clutches in hand.

"Glad that's finally over," Quinn breathed.

"Now the real fun can begin!" Brittany exclaimed," By the way Mr. Evans I hadn't got the chance to tell you but you look quite dashing tonight."

"Why thank you Ms. Pierce you look equally as ravishing, as do you Ms. Lopez."

"Thanks, Sam," Santana chuckled,"...and Q...you look pretty. Maybe Tommy will be right and you'll get lucky Sammy," she winked. Quinn didn't hear the second part of what she said, she was stunned, she didn't think Santana would be the first to cave in their unsaid game.

"Y-you too San..." she said, caught off guard," Look pretty, I mean."

"Cat got your tongue? Oh I know, I'm so hot you're speechless!"

"Ack, screw you Santana! Here I am, trying to compliment you..." the two of them went back and forth for awhile while Sam and Brittany just listened and laughed silently at their girlfriends.

"Truce?" Quinn said, when they finally got to McKinley. Santana rolled her eyes but took her hand with a playful glint in her eyes,

"Yeah yeah, truce. Now c'mon! I wants to gets ma dance on!" She yelled, dragging Brittany inside.

It was arguably William McKinley High School's most anticipated homecoming of all time, because for the first time since the founding of the school the Titans had won their homecoming game the night before, 27-21. With Puck throwing the winning touchdown he felt like the king of the world, even if he had lost Santana to Brittany.
A few minutes into the dance there was a mandatory Glee Club meeting in the hallway for any last minute set list questions.

"You two are looking exceptionally fuckable tonight," Puck said when he saw Brittany and Santana.

"Puckerman-" Brittany started. She thought that he was finally coming around but then he says crap like this...

"Chill, guys, it's a compliment. You look great. Especially together." Again, they were both surprised by him. Santana settled on a, "Thanks Puck."

"...so who are you with tonight?" Brittany asked, mostly to fill the silence while Rachel talked with Mr. Schue, probably to see if he would let her sing every single song that night.

"Right now, no one- but I'm planning to change that tonight with one lucky girl," he said mysteriously before winking at them and going off to talk to Finn.

"What was that all about?"

"I don't know but I hope he's not going to try anything on you. Again."

"No, he was definitely talking about someone else, I could tell."

"Huh, weird." At that moment Rachel came over to them.

"Hello, you ladies look lovely tonight," she seemed somewhat downcast, although she looked great in her purple dress.

"Thanks Berry, so do you," Santana said, surprising herself with all the compliments she was giving tonight. What could she say, she was feeling better than she ever had.

"I wish a boy would think that..." Rachel mumbled.

"Wait, you're not with Finn?" Brittany asked.

"No, he decided he wanted to go with pretty blonde Kitty," she said bitterly.
"Awww, I'm sorry, that's his loss," Brittany said, feeling genuinely sorry for her. It was weird seeing her like this, totally opposite from her usually optimistic self," Maybe your luck will turn around tonight."


"Alright you guys! It's time to get the homecoming started! Just remember to go backstage in the middle of the performance before yours and everything should run smoothly! And remember Rachel, you're singing during the King and Queen's dance."

"Yeah, because god knows I won't be queen..." she said so low only Tina and Mercedes, who were right next to her, could hear. Upon hearing her they exchanged a knowing smile...

Everything was going well and according to plan. Brittany and Santana were laughing as Brittany led her through some crazy ballroom dance moves to none other than the New Direction boys rendition of What Makes You Beautiful.

"Alright babe, I've gotta go sing," Brittany said regretfully.

"Can't you just let Sam solo?" the brunette pouted.

"Although I'm sure he would do great by himself I want to sing you a love song."

"Ugh fine..." Santana scowled but really she was giddy that Brittany was about to sing to her. Although now she was all alone watching Brittany and Sam get ready.

"May I have this dance?" Quinn said playfully, appearing out of no-where. Santana rolled her eyes, but grabbed her hand,

"Fine, but you're the guy."

The opening chords of 'More Than Words' rang through the air as the blonde duo sang into the mic.

Saying I love you
Is not the words I want to hear from you
It's not that I want you
Not to say, but if you only knew
How easy it would be to show me how you feel
More than words is all you have to do to make it real
Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me
'Cause I'd already know

"I've never slow danced with a girl before," Quinn remarked. Santana pulled back and gave her a questioning look," It's pretty weird, especially with you."

What would you do if my heart was torn in two?
More than words to show you feel
That your love for me is real
What would you say if I took those words away?
Then you couldn't make things new
Just by saying I love you

More than words

Suddenly they took their mics off their stands and jumped off the stage making Quinn squeal and Santana say," Oh no no no!" As they approached their girls, they pried them away from each other (with little effort) so they could dance with their respective women while singing. Brittany was singing right in Santana's face while she looked at her lovingly.

Now that I've tried to talk to you and make you understand
All you have to do is close your eyes
And just reach out your hands and touch me

Without warning Sam and Brittany twirled them outwards and they switched partners, making them giggle even more. Brittany started to grind on Quinn (which was hilariously slow, considering the song) and Sam kept it clean while Santana raised her eyebrows teasingly.

Hold me close don't ever let me go
More than words is all I ever needed you to show
Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me
'Cause I'd already know

They switched partners again so that they could finish out the dance with their dates.

What would you do if my heart was torn in two?
More than words to show you feel
That your love for me is real
What would you say if I took those words away?
Then you couldn't make things new
Just by saying I love you

More than words

The crowd roared with applause at their performance and the cute display.

"I love you more than words could ever describe, Santana," Brittany said in adoration. Santana leaned forward to kiss her.

"That was amazing Britt, and I love you too."

"Attention everyone. Attention," Principal Figgins said on stage," For those of you concerned about the Dalton Academy Warbler mascot, do not fret any longer, he has been safely retrieved from the top of the flagpole without any damage to his wings and is now being escorted off the premises," There was a mixture of boo's and cheers," Now, it is the moment you have all been waiting for, the revelation and coronation of your homecoming King and Queen! Good luck to all the nominees. Drum roll please!"

He slowly opened the envelope (which was really nothing special at all) to reveal,

"...with an overwhelming number of votes, Noah 'Puck' Puckerman is your homecoming King!" Cheers erupted as puck screamed "I KNEW IT!" before scrambling on stage and getting crowned.
"Congratulations Mr. Puckerman. Now, settle down everyone. Ahem, your homecoming Queen is...again, in a landslide victory, Santana Lopez!" Again, more cheering.

"You won babe!" Brittany exclaimed, pushing her towards the stage. Santana relished the applause as she stood on the stage facing everyone as she got crowned. Brittany smiled up at her, proud of her girlfriend. Sure she wasn't crazy about the fact that she had to slow dance with Puck (she really, REALLY wasn't crazy about it) but she understood...and she knew that Santana knew who she belonged to. Okay fine, she'll admit it, she has a slight possessive problem...but at least she wasn't completely overbearing. She could totally control herself!...for the most part.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this years homecoming King and Queen! Now, for the musical talents of Ms. Rachel Berry as the couple shares their royal dance-"

"-WAIT!" Puck suddenly exclaimed, confusing everyone," Could I say something Figgins?" The Indian man looked at him wearily, unsure of what he would do.

"Fine, but keep it short."

"So...as you all know, Santana and I dated, but now she's in love with Brittany, which is totally cool," Puck started, saluting to Brittany in the crowd. Santana watched him suspiciously, wondering where the hell he was going with this

"Anyway, now that Brittany and I are sorta bro's, as a bro I think it would be unfit for me to dance with her girlfriend so Brittany, come on up here and dance with her!" Puck said, the blonde (and everyone else in the room) gave him a confused look, but she slowly made her way up to the stage to Santana.

"What is he up to?" She whispered to her.

"I do not have a fucking clue."

"As for who I'm dancing with, and why I'm doing this whole extravagant spiel. Is because, well, I'm a stud. Plain and simple. And I need a women. And...I have my eye on someone special, in fact, I've had my eye on her for awhile, longer than I realized. Anyway, I'm falling for her and in my eyes she's a queen so..." almost every girl in the room held their breath hoping it was them that he was addressing, then he suddenly turned around," what do you say Rachel? Can I have this dance?" Every eye went to the short, slack-jawed brunette who was behind the other microphone. She didn't move a muscle and flinched when someone tapped her back.

"We'll take it from here Rach," Tina said, her and Mercedes were ready to sing and were totally in on Puck's plan.

"I umm...okay," Rachel stuttered, at a loss for words. Puck extended his hand and Rachel took it cautiously. As Tina and Mercedes started singing First Time Ever I Saw Your Face the two couples started their slow dance.

"Wow, I still kind of hate him but I've got to say, Puck's got some balls," Brittany admitted, looking at Rachel and Puck who were actually pretty cute together before flitting her gaze back to Santana.

"I know! And who would've guessed he has a thing for Berry?"

"I'm telling you San, she's sorta sneaky hot."

"Yeah, not exactly something your girlfriend wants to hear, B."

"Oh c'mon San, you know you're the only women for me. You're my one and only Queen, your highness," Brittany smiled at her.

"Y'know you haven't called me that in awhile. Or princess, or Queen Bee...I kind of miss it..." she confessed slowly. The blonde's grip on her waist tightened and she pulled her closer.

"That's because I used to say it mockingly, to rile you up. Get your attention. I guess even then I wanted your attention on me...and then, when it was, I didn't need to call you those things anymore," the blue-eyed girl explained," but make no mistake, you're still my Queen- and I don't mean homecoming Queen- and I promise to do your bidding as your lowly servant," she said, only half kidding.

"That was possibly the sweetest and cheesiest thing I've heard." Brittany looked slightly taken aback and Santana quickly moved her hands from her hips to wrap around her waist in a sort of hug.

"And that is one of the many reasons why I love you." Santana leaned up and kissed her sweetly,"Y'know sometimes it just blows my mind how far we've come Britt. You just...the reason I was always so hard and bitchy was because I was protecting myself from getting hurt. I figured, if I scared and controlled everyone enough, no one would be able to scare and control me. 'Offense is the best defense' they say, and that was the rule I lived by..."

"...but, by being with you I trust you so much. You make it okay for me to let my guard down, only Quinn has ever been able to do that to me and you do it in such a different way. Brittany, you scare me and control me in ways I can't even describe- good ways. Great even. I'm just...I'm so happy when I'm with you." She paused to take her breath, she didn't even know why she was getting so emotional," God...I'm rambling aren't I? Now I'm the one who sounds cheesy."
"Hey, don't beat yourself up about it. You're adorable, and that was the sweetest thing I've heard." For a while they just stood their in each others arms smiling like dopes. Until the sound of clapping, broke them out of their Brittana trance when the song ended.

"Hey, it's our turn to sing San," Quinn said, coming on stage and pushing Brittany off. They reluctantly let go of each other.

"Ugh I still can't get over how cute you two are!" Quinn said.

"Actually, me either...I just, I don't know Quinn, I know I'm young but I think she might be the one."

"My god I can't wait for the wedding, it'll be absolutely magical," she brought up marriage hoping to get a flustered Santana because a. She lived to tease her and b. a flustered Santana was a hilarious Santana but the response she got was much different from what she anticipated,

"Yeah, it will be, especially because you're going to be the bestest maid of honor and help me through all my crazy bridzilla shit," the brunette said non-chalantly. Quinn's eyes widened comically, totally not expecting any of that,

"I-I'm going to be your maid of honor?"

"We'll duh?! Who the fuck else would it be!?" suddenly Santana got very serious," Quinn, you're like my sister and I love you more than my own mother. You've done so much for me. I know I don't say it much but I am so grateful to have you in my life."

"I, Santana..."

"You don't have to say anything," the brunette smiled, and then just like that, serious face was gone and playful face was back," Now get your ass into gear we've got a song to sing!"

The instrumental intro to Take My Breath Away started playing before they started singing to their significant others who were dancing with each other on the floor.

Watching every motion
In my foolish lover's game
On this endless ocean
Finally lovers know no shame

Turning and returning
To some secret place inside
Watching in slow motion
As you turn around and say

"Look at how beautiful our girlfriends look," Sam errantly said.
"I know, who would've guessed when we slept together we'd be happily in love with two of the most amazing girls a year later? Not me I can tell you that."

Take my breath away
Take my breath away

Watching I keep waiting
Still anticipating love
Never hesitating
To become the fated ones
Turning and returning

"...you know I still haven't told her, that I lover her. I mean, I do but...I haven't found the right time."

"Right time my ass! You've got to grow a pair and tell her! It's not that scary!"

"...wait, Quinn told me Santana said 'I love you' first."

To some secret place to find
Watching in slow motion
As you turn to me and say
My love

"She may have..."
"Well, that's totally different then! If Quinn said it first I'd have no trouble saying it to her back."
"Well, all I'm saying is, don't wait too long..." Brittany paused and looked up lovingly at Santana," It feels great, being in love."

Take my breath away

Through the hourglass I saw you
In time you slipped away
When the mirror crashed I called you
And turned to hear you say
If only for today
I am unafraid

"You really do love her, don't you?" It wasn't a question, really, just a statement. Brittany kept her gaze fixating on the girl on stage and winked at her before turning back to Sam.

Take my breath away
Take my breath away

Watching every motion
In this foolish lover's game
Haunted by the notion
Somewhere there's a love in flames

"I really, really do. I...I want things I've never even thought of before. I want to move in together and marry her and have kids. Maybe not for a little while, but I do want those things." She looked up again and smiled at Santana who was looking at Quinn as they sang the last few bars.

Turning and returning
To some secret place inside
Watching in slow motion
As you turn my way and say

"I want everything with her."

Take my breath away

There was more applause and Santana was glad to have Brittany back in her arms.

"That was great babe," the blonde commented.

"Alright, everyone," Mr. Schuester announced," grab your dates for the final slow dance of the evening." The lights dimmed one last time as every couple in the room closed the distance between each other. Puck and Rachel seemed happy as did Quinn and Sam.

Brittany wrapped her arms around the Latina's waist and Santana through her arms around Brittany's neck.

"So what were you and Quinn talking about?"

"Oh, nothing," Santana said suspiciously, before trying to change the subject, "What did you and SAM talk about?"

"Oh, nothing," Brittany replied mockingly. Although both of them were blushing slightly.

"I love you," Santana said, just because she could, before burying her head into the crook of her neck.

"I love you too," Brittany squeezed her tighter," I'm glad we got our happy ending."

"Me too, and I couldn't dream of anyone better to share it with...but..."


"I think we're just beginning."

The End

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