It was dark outside; not a single ray of sunshine could pierce through the clouds. Ever since they took over, the Synthesphere has been blocking every incoming ray of sunlight. Our planet, once peaceful and prosperous, has become riddled with war, disease, mistrust, and nothing but dark days ahead. The human race once thought they were alone. They had been for thousands of years. They never saw it coming. I saw it coming.

A sky of eternal grey clouds loomed ominously above our heads. At night, they would fade away. During the hours of darkness, humanity has no choice but to run. They have to escape to live.

During the hours of darkness, we make sure they escape. We are guards of the sun. We are soldiers of the holy light. We are Solar Knights. Our job is to ensure peace between the clans. We fight not for the lycants, nor shall we ever side with the vampires. We fight for the people of Earth, who have been suppressed for hundreds of years. You can only imagine how the others felt when I gained the trust of a vampire.

He was kind, young, and had much too see. He was tired of the oppression as well. He wanted freedom from them. He wanted freedom from those who fear the light. The Arius vampires had lived in peace with humanity ever since their conception. Yes, conception. Vampires didn't always exist. Lycants didn't always exist.

Humanity was one day faced with two choices; to roam the Earth, hunted but free, or to live concealed in either side's cities, enslaved but safe. Many ran, while some stayed. Humans, the race that once owned Earth, lost it all. The rest, as they say, is history.

I've heard tales of another race who had ruled alongside the humans. Their reign was short however, as the greedy, selfish creatures of Earth drove them to extinction. They were once referred to as elves. They had pointy ears, and a physique similar to that of a normal human. They were the first peaceful humanoids to roam the world. Look at them now I always hear. Look at us now, I reply.

Our story is that of a bloody conflict. Youthful teens, caught in a war between vampires and werewolves, must fight to preserve humanity. Just when everyone thought humanity was on the brink of extinction, a new pair of heroes shows up. This is our story. This is the story of the bond between a being of light, and a creature of night.