It was dark outside, just like any other day. No sun above our heads, just a cold wind, brushing by. The train was late. I looked around me. There was no one else waiting. The station was outside, located beneath a steel fence-like structure shaped as an arc. There were benches located along the elevated platform, but as usual, nobody came. I sighed. It was always this depressing.

Right now, I am in vampire territory. Once, long ago, I heard this city was called Washington D.C. I have no idea what historical significance it might be of, nor do I know why it is in vampire territory now. Everything is dark outside. The ominous cloud cover above my head certainly isn't helping. There is nothing but ruin around me, rubble of structures that once were. I took a deep breath, a sigh of regret.

Finally, a robotic voice announced the arrival of the magnet train. I couldn't find the source of this voice, but it didn't matter. I was going to leave this wretched place once and for all. This was it; I couldn't turn back now. In fact, the only reason I ever came back here was to grab some old documents I had left behind. To my surprise, the attic was still intact, and the chests unopened. Nobody lived in that house for years. I realized the previous owners must have left in a hurry, seeing how most of their possessions were still there, covered in dust. They, of course, never obtained the secret key to the attic.

I remembered growing up in that very house I had just left to die. I can still see myself in the front yard, playing with my toy guns under the bright sun of noon. I sighed. Those were really good times. Now, there isn't much left of the front yard, but decrepit soil, and piles of rocks. The front door was rotten, broken beyond repair. From outside, one couldn't even distinguish what lied inside those thick stone walls, for the windows were smeared in filth, and covered by dust. Most of the glass lay broken before the walls. Mother and father wouldn't be proud to know all their efforts went to waste.

Once inside the train, I sat down on the velvet seat. While the machine soared by on those magnetic beams, I looked outside at the desolation. For as far as I could see, there was no grass. In fact, there was nothing but decrepit land, hollow trunks of dead trees, and rocks. The rocks were everywhere. Every day, the people stole rocks from what once might have been roads and highways, and use them to build whatever shelter they can. Without a sun above our heads, the plants quickly died off, leaving only desolate wasteland, constantly trampled by the fighting clans.