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He could feel their eyes staring him down. He shifted slightly against the side of the car, their eyes watching his every move. He resisted the urge to turn around and glare daggers at them. He could understand why they were staring. Quite honestly, if he were like them, he'd stare too.

A man, a stranger, leaning against a black car outside an elementary school must be unnerving.

So instead of staring back, he simply adjusted his jacket and waited for the doors to open and the children to exit.

Not five minutes later the bell rang, signaling the end of the day, and the children began to spill from the doors, running onto their respective buses or into their parents' arms.

He watched as the women who were previously watching him gather their kids. They resumed watching him after their children were safely tucked away in their vehicles.

Probably think I'm some kind of perv. he thought. He glanced back towards the doors, smiling when he saw who he was looking for. He knelt down on the ground, aware that the mothers were still staring holes into him, and held his arms out as the little boy ran into his arms.


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